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  • Good morning!

  • Ahh, so right now, it’s like 5:30 in the morning.

  • We got up here about 3… 3:30

  • Basically because we will be able to see the sunrise.

  • It’s gonna be pretty big even though it’s kinda up there.

  • So I think were just gonna see the sun.

  • Gone to the shadows we rock!

  • Mary, youre so pensive right now.

  • Well, the sun has disappeared behind the clouds again

  • but we have it produce such small of a bit.

  • Good morning!

  • how are you doin’? Do you enjoy the sunrise?

  • YeahBeautiful!

  • Of course, beautiful!

  • You enjoy dramatically the clouds too.

  • (laughs) What are you?!

  • You could do some really rude photos with me. I can’t wait

  • So right now, we are just starting our

  • Oh my gosh! Flies everywhere!

  • I feel like this is one that horse feels like.

  • Walk around the base of Uluru

  • It is a 10 kilometer walk.

  • It’s going to take us about 2 and a half hour.

  • Oh my gosh!

  • So were on trip on the Cania Gorge.

  • But it’s filled with water right because of all the rain.

  • Oh look! Our friendly fly army is back.

  • Yey! I’ll be just going to be used to it.

  • Anyways, were about halfway in our hike.

  • I kinda messed up!

  • I thought we were like only quarter way left because we went to the secret part of Uluru

  • It’s like a secret part of it so you will learn how to film,

  • or taking photos of it.

  • So, unfortunately I can’t show you that.

  • Now were walking to the part where you can take photos and film.

  • Andyes!

  • Lots fly!

  • The sun’s come out so it’s gonna get really really hot,

  • coz likely, it was shady earlier

  • But this is the temperature but I’m pretty that it’s gonna get up to 40 degrees,

  • in the next hour that we have left

  • Another rock formation, another hike.

  • This is every day in our back

  • This is one is called Kata Tjuta

  • It is made of 36 mounts you see there,

  • instead of the one that Uluru is made of.

  • Yeah, team! Whew!

  • My head’s too small.

  • Your head’s too small? My head is too small.

  • Get a bigger head.

  • I know, right!

  • Guys, hope youre enjoying the outback.

  • Youre having fun here in the outback?

  • Yeah. Oh God Awesome! Cheers to the rest of the trip.

  • Hope youre having a great time.

  • Cheers to more fun time.

  • Whew! Yeah! Cheers!

Good morning!


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LOST in the OUTBACK- [オーストラリア・ウルル] (LOST in the OUTBACK- [Uluru, Australia])

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