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  • There was a phrase the silent generation.

  • There was a whole generation that didn't do anything that didn't even say peeps on DDE.

  • That was a sense that that had been enough.

  • Now that we have been quiet long enough and I actually would say that was very, very important there was built up in patients.

  • It was like in a relationship with you have put up with things in your most intimate relationship for 10 years and you've been silent and you have said Okay, okay, okay.

  • We'll keep it together.

  • At a certain point, you feel I'm gonna blow.

  • And there was that sense in the year.

  • And I think that played a great role because in some sense, people, you know, the grown ups were surprised that Sam off what happened because it could have been anything, anything could have been the provocation, anything that looked like action.

  • Now it was pounced upon and people said, Okay, let's do this.

  • And there was a sense off looking around for something to do.

  • It wasn't really that whatever was on the outside sort of made people do it.

  • They were ready to do it, and it was to some extent, one could almost say all they needed was an occasion.

  • If you were nasty, you could say all they needed was a pretext.

There was a phrase the silent generation.


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1960年代は50年代の "サイレント・ジェネレーション "への反響だった (The 1960s Was A Reaction To The '50s "Silent Generation")

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