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  • JAKE: Hi!

  • I'm Jake, And.

  • This is an octopus stuck on my head.

  • OCTOPUS: Hello.

  • JAKE: Now, I'd love the octopus not to

  • be stuck on my head.

  • OCTOPUS: Well, this is no picnic for me either, Jake.

  • JAKE: I know.

  • That's why we're here to tell you about the word "separate."

  • OCTOPUS: Separate.

  • Yeah, separate!

  • Uh, what's separate?

  • JAKE: Good question.

  • You see, the word "separate" means to pull apart.

  • OCTOPUS: Oh, interesting.

  • What does that have to do with us?

  • JAKE: Everything.

  • You see, I would like to separate you from my head.

  • No offense.

  • OCTOPUS: None taken.

  • I'd like to separate me from your head, too.

  • JAKE: Great.

  • Then I'll try and separate us.

  • OCTOPUS: Separate away.

  • JAKE: OK.

  • Now separates yet!

  • OCTOPUS: Try harder!

  • Try harder!

  • JAKE: OK!

  • OCTOPUS: Ohhhh!

  • JAKE: We're still not separated!

  • OCTOPUS: Come on, give it one more try!

  • JAKE: OK, here we go.

  • One, two, three!

  • It worked!


  • BOTH: Separate!

  • JAKE: You OK?

  • OCTOPUS: I think I twisted a tentacle.

  • JAKE: Oh, sorry.

  • OCTOPUS: Ow.

  • Right there!

  • Don't touch it!

  • JAKE: OK, OK!

  • OCTOPUS: Ow!



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A2 初級

セサミストリート:ジェイク・ギレンホール:セパレート (Sesame Street: Jake Gyllenhaal: Separate)

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