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  • I was 19 years old and I walk in to my first real job ever which happened to be

  • at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the White House if on day one when I walked into

  • that building someone would have turned around to me and said hey you know

  • you're gonna be homeless using you know heroin on the streets of Los Angeles in

  • in about a decade I would have looked around and I said there is no way like

  • what are you talking about that's impossible but that's exactly what

  • happened

  • in 2003 and I went hiking with my roommate and slipped and fell this

  • doctor prescribed me a high-grade opioid painkiller and that was really the

  • beginning of kind of a downward spiral for me into full-blown addiction within

  • a few very short years I got into long-term sustained recovery because I

  • had recovery supports I was able to get things like housing I was able to get a

  • job I was able to get peers that would lift me up when I wasn't able to lift

  • myself up so late in 2015 I lost my friend Greg to an overdose when I was

  • still living in a sober living home and right after Greg died it seemed like

  • another friend would die every couple of weeks and it got to a point with me

  • where I had to do something it was hard to get policymakers to listen to our

  • community I couldn't get newspapers to publish anything I couldn't get town

  • halls together but I did have the power of my story being able to not have to

  • lie about Who I am anymore it's an absolute feeling of freedom yeah I made

  • a big decision about a year and a half ago to get public as you know not just a

  • person in recovery but an LGBTQ person in recovery and proud of it and it was

  • one of the best decisions ever because it allowed me to truly fall in love and

  • and and to experience this incredible life with someone else so we talked a

  • lot about addiction we don't necessarily talk a lot about recovery 23 million

  • Americans live in long-term recovery today right now here in the United

  • States but where are their stories because for me had I have not known that

  • recovery was possible had I have not seen successful recovery stories out

  • there I would have given up hope we want people to like know who we are we want

  • them to know what we're about we want them to experience this recovery journey

  • with us

  • you

I was 19 years old and I walk in to my first real job ever which happened to be


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回復への声回復支援のリーダー、ライアン (Voices for recovery: Ryan, recovery advocacy leader)

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