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  • What's the biggest health scare you had?

  • I don't think I had a nice trip.

  • Fell diamond straight.

  • Some missed enough.

  • And then I don't star.

  • I've got in gastritis before.

  • I'm going to get a tooth pulled in a few weeks.

  • I had this really bad headache.

  • I broke my arm once, probably when I had the flu.

  • I was allergic to a dog and I got, like, all these bumps on my face When I was six, I had a kidney Operation, girls deficiency.

  • I broke my arm when I was five.

  • I was misdiagnosed three times before I found out I had no very insist.

  • When I was 10 I had pneumonia.

  • Big weight loss in 2016.

  • I got a bad car accident and I got a concussion.

  • Hyperthyroidism.

  • As a kid I had in the system, my neck, thyroid condition.

  • I've had tonsillitis before.

  • I've never really had a health scare.

  • Luckily, I haven't had any major health scarce.

  • I used to have panic attacks, a cancer scare.

  • Doctors thought that I had a tumor, and it turned out to be really bad allergies.

  • When I was a teenager, I went to Thailand and got done.

  • Gay fever.

  • That was fun.

  • I had a hernia when I was life.

  • I've had a fibroid birth control led to a pulmonary embolism and I was in the hospital for a week.

  • Neuro cardio genic sink a p.

  • I was in a car accident.

  • A shot of Mar Vista money.

  • I had to get a call and ask if he was in Oslo when I was much younger.

  • Is child with art writers?

  • I took a martial arts class and I got punched in the chest.

  • I was in a bad car accident.

  • I had some weird leakage from my right breast and thought I might have cancer.

  • But then I had a mammogram and everything was fine.

  • The pituitary tumor.

  • Correct.

  • My wrist in half.

  • Blood blocks on my lungs.

  • Being high risk for heart disease.

  • Asthma attack.

  • Tried to commit suicide.

  • I had lead poisoning when I was a little girl.

  • I had a kidney infection.

  • I had a heart attack, skin cancer, cancer, stroke.

  • I feel fortunate.

  • I haven't really had a health scare.

  • Piper.

  • Thyroid abnormal blood test.

  • I am a former professional ballet dancer.

  • So I had a lot of injuries when I retired a ruptured appendix.

  • Breast cancer.

  • They thought they saw a little grand you'il on my lung.

  • I've had breast cancer twice.

  • Had a double mastectomy bomb still here.

  • Possibility of breast cancer.

  • Skin cancer, huh?

  • Remember about four years ago?

  • A couple of biopsies after routine mammography that turned out fine.

  • The thyroid condition that I had to have an operation for the breast aspiration.

  • I nearly died from a misdiagnosis tw auto immune disorder called Still's disease.

  • High Cholesterol Joint Problems.

  • I had a fluttering in my chest, so I thought it was a heart attack.

  • But it wasn't having diabetes, cancer, cancer, knee replacement of tumor, blood clots, multiple blood clots in both lungs after knee surgery, and that was pretty scary.

What's the biggest health scare you had?


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