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  • - [Instructor] So in this video,

  • we're going to think about dividing numbers

  • where the quotient, the result of our division,

  • might result in a decimal.

  • So let's say we wanted to compute

  • what five divided by two is.

  • In the past, you might've said,

  • hey, two times two is four

  • and then you'd have one leftover

  • and so you might have said something like this,

  • this is two with a remainder of one.

  • But now we don't want, we don't wanna just say,

  • hey, how many times can it go in and what's left over.

  • We wanna know exactly how many times can two go into five

  • so we want a decimal answer right over here.

  • So, pause this video and see if you can figure that out.

  • All right, now let's work through this together.

  • And there's many ways that we could approach this.

  • One way is to realize that five divided by two,

  • we could re-express as five divided by two

  • or as five halves and five halves is the same thing

  • as four plus one over two

  • which is the same thing as four halves plus one half

  • which is the same thing as four halves is two.

  • Let me do that in a different color.

  • This part over here is two

  • and then you have this one half.

  • So it's the same thing as two and a half

  • and if we were to express that as a decimal

  • that's going to be equal to two

  • and how many tenths is equal to a half?

  • Well five tenths is equal to a half.

  • So five divided by two, you could say, 2.5.

  • Now another way that you could approach this is you say,

  • five divided by two is the same thing as

  • 50 tenths divided by two.

  • So let me use a different color here.

  • So instead of a five, I could say five

  • is the same thing as 50 tenths,

  • 50 tenths divided by,

  • divided by two

  • and so if I have 50 of something

  • and if I were to divide it by two,

  • well that's going to result in 25 of the something.

  • So this is going to be equal to 25 tenths.

  • And how would we express 25 tenths as a decimal?

  • Well, this is going to be equal to,

  • if I could put some place values here,

  • so we definitely have five tenths.

  • I'll put that in the tenths place

  • and then 20 tenths is the same thing as two ones.

  • And that's exactly what we had up here.

  • Either way, you get 2.5,

  • two ones and five tenths.

- [Instructor] So in this video,


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小数点以下の除算 (Division resulting in decimals)

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