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  • MR. SIVANA: Son put the toy away.

  • MRS. SIVANA: Thad.

  • Your father is speaking to you, don't be rude.

  • THADDEUS SIVANA: It's a--It's a Magic 8-Ball.

  • SID SIVANA: Magic's not real dork.

  • It's time you toughened up a bit...

  • Like your brother here.

  • TWIN SISTER #1: You know he begged a girl it's cool to be friends.

  • TWIN SISTER #2: In the letter.

  • That she showed everyone.

  • He didn't ask like a normal person.

  • Not that she'd say Yes.

  • So creepy.

  • BOTH: He's the creepiest.

  • Sid get that silly thing away from him.

  • Dear Magic 8-Ball,

  • can Thad outrun me?

  • "Outlook not so good."

  • Help!

  • Help!

  • Hello?

  • WIZARD: Thaddeus.

  • Thaddeus Sivana.

  • Who are you?

  • How do you know my name?

  • I am the last of the council of wizards.

  • Swoon to protect the realms from the seven deadly sins.

  • In our last battle to contain them, they took my brothers and sisters lives.

  • Only I survived.

  • But years have passed...

  • and I grew weak.

  • That is why I seek a champion to inherit my magic.

  • You want me to do magic?

  • With this,

  • all of my powers will become yours.

  • But first...

  • you must demonstrate that you're pure of heart

  • and strong in spirit.

  • He lies.

  • Don't be his champion.

  • We can give you power.

  • Take the eye.

  • Your father thinks your week.

  • Show him your power.

  • No!

  • What?

  • What happened?

  • Only the purest of hearts can resist the temptations.

  • But you.

  • You will never be worthy.

  • What?

  • No.

  • No.

  • No money.

  • I'm good enough I swear!

  • Gotcha!

  • Keep your stupid toy ya little freak.

MR. SIVANA: Son put the toy away.


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削除されたシーン。オルタネイト・ビギニング|Shazam! (Deleted Scene: Alternate Beginning | Shazam!)

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