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I'm David Hoffman, documentary filmmaker, And the course that I'm about to teach you is one that involves how to make a documentary.
Well, to me, a documentary is anything that isn't fiction.
YouTube Home Movie a movie television show feature documentary short film I've Done It All.
This is my 58th year making films.
I've made hundreds of public television films and films for Discovery Channel in the History Channel.
I've made dozens of television commercials, bigtime ones for A T and T and others.
I've made hundreds of government films and documentaries for corporations, educational films, and these days I'm kind of a minor star on YouTube.
David often filmmaker.
What I care about in this class is so that you come out of it with the critical things you need in order to be successful.
They're not what you think.
This is going to have technical stuff in it.
The camera, the editing equipment, the budget, the lighting, how to set up the crew, how to get permission, or gonna be there.
But the critical things are asking the right questions along the way.
What questions to ask yourself and others, and what answers do you need to get to be successful.
So my course is going to have everything in it.
That of the details of how to do this from the very start to the distribution.
And let me remind you again, this is any level of film making this kind of the same rules apply.
So if this is your first documentary, this is your first film is a wedding film.
It's, Ah, home family vacation film.
It's a YouTube film.
It's a corporate film.
You're gonna sell your start up the rules that I'm going to go over with you.
The techniques that I'm going to use.
We'll apply and will help you to succeed these days.
I love YouTube is my distribution medium.
I have, ah, 87 million views, 150,000 views a day, 180,000 subscribers.
Just talking about things I've seen things I filmed and how I feel about them and other people feel about them today.
So I love YouTube, and I'm going to tell you a lot about you.
Tube in my course instruction, whatever level of equipment you've got, I'm gonna talk about it because I don't believe in this day in time.
Unless you're making a feature which I will talk about or documentary for TV.
The equipment is really that important.
It's not about what kind of camera you're using.
It's not about how good your lighting is unless you're going for TV.
We'll talk about that.
It's about what you do with it.
What's in front of the camera and about audio.
More than video by a lot.
You look at it, something on a cell phone.
You look into some giant scene of Africa.
I can't even see it.
But I can hear it.
I'm gonna talk to you about that as well.
So the class will begin with thinking out an idea and evaluating how good it is.
Then the second class will look at coming up with that idea on paper, beginning to get ready, possibly going for funding if you need it.
Coming up with a basic budget Preproduction.
Absolutely critical.
How do you set up the right locations?
How do you get permissions?
How do you do?
It releases all that stuff.
I meant production.
Now you be a shooting and then post production editing.
I'm gonna spend a lot of time on editing.
It's going to be a long class, but I think well worth your time because editing is where stuff happens in a non scripted format.
You working from the script if he had not scripted, you're building the story.
No matter what you thought when you shot it in the editing room than completion.
The online added the mixed sound.
Absolutely critical.
Then distribution, distribution.
I'm going to tell you about every distribution channel available to you and show you what it needs to get to that channel.
What kind of pitch?
The pitch.
I'm gonna share with you the pitch.
So I'm hopeful that you take my class and that you interact with me.
I'm gonna make myself available the entire time to students to interact with me.
Now, my project is one that should be very valuable and a lot of fun.
And you get to interact with me along the way.
I'm kind of like the executive producer batting back and forth ideas with you, provoking you to do better.
Thank you very much.
Take the course.
Give it a try.
You won't forget this experience with David open.
And if you want to know more about me.
Go to www dot youtube dot com forward slash all in a day, All in a Day or David Hoffman filmmaker and you're gonna find 1600 clips about filmmaking about me, about history.
I think you'll enjoy it.
Thanks, folks.


David Hoffman Film/Video Class - Get Better At Any Level

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