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[Loud Clap]
- [Chris Appleton] Is this for a thing,
or is it a joke?
- [Woman's Voice] No, I think we might use it.
- [Chris] Oh, OK, I do it cuter then.
OK guys, this is Chris Appleton's Ponytails Take One.
- [Female Voice] This is Chris Appleton.
He's a Celebrity Hairstylist that has worked with
some people you might have heard of.
[upbeat hip hip beat]
He is going to show us how to do three of his
most iconic ponytails.
- [Chris] For this first look I'm going to show you
is Kim K inspired.
I actually did this pony tail,
it was a low ponytail, which I think is
pretty classic of Kim.
You know, she always wears such an amazing,
clean middle part, which I think is possibly
the most important part of the ponytail.
So what I'd like to do is just use a mist of water
throughout the part.
That will help kind of manipulate
the hair into shapes.
I'm just gonna work that down there.
Just a little mist.
I always follow from the nose
in the middle of the eyes.
I use a tail comb.
I use the point just to drag that trough the middle
and get a super clean part.
Keep the tail part of the comb flat to the head.
What's gonna make all the difference
is laying the hair down and get it nice and sleek.
That's what's going to make the ponytail look
polished and clean.
My favorite product to do this:
the Color Wow Cult Favorite Hairspray,
has a great amount of hold, but it doesn't
contain any alcohol, so it won't change the color
of your hair.
And it's really gentle on the hair, which I like.
So if you think about it, almost as like an orange,
like orange segments, just use your finger
and just take kind of an half inch to an inch
sections all the way down and just
saturate the roots with spray.
This is gonna give you loads of control as you brush
the hair down into that sleek ponytail.
As I get to the front, I usually spray
a little bit more of the hair going backwards,
so basically the length of the hair, you know,
from the top going into the ponytail.
I try not to get the ends.
Keep the ends nice and fluffy,
but I want the roots controlled because that's
what's gonna be sitting close to the head.
So, I like to use a Mason Pearson Brush.
[bell chime]
The reason I like it is because
it gets through the hair,
especially thick hair like Aisha's
and lays it down super flat.
What you don't want to be doing is doing this
and brushing it all the way back.
This part should fall into a middle part
and then slowly tuck behind the ears
and be nice and low because then you're gonna
end up with a ponytail that's not that low,
it's gonna go higher here
and we actually want it right in the nape of the neck.
What I like to do is while sometimes,
do you mind holding this brush for me?
- [Aisha] sure
- [Chris] I'm actually just gonna spray the hairspray,
this is a nice little tip, I just sometimes spray
the hairspray onto the brush.
The reason I do this is because
then I get control as I'm brushing
over the top of the hair.
If there's a few flyaways, or any areas I've missed,
it gives me a nice clean, controlled finish.
To tie the hair guys, I'm gonna use this bungee cord.
[bell chimes]
Now, you can use a regular elastic, but if you wanna keep
hair as close to the head as possible
and make your ponytail really tight,
a hook is the best one to do.
Now if I tied her hair in a ponytail while her head's down,
although it looks flat, when she puts her neck up,
what happens is this gets big.
Can you see now that, look at the back of her head.
See you got all this bagginess here.
So this now is all loose.
If you put your head backwards when you tie it,
and then lift your head up, all that happens then
is it actually gets tighter and flatter.
So it's a really good technique
not go to like this too much because
when you put your head back up
you just end up with loads of volume and puffiness.
So, simple technique, but honestly in my experience
it makes all the difference.
So the hook goes in at the bottom,
and then we put the hook in on the underneath
and then just keep it as low as possible,
sorta stretch it around the bottom.
And you can see it's kind of like a midland ponytail
but it doesn't look as dramatic.
So what I would like to do, is add an extra hairpiece.
Mitch, where is the ponytails?
This is a hair extension ponytail,
so relatively inexpensive.
This one is from Glam Seamless.
[bell chimes]
It's really easy, there's a hook
that you hook into the base of your ponytail
and then there's a wrap, which I'll just
take this net off so you can see,
and the wrap runs around the base of it.
So what I'm gonna do to make sure
that the ponytail doesn't go anywhere
is add another elastic just below the base of the ponytail.
The reason being is because
if you hook the ponytail in the base
of what you've already done,
it's gonna really hurt your scalp.
'Cause what we're gonna do then is cheat it
and we actually put the hook into that elastic below.
So it sits just right underneath,
and then use this piece of hair over the top
just to kind of basically hide the root
of the ponytail effectively like this.
So now what we're gonna do guys
to create that wavy effect is we're gonna take
sections of hair and use more of the
Cult Favorite hair spray and then we're gonna
use this waving iron.
When I'm putting it in I like to kind of
rotate it a little bit so I just rock it up and down
the hair so you don't get too much of a line,
and then basically just clamp away.
Okay cool, so now that you've put the wavy in that,
now what we're gonna do is just brush through the wave.
How's it feel?
- [Aisha] It feels really nice,
feels very weightless.
- [Chris] Okay guys so this is the Kim K inspired ponytail
you can see from the back she's got this
nice textured long pony, it's nice and sleek,
and then these little details at the front.
But the key part is that really nice middle part,
keep it nice and clean and sharp.
The J. Lo inspired ponytail is in a different position
so this one is bang in the middle of the head,
the idea is with this is that you follow
the eye line, so basically
from where the eye line is, you go straight back
and that's the position of the ponytail.
Again, we're gonna apply product,
so I always like to use the Cult Favorite hairspray,
open up the hair so you can
get the product throughout the roots,
so when you pull the hair back,
you get that really laid flat look.
Remember the important part to kind of assess
when you're doing this is to
keep your head back so you get a really nice
clean neckline.
So I'm just gonna use my hands to literally
push all the hair flat against the scalp
so get a good grip.
I'm gonna use the bungee cord,
the bungee cord goes on the underneath
and then when you're tying the bungee cord,
you just want to make sure you keep it
as flat to the scalp as possible.
Now, for me especially if you've go thick hair,
bungee cords are the best thing to hold the hair
so it's nice and close to the head
if you have finer hair you might get away with
just using a regular elastic.
I'm kind of like all or nothing so I go hard or go home
So I usually use a couple, I usually go over the top,
this is the blanks elastic and this gives the hair
a really good grip and just
stops it from slipping.
The most important part about my ponytails
and I think why they look different
is because they're close to the scalp,
they're really fitted and laid
and then you have the hair that
kind of looks more dramatic
Okay so guys now what we're gonna do
is just add a little bit more volume,
and a bit more bounce to the ends.
I like to use the Color Wow Extra Shine Spray
so I'll spray on the hair first.
This is gonna give it some love and some shine
and make it look a little more luxurious.
And then just using a large curling iron,
just wrap it around so you get a
nice bounce in the hair.
You don't need to use anything too tight
but the idea is that you give the hair a bit of love
to the ends just kind of have a bounce
And it really doesn't matter
if she has longer or short hair,
in the J. Lo picture it was a little bit longer
than this but it honestly works on all lengths.
It's good it's about getting that nice sort of pull
on the face from the front.
Okay so now we'll coat the ends of the ponytail,
I'm gonna spray some more Shine Spray to my brush
'cause I really want this ponytail to look
glossy and polished.
And now we're gonna brush it out,
but we're gonna brush it out in one go,
and we're just going to get the ends a little bit of love
and push them together so it has
a nice kind of bounce to it,
so that way then you get that nice kind of swish.
If you just move your head from side to side Aisha,
you can see the hair's got a nice bounce and nice swish.
It doesn't have to be super curly,
it's not really about being curly,
it's more just about having a bounce.
So when you kind of move your hair
you just flick it from side to side
it kind of swishes and has some volume to it.
Now we're gonna show you the
Ariana Grande inspired ponytail.
So this is high, it's fuller.
So what we're gonna do is just use some hair spray
throughout the roots, just breaking up the hair
a little bit you get that nice clean finish.
I tend to like to open up the hair
and put my product in that just so you can
really kind of get those roots going
in the right direction.
So now we're gonna dress the hair up to a high ponytail.
The idea is that you get the hair as high as possible,
now honestly for you guys at home when you're doing this,
I would just put your head upside down.
It's much easier.
so if you put your head upside down,
please lean over for me,
I'm gonna put you to the side.
Putting the head upside down instantly makes everything
a lot easier, if you're trying to do it
with your arms up in the air,
you're gonna give your self arm-ache
and quite honestly you're probably not gonna get
the ponytail as high as you want it.
Now we're gonna us the bungee cord again at the roots
you're gonna hook that underneath.
What I would do at this point
is it looks pretty sad when it's flat like this
so what I would normally do is take a second elastic
and first of all I would put it around the base,
especially just because Aisha's got
really really really thick hair.
You're definitely gonna have more of a chance
of it slipping out so locking this in over the top
will make a big difference.
Then we're gonna use this second elastic
about half an inch above what we just did.
Now if you don't want to use a hair extension,
this is a great way to give yourself more volume,
you can see instantly it gives you
that kind of bouncier, fuller look.
Okay guys, so we're gonna now detail it a little bit
I'm going to use this toothbrush
[bell chime]
this is kind of like a detailing brush
Add a little bit of hairspray,
and just go up and make sure you follow this eye line
so this is what's really gonna make the hair
kind of clean and what we call snatched
I think my idea of a snatched ponytail
is when the hair is really laid,
it looks really polished
and it's kind of nice and tight.
Okay, so we have a nice ponytail,
just move your head around.
No, Move it around.
Like swish it, flip it over.
It's not gonna go anywhere
Now what I'm gonna do is if you wanna kinda add a ponytail,
I'm gonna use this second elastic
that we used as volume, to actually hook a ponytail
piece in so you get a more dramatic finish.
At this point, I just want to talk to you
a little bit actually though before we add any hair
about how important the eye line is
so we've done three things,
we've followed the part down,
we've followed the eye line back,
but now we're actually following the cheek bone up
so when you follow the cheek bone right up,
that's where your ponytail should sit
when it sits there is when it really pulls on the face
and gives you that snatched kind of result.
So guys we're gonna add this ponytail piece now,
remember I'm gonna use that elastic
that we tied over the top.
I would never put this ponytail around the base
of the head without kind of doing so
this is just gonna Velcro in now
and you can see you get that much more dramatic ponytail.
Aisha how does it actually feel on your head?
Does it feel heavy or does it feel good?
- [Aisha] It feels good
It feels very light
- [Chris] Oh good!
So we're just going to wrap that around, it actually,
I like wrapping it around as well I feel like
it gives it a little more security
and almost a bit like scaffolding.
So a bit more hair spray just to lock it in place
and then we'll use the hair dryer
guys just to really lock it in.
[hair dryer blows]
Now we have the long, sleek ponytail.
So at this point I'd like to add a bit more shine,
I'm gonna use Color Wow Extra Shine Spray
Put it on a detanglizing brush,
I like to use a detanglizing brush at this point
just because I find it gives me
a little bit more control So you can see from the back
you get that super chic kind of shiny,
glossy, glass-like hair,
which I think looks amazing,
and in that really nice length as well,
it looks great.
Now if you look at the profile you've got that
really nice snatched look here,
so it's really nice and clean.
Remember before we said we're following the cheekbone
which give you that really snatched look,
it's complimentary on the face.
I really kind of just I don't know
It's girly but at the same time
I think it looks pretty fierce
I think out of three ponytails
this is probably the fiercest, the most confident
just 'cause it's pulled high,
it's tight and you've got that real dramatic length
You look amazing
- [Aisha] Thank you!
- [Chris] You feel good?
- [Aisha] I feel great!
- [Chris] That's been my three ponytails
We've gone from low, medium, to high
if had to pick a favorite I would probably say
a high ponytail never goes out of fashion
because it's probably one of the most confident,
dramatic looks.
But it's also technically,
possibly one of the more difficult ones to do
because when you're dressing the hair up that high,
you're going against gravity
and you've really gotta make sure everything stays
in the right place.
I expect to see you rocking this
- [Aisha] I will be
- [Chris] Maybe you should keep this ponytail
- [Aisha] You know what, I think I should
- [Chris] I think you should,
I feel bad I mean you've been a trooper,
you've gone through the three different ponytails,
thank you for being my model you look amazing
- [Aisha] Thank you so much
This was so much fun
- [Chris] Thank you


Chris Appleton's Ponytail Masterclass: Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez | Glamour

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