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Okay, I just got up now in his four PM and I'm heading to work, which is really bad waking you up this late.
But I was trying to get stuff done, and I did get stuff done.
So that's all I'm happy about.
In case you don't know, I worked at Staples, so I have a three hour shift today.
Um, meaning that once I get back from my shift, it will be nine.
PM, so I don't know what I'm doing today.
All right, I'll see you guys in about three hours.
I just got out of work.
I'm done my shift now.
It is very, very sunny outside.
I just realized it's eight o'clock and I'm starting this vlog now, so I don't know how this is gonna go.
Guys, I never have to go back there ever again.
In my life, we're going to eat burgers and look with the buns.
They're like rock you.
No, You know what?
You can see anything you like.
We're going on a photography expedition.
Jack and I are on a photography expedition downtown in downtown's actually.
Really nice.
What I'm looking for is we can get like, like light trails of the cars.
It's gonna be fun.
Yeah, I'm pretty much starting this vlog at nighttime.
What is up, Jack?
What happened?
Just focusing.
What is happening over there?
Don't they do the tests on the camera?
Like throwing hung dollar meters off?
70 D are far the camera fire.
The camera guy catching on fire.
So far, we've gotten about six pictures ready in a mill.
The road.
Oh, my God.
What is that?
That's the safety.
Oh, in case you need to be rescued, Jack and I are gonna join in.
Now he has a water bottle, and that's what's making it look really fancy.
And I have my phone.
So this is how we're shooting long exposure.
You're supposed to get a flashlight, but instead, we just have these things.
I have my phone.
He has a water bottle with a light going through it.
It's cool.
Let's go and do like illuminati.
Crazy things.
Okay, we're completing.
We're doing a couple more like paintings, and then that's about it.
Well, look at this lens flare.
Dance party.
Just chase.
Who needs after effects?
When you have a light ones player what we're doing is making a three D box, and this one has a strobe light on it.
This phone has a strobe.
As you can see, this is a solid color.
So we're going to connect these and make a box with the dots here.
It's gonna be amazing.
All right, guys, we wrapped up our photography shoot at night.
Thank you.
The light.
Um it was pretty good.
It's almost one in the morning.
We still have to go home.
And I still have to edit this video before I go to sleep.
No sleep.
And then I'm gonna wake up in 9 a.m. Tomorrow.
Well, you know, it's a really fun time, though.
It's really nice out here.
Did you have fun?
I had fun.
Oh, it's that way.
Stop, Jack.
There's a pedestrian in front of you.
Unfortunately, you can't walk now, huh?
When we parked here, we looked.
You're supposed to pay.
Actually, you're not supposed to pay the only car here.
Let's hope I don't have a ticket.
We're looking and it said pay between Monday or like, 9 a.m. and six PM And right now it's like 12.
No ticket, dude, no ticket booth.
One thing I forgot to mention guys is that Jack is leaving to Japan and a bunch of other places, right?
For months.
That's why I like I'm like, Jack.
We need to go out and just have an adventure because he's gonna be gone the entire summer.
You're ditching me.
No, I'm just kidding.
Go have fun.
I would I would do that.
If I were you.
I would take photos and send them to me, and I'll put them in the vlog, and we'll Skype.
I'll be like a coating.
Yeah, pretty much.
But he's gonna be gone from cry.
Ah, wow.
Like a baby.
I mean, uh oh.
By Jack up.
Gonna miss you.
Okay, this is being a little weird.



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