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cake Ladder cake!
Lighter cake!
Lighter cake Ladder Cake, Liner, Cake platter Good morning, gamers.
I'm back and boy, Oh, boy, is it field good to be back.
Put up your organ.
What's up, my man with tops?
Friend With up with topspin Junior, Today we have some very important things to do.
First things first.
I've been meaning to do this for a long time.
Chop dead.
No more beetroot.
I'll see that beet root murdered.
Today's episode will be focused on I ke a tower.
We have the new Gloria psyche.
A tower with one fatal floor.
There's no way for Jorgen to get up there.
It's just impossible.
Not fair.
We need to build Ah horse ladder which is also known as cake ladder.
That's right.
Take a ladder.
You heard me right?
We need to somehow get rid of the old tower.
But it needs to be respectful.
It needs to be done in a respectful manner.
We will do both of these things.
The ingredient for cake to make a cake.
It's of course sugar, milk and egg s.
So we need to build a farm for both these things.
It shouldn't be too hard.
I already have a milk farm.
Take a cow to you, but I want to build.
I wanna build their little, uh, kid little chicken house.
So we're going to do that.
Where should we build it?
Lets Billy here spin good old fashioned building with my boy.
Just watch out for that creep.
Percent know what you're talking about.
Why do I hear chickens now?
My loss said finally, How big do I want it?
But that chicken's underneath the ground.
It's fake.
Forgotten my fake it.
All right, He'll be patient.
10 my God, that's so funny.
If you think I look like, you know, more trashy than usual.
Just know it's because I've been playing mine crime.
Get somebody comment sometimes being like Oh, Felix, Look so nasty.
You look so tired.
Yeah, my crack.
It's Red Stone.
I'll be starting Redstone.
All right, we got our floor done.
Yeah, that's cool.
And I really missed this.
Just me and my boy building some epic missing mind crimes like that's cool.
But, I mean, the idea is pretty simple.
Just put a bunch of Hopper's into one chance.
It is realized that harder.
I make it for them to move.
The better the farm.
So that's awesome.
All right, Pretty cute.
All right, so and let's go get faggy.
Oh, my God.
It's Figgy.
Ah, Jesus.
We're sat faking.
You're really excited to find out to be freaking awesome.
Follow May.
I knew you'd have a purpose figure.
You know, people kept saying you were useless character.
I mean, Loki, Kanako Z.
What's that?
You missed your chair.
You want to be Lord of the Chickens?
All right, fine.
Stop crying.
We'll get you your chair.
Just wait here.
Jesus Christ.
You know what?
Good enough.
Clothe chicken monarch.
Everyone has been conceived.
Now we just need to find more chickens.
Very well.
There is one.
Don't ask me what happened there.
Follow me, sweet child.
What's your name?
Tell you will.
You will live here and you will conceive babies with faking.
Have fun, you two.
Next on the list is we need sugar, which comes from the sugarcane farms.
That should be pretty easy to make.
I feel like we could just make a Sarah tick farm.
How do you like this thing?
Were having a good time in there.
That's what I thought.
That's what Off.
Hey, get down from there.
Children or women?
No one escaped.
Okay, so each chicken will go in each card, Am I afraid?
I mean, it should issued work.
Maybe not the most humane, but it's still like I'm not looking to win Humanitarian of the Year awards.
I'm trying to change the Minecraft game.
Isn't that right?
So all right.
So just like, if you have any problems, just take it up with your supervisor, Fagih.
All right, cool.
I'll leave you to it.
I got a bill there.
Zira, take sugar.
Jesus, Jesus.
Okay, three hours later, I think.
All right.
Oh, God.
Let's see how it's going.
Well, so much egg.
So much eggs, man.
What if I make many of these?
I could be rich by sir.
Word missing.
Wheat way Already have a wheat farm.
Soon, Jorgen, soon you will be able to rise to the stars.
Oh, yeah, the next This titty.
No wrong way.
Who moved?
More like a move.
Damn, That's some fast milking.
Damn it.
This'll seem like a good idea.
It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty kick way.
God damn, this thing is a piece.
You guys could definitely improve, However, All right, let's make our first cake.
I, of course, know how to make cake in brain one, too.
Okay, good.
I don't need that many eggs.
That's perfect.
Hey, a cake.
I made a cake.
So the idea is to build a cake liner up to the psyche of power?
No, I'm not the mad man.
No, I'm not the fool.
I'm a man with a dream.
I'm a visionary.
So the idea of the latter cake is that you can walk up each step because you can eat the cake in six steps.
So we're gonna build a cake liner.
It's a cake liner.
One day I'm gonna go there.
This is gonna be a black hole at least.
Uh, yeah, this is pretty good.
All right, we're gonna make a lot of cakes.
123 was a man and men.
And okay, Shadow, kick shadow.
My God, my dumb s built it from the wrong axis, But still, it's beautiful.
I built this fence thing.
Nine out of five dentists approve it.
them unloved.
Meatball is so pretty today.
Let's test it out with your again.
A Jorgen smell again.
I got the surprise for you.
It was getting dark.
We can look at the sky together.
Let's take a lot of effort.
So you better freaking like in cake.
Ladder cake.
Lighter cake.
Lighter cake.
Lighter cake.
Ladder Cake!
Ladder Cake!
Uh oh, God!
How do I get down?
Oh, God, I get that.
I'm freaking safe.
Letter Say Atlantic.
Uh, I want to go again.
That was awesome.
You do it!
Oh, It's so fast!
And now, finally, Jorgen can enjoy.
Thank you.
Kick ladder!
Cake ladder!
So good.
It's so fast.
Damn, I'm so proud of Everything is so beautiful.
Look at that.
Before we made jargon got far weekend.
Where you going?
Look at all of them.
Sub Thurtell Me, Rocky A towers Glorious.
But the old ikey of power It's time to move on.
I need to figure out what to do with you.
I think there's only one thing to do.
It's a Send her off.
Send her off to space to go go and beyond where No Mikey had power has gone before.
All right.
I got a lot of work today to complete this dream.
Like your power.
I'll always remember you.
You were there since the beginning.
You've been there.
Stole this time.
Why the sick yet?
That would have to go.
Okay, But I can't.
Look, Send Junior.
Don't look.
Don't look.
I loved you more than a friend.
I loved you like a father like lovers.
But it's time for you to return home.
I kept our It's time for you to return to the stars.
I know it's the right thing to do Even though I'm not ready to let go here again.
Hit the switch Actually goes back to the stars were only true beauty.
Connexus, I saw you inherit E promised I would do this No.
I can't tower.
I'll miss you.
Promise me to call.
Promise you'll come Whatever you wear.
Thank you guys for watching this episode Smash like if you enjoy subscribe, Check out the merge on most of all.
Bye bye To infinity and beyond.
Jeff, you haven't played beauty pie pixel ing yet.
You clearly don't understand.
The game is so great.
Hold on to chairs.
It might even make tuber simulator irr elephant and it's free.


I Built A Cake Ladder in Minecraft to prove god is real - Part 36

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