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there is a tremble in your hand.
The eye begins to flutter.
You're not sure if you are even yourself.
You have a sense of greed, a sense of purpose, a sense of once deep inside of you, A sense off.
Is that cool?
What does avaricious mean?
Calvary's means Extreme greed for wealth of material gain.
They know that I just had to Hey, Siri.
Uh, what average meant because I didn't know that's what this game is called.
It was highly rated on itchy.
Oh, so I want to play it as with all of the game's gonna be playing today Oh, my thief, I might sleep is a stranger to me I wonder the walls of this place as if in search of something, something unattainable, Something beyond my grasp.
Yet my wanderings always take me back to the same place it is If the mask draws me to you tonight beckoning me sometimes I awake to find myself standing before it.
It holds a museum dark fascination that I can't explain yet I'm unable to resist.
Okay, Well, you stole it this time s o.
I don't know what that means.
Why don't you just steal everything.
Think turn on a fire.
Then why a whole way has a fireplace?
God, Everything's locket.
Steel cups seal.
The tiny terra cotta men are all the doors out.
Uh, this one's unlocked now.
Thank you, Mask.
I'm sure nothing bad is actually gonna happen.
Media White Star Line.
Only last year and the wife of renowned explorer Edward Armitage was lost at sea on the same ship.
The couple were returning from a 12 week exploration off the air.
Shanti Kingdom off Africa.
The exact circumstances off her tragic loss are still unknown.
But she is thought to have fallen from the vessel during extreme weather conditions.
Damn, I That's a lot of information to take in.
I'm sorry.
I have to climb the stairs.
Oh, God.
There is a knock sees on the doors, ese.
This game looks great.
It is how they would say, dripping with atmosphere, dear.
There's a lot of atmosphere to go round, climb aboard and get some seconds.
So far, Not that scared, though.
I don't want to be scared.
It's December.
It's the scary season.
Thankfully, all these other doors were locked.
My sleepwalking I'm a a trash mammal right now, I'm just dirty in the place all over.
Who can I write a story?
Dearest Samantha, It has been four years since I've wrote to you because I forgot how to write.
I took a nasty knock in the head.
Now we're little kid in a dog is cute.
Oh, that's a titty.
Okay, that I'm back here again.
Whoa, That's cool.
Some dark souls level design, bro.
Is it all gonna be if I was gonna say, Damn, all this stuff is knocked over.
But I did Jaswant again.
If I laughs and giggles all the time and eventually someone's going to come and kill me.
And it's not so funny anymore, is it?
No, it's not.
Your place, Sean.
Right here.
Should I just keep doing the loop?
I guess we're doing a loop doing a loop.
Everybody Everybody climb aboard.
Anything different?
Was these lights gonna break?
Oh, shit, I went out.
Ah, shit.
Don't break my eyes, though I go blind.
Oh, it had been almost a year since that night since I lost my family into the darkness of that hard to see face haunts me in my dreams.
In my waking hours bring me the respect from her absence.
Sometimes I fancy I hear a voice in the dead of night calling Cool with the wind off my continued isolation in this place.
Dan, you dad, You know, that's what she says.
It's like how it decided the newspaper.
It's fine.
But this I need my glasses for this side.
Oh, are you open up.
Thank God.
Let me out.
Still got our titty.
Are these things set?
You of Dinitia?
The hydra cost at you.
A bit of a collector our way.
Hey, what has it got to do with the masks, though?
All right, Poopsie.
Poopsie is what you got?
You got a bit of a P T going on.
Oh, no.
Come back.
I want to talk to you.
I used to think that perhaps it was a ghost.
I wish it was, but I know now the truth of it.
It is something far more sense.
Something I brought upon myself upon, both of us and from which there can be no escape.
I feel it reaching for me out of the darkness.
I fear that one day it will take me some place from which I may never return.
Can I Can I leave man the litter ghost through the worst.
Okay, Back onto your things.
You go.
There you go.
I looked at this right before I went into the next area.
Wait is Oh, that's actually what I had to do.
I mean, it would have inferred from the names, but I have been pre cognition issue would say yes.
Yes, it is very dark in here today.
Thank you.
Say blue beginner to try the door.
Does not work.
There's no one voice that is.
Well, you could just say that I'm ugly.
No need to have fucking symbolizes like that.
God game.
Fuck, Yes.
Come in.
I'm trying to let you in.
I'm going into this room.
God, you're so loud.
Okay, It took a little jaunt down the hall.
It's fine.
I find myself doing it.
I mean, I am sleepwalking and stole a mask, and I'm walking around seeing things.
So what do I know?
There's something nice about the familiarity of the environments.
Oh, but this hallway is the one that creeps me out the most.
I was a person.
I'm not scared.
You're the one who's scared.
You need to shut up.
You stop laughing me.
I have something in my eye.
The red lights are on getting kinky, are we?
I see how it is.
You can click on this icon, but I can't actually do anything with it.
She's It's not so close to me.
Okay, You're gonna give me, like, shards of glass in my head.
Oh, it unlocks this God.
There's was an uncommon beauty.
I love the truest of any love that has ever bean or ever will be for my adventures.
None had broke the riches of fortune that could compare to the peace and joy.
I found my sign I could not save her.
That is a creepy ass picture in the dark glows.
This is like something from Casper also saying like hers is an uncommon beauty.
It's like saying like, yeah, Oh, you're so pretty.
She's not like saying that a whole lot of talking.
Hers was a rare beauty.
Very own cup Gina face on her like a spatula.
This is bad.
All right.
Big game or time.
Ladies crying in the dark are always abide Sign.
I can't see anything.
I'm moving my Madison character, But nothing's happening.
What is that?
Oh, God.
Stay away from me!
Okay, Thank God.
Fucking sucked.
Okay, Never mind.
I found a silkier one.
It's a weird texture way all underwater because she drowned.
I just left.
Okay, everyone wakes up at this hour.
Fucking Goldman.
This is not for me.
You try to tell me not to go that way because I said yours is an uncommon beauty.
Okay, Teddy painting is fine.
That's good.
What the fuck?
It was like right behind me.
I hate that.
Don't fucking creep up on me.
Oh, an Irishman has a kick on him like a horse creep up behind me.
You're going to get a hell to the jaw.
No music school.
No, wait.
That's not hurry.
I thought it was the song from the end of the Shining that's used in a lot of places.
You could at least put the chair back nine.
Damn it, man.
I thought the titty would survive everything.
I will rid myself and this world of its curse.
Put the mask back.
Cleansing fire.
Eradicate the darkness.
I long for its tentacles into retreat from my heart so that I may see again.
Remember her face in the love we shared?
Can we toss it into the fire?
Cost intothe.
He's consumed with names.
Then, as I watched it burn, I see her face in its place screaming for help.
No, I did not come then.
Kind of come now.
Oh, no.
And it's always do This one barely opened.
Not endless.
Just very, very long.
This is creepy.
What is that noise?
And why am I getting closer to it?
It's back where it belongs.
Uh, good.
You got chalk out.
Boom, Go once more through you'll get there.
Step by step left in front of right.
Right in front of left.
Whenever you for Oh, yes.
Let me meet my betrothed.
That was not my patrols.
I see your eyes hold their gaze.
Lips move.
But I hear only the sound of darkness in the waves that carries through the black knight.
Only a moment earlier she was begging me to cast the mask into the sea.
If I deny her and push it from me with such force and mad rage that she is sent backwards and over the railing ship touching on with slipping hands I hear cries Now, please help Head would healthy He's And I watch She slips into the darkness dirty boss and do nothing.
Hall is lost.
So use the mask on the boat and killed her.
Well, by accident, he knocked her overboard.
Oh, I was hoping for one big scare.
Especially in that time, Like in the darkness that you could hear the like.
I thought it would, like run towards me and scare me.
I'm okay.
Just restarts.
I okay.
It is weird.
That was not bad.
That is some decent atmosphere.
It was a little too peaty ish for my liking, but I like this sort of vibe to it.
It was It was like, p t mixed with layers of fear on both of those air.
Decent games.
So while Petey is an amazing game, Um, sorry.
That's a nice atmosphere.
I just wish it was.
I need I need some more spooks.
I need some more scares.
Not just like banging lights and chairs moving in front of me like scare me.
Rattle me, get me going before Did you're about to see was taken from an online stream one year after the North Berry Grove massacre.
Now, E Oh, yeah.
I thought this is gonna be really scary.
This is This is lovely.
I like this.
His name is called Entity.
Doesn't envision is dope.
Dude, you really have the creepy vibe.
Everything all right?
Let's get it.
Hell, yeah.
We don't like Blair Witch stuff happen.
Our, uh, keep the car running.
This place is creepy as Brooke.
Hey, what's the best acres in ship out, Joey?
High Stakes TV here.
Coming to you live from AL Command Industries, The site of the North.
Very Grodd Massacre.
Oh, right.
Crazy butcher boy put his best dress on Hit the town for a yard last year.
I know usually stream gaming on status Post.
But I decided to put down senile showdown to certainly every foot Good and started Roxy's.
And what better day to start?
I played this 1st 3 of the killings.
Rip crystal, your beauty.
This is admitted to soon.
Sorry, Trevor, but your sister was a dime piece man.
A fucking legend.
I played North Berry Grove Massacre.
I didn't know that this was just called entity.
I didn't know it was a follow up to anything.
Oh, so this is where you came in and you fought the monster in here.
I never finished it, though, because he's kind of a pain in my ass, and I don't know how I didn't know where to go after this area.
Light Ridge Heights.
Oh, man, this camera angle is so cool.
Sam wants you.
Look, it says what you want on It even has, like, 258 viewers.
Press enter to chat.
Uh, what's up?
Damn it.
Looking for singles?
Ready to mingle?
Add me on set status Post sexy girl.
4 20 That's a name that you can get behind.
I bet you shitting your pants, Joey.
Do we keep it?
100 0 my God.
Falcon and Industries.
And then I'll be heading up the site of the burned down King's comfort for the next episode.
And our series will end with Mountain Ridge Orchards.
If you know I can find a way to sneak in.
Anyways, let's head inside and see what creepy shit we encounter.
Let's go.
This is cool.
This is a neat idea.
Uh, what happened to that girl that got away?
Make sure you label this not for Children, because, cop, I'll get you.
Oh, I'm really creeped out, okay?
I can place myself in people's shoes way too easily.
Even video game characters.
Right now, I'm imagining what it would be like to actually walk around this area.
I know.
I'm lame.
This is all covered over this time.
Okay, stay.
This is the room that supposedly found tons of bodies in, but it looks like it's been cleaned up.
Um, do you see that?
Nobody saw that.
Um, okay, I'm I'm tripping.
Guys has check Zoe.
Super high stakes.
Let's see if there's something they left behind.
We need a channel souvenir.
No one's reacting to that.
Oh, it's, um interesting.
Fuck, That was cool.
Oh, I'm all in on this.
This is this a puppet combo game.
Hope doors open because I can actually imagine someone going and doing this shit.
It's always pre recorded.
No one does anything life because it obviously wouldn't work.
I don't like this.
What is that?
Isn't it illegal to go in there?
Why would you be doing this?
These chat seems accurate.
Krystle was hot.
A shit.
Lol hashtag Damn girl!
Okay, Your sounds Oh, that whole idea of being in the woods alone and hearing sounds in the distance.
Ah, I don't like that.
I can't like interactive anything.
It has to happen on its own.
I'm supposed to do president to crawl through.
It's mixed in with the chat.
It was hard to see.
I don't know Joy man.
Don't do it.
Don't be a fucking Indian.
There's fall through another dimension.
Bullshit O d s a d take us home by being a little trouble here.
Shake any doctor?
Uh, not really.
I don't know where we are, but more than a fucking doctor, I need to get out of here.
I like that.
He's trying to act all cool about it because I hurt people.
Say we should call the cops.
Fuck, man, This is spooky.
And that's a dead end.
Gonna outlast vibes Camera.
Could you stop doing that?
I could go through these.
Fuck, man.
Joey is tripping out.
Oh, my fucking God!
He fucking dead Iro jump scares.
This is great.
It's great.
But It sucks.
I'm gonna get so lost.
Oh, I hope a face or something doesn't show up in the darkness.
Yeah, that seems empty.
Let's go.
This one.
You've got to bring a towel.
Please be a big brave boy.
Big brave boy.
This recording this we've been recording for six hours or is that the time?
Oh, good.
Oh, It says my name of off my computer is in chat, which is called Jacks.
Your kind will be exterminated.
We praise the void.
You must take your light.
We must take your life now or you must take your life now.
Hesitation is failure.
No mercy.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
An actor!
You will die.
That's cool.
The regular chat is gone.
Now it's zero viewers.
Did you see him?
You're gonna die in your sleep.
It says fuck!
Dead end.
It was going the right way, though, because I saw the guy punished.
Too weak.
You know how to end the pain lately?
O b Okay.
Fuck man.
I promise to be over soon.
Death becomes you.
Which read that I come in.
Didn't go this way.
What the fuck?
Okay, I'm so freaked out, man.
Oh, the chats back.
867 viewers now.
Nope, nope.
Nope, nope.
This is so fucked up.
Are we going to see a murder?
I wanna go.
That's fucked.
Oh, shit.
You do?
Oh, the viewers a gun again.
42,000 viewers.
This dog's can I climb through?
Go, boy.
Kind of out.
Just that I like turtles.
Fork is making that sound.
Something's moving down here.
Oh, it's TV.
That was the first game, right?
Come back.
You know, I don't know if that was the first game repair of this 10 God.
More fucking tunnels.
Some of that Joey.
High stakes keyword.
Oh, yeah, This seems good.
Oh, or maybe not.
Oh, my God.
The camera makes everything so fucking freaky.
Hey, no, I'm gonna get sacrificed in the fucking moon.
Just said fuck this shit, bro.
Well, you're not reacting to anything.
I would be losing my mind.
Well, first, I would never come here in the first place.
That's like the face of the moon.
Follow me on Twitter.
Hashtag slash Joey High stakes TV.
Is that actually your Twitter.
That was awesome.
I fucking love that on.
Then it's back to nothing.
Scary it all Stamp.
That was so cool.
You know, the first game was made by sight The Seif Dev team.
I know.
I thought it was Papa.
Come back.
Sorry, I didn't mean Thio give someone else credit for your work.
But the 1st 1 was really cool.
I didn't actually finish in, but I absolutely loved the style of it I love there's been a big influx of these types of games recently on over the last few years, and it's so cool.
I love the sort of filters making it look old school, but with new age kind of mechanics were not so much mechanics, but like the Polish on them, like this type of stuff is what old games would have looked like.
But we're getting this from Lake.
Just small, indeed.
F teams now it's so fucking cool.
Is this Twitter Joey High Stakes TV.
Damn, that was cool.
I like that a lot.
Well done.
There's there's something about the camera and the filter and everything that just as it was the same one outlast It just adds this like little extra layer that I really like.
And just being able to, like, see stuff kind of in the distance.
And then you zoom in with the camera and you could see a little more the framing of it and the kind of first person handheld camera aspect to it Just gives it this really freaky aspect.
Vory Blair Witch e.
Of course, Blair, which is one of the best horror movies ever made, I think just for how different and unique it was for when it came out, I like that a lot.
Okay, Now we're onto something completely different, which I still considered to be.
Ah, horror game from the little pits that I saw.
Yep, 100%.
Still a horror game.
Oh, got a little cock and balls, nose and cock and balls, but, uh, it's fucking adorable.
Don't interact with anything.
Can you do something for me?
I didn't look, Look up buttons.
I think it needs a controller.
Um uh, just, uh, thing.
There you go.
There you go.
Take my nose juice.
This is absolutely still ahora game dripping.
This is one of the top rated things on itchy Oh, right now I can see why you got the perspective so fucking weird.
Okay, you're coming with me.
I don't know what I'm doing with you.
Haven't you come with me?
Little boots on the ground?
You wantto murder that guy?
Well, you better know.
Oh, Jesus.
What is happening dripping?
I don't even know how to commentate over this game.
Let's let it just do its thing.
Punch a tree.
There's a little titties on the ground is a big theme of titties today to come up.
No, they're just in the ground, you know, ground titties.
Everyone knows about a ground tittie every now and then.
You have ground titties where you live.
Come talk my bird eggs.
What you want with me?
A bird in my boat?
X, not a lot.
Uh, I don't know why I'm here.
I don't know why I'm here or what I'm doing or what I should do next.
Okay, slide down my slippery bird beak.
Oh, the juices sliding down.
I think I saw something that I shouldn't have seen.
I think they're for the egg.
And I broke.
It Doesn't say.
Maybe we put the egg of the titties.
What the fuck is going on?
No one say anything to you two about this video.
If we could get this video past the censorship, it'll be great.
You don't want it?
Fucking one.
And I don't know what I'm supposed to do with me at all.
Maybe have to feed it to the big weirdo again.
Sorry, I'm calling you a weirdo.
Everything is weird in this game, so technically, you're not a weirdo.
You're just normal.
Oh, a lovely treat.
It didn't say, Iet said one.
Let me through your other leg.
Let me through.
Me and my little balls knows, demanded.
Okay, Maybe I'm not allowed.
Should I go back?
Okay, I'll go back.
This is the scariest thing I've played all day, huh?
You just smooth.
Why are you alive?
Anything in this game alive?
What else do I have to feed this monstrosity?
I'll pick you up.
No, I can't.
Just maxing titties.
Oh, they made a little titty, baby.
Oh, no.
I have to feed the monster.
The titty baby, Why is this happening?
Why is any of this?
How perverse Mother's milk.
I am very not okay.
with the decisions I've made today.
But I'm gonna live with them and see them till the end.
Oh, okay.
I am not shy.
I'm terrified, You little froggy babies just hanging out there.
I have one defeat to the weirdo.
Oh, okay.
So you get it.
Oh, that one looks you're okay with me doing this.
You're okay with me taking this?
You're okay with what's happening?
I don't know if I am.
I'm so glad that I have found this game.
I'm so glad this is in our lives right now.
What's that gonna do to you?
Is gonna make you undulate Drip so young and fresh.
You've made her day.
What am I?
What is existence?
No, You must help me.
Help you?
I don't know how much time.
I don't know what happened.
I don't know how to help you.
I want I want to help me.
I really want to Oh, oh, oh, oh, I'm making it worse.
Oh, I made it so worse.
Is that what you wanted?
E Just feed things to the giant turn up and then it grows bits earlier.
Better not stop now.
Oh, no, baby, Dig.
I could go this way.
Also, that thing just called me Baby Dick.
How did they know?
What is this gonna be more nothing yet.
Do you need more?
Oh, you D'oh!
Oh, I got a piece of you.
Oh, God.
First of all, I don't know what I am.
Secondly, I don't know what they air on 30.
I don't know what I'm doing.
Call me baby dick again trying.
So I thought I was gonna go back and feed this blob to the weird man and say thank you.
And hopefully he lifts his third tentacle.
Appear on top.
You go.
Oh, why are you a mess ever so wet?
Thank God when it doesn't do something, I'm like, Oh, I've missed something and I don't want to go.
Hi, Mr Son.
How are you?
Can I bake my perennial on you and get a whole day's worth of sunshine and 30 minutes?
000 yes.
Slap that ass slap Those ass is keeps slapping.
Keep slapping some baby butts.
I can see his butthole way.
Yeah, Come with me.
That's where we're going.
Meet my friend Archibald.
Yep, yep.
What's with absolute?
Not sure about that one, and then it just stops.
Well, that was the good time garden.
I feel unwell.
I think I'm gonna go lie down.


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