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How's it going, bro?
Can't be allowed honeymoon time.
Nice night for honeymoon.
We're gonna step up the game with quality.
It's going good.
We're gonna get underwater shots if Marty gets too close at me.
Spray over this.
Too close.
Too close.
You're going way Have landed in Qatar in the middle of the night.
It's epic.
I'm in Bali.
We're here at the Four Seasons Hotel, and I know everyone's like, Oh, don't belong the honeymoon.
How do you expect me to not show all of this filly?
I love you on the bed.
Very nice.
They haven't All that's so sweet.
Happy honeymoon, Mrs Mr and Mrs Schelberg.
That's us.
Look at this.
It's really my God.
And then they even printed our instagram photo.
We haven't even done this look even more.
They wrote it in chocolate.
I'm going to show the room.
So we're staying by this resort.
We have our whole own area.
This is a pool, and this is the ocean right here.
This is gonna be epic.
I'm so excited.
Last trip we went to was Mara Cash, but it was only for a couple of days, so I'm really looking forward to just relax.
Look at this.
They haven't what?
Their men?
That's not a waterman.
That's a cactus.
Know it?
That's a what?
Do these call coconut?
That's what I said.
We should do a shot where we both drink it.
Thank you.
Or I could just drink from both with that happy honeymoon.
Let's pop the chance.
Cherry way.
Haven't shown the bathtub showed a bathtub.
Is there something you're from?
Tell us Forces.
That's amazing.
I've never been in a hotel.
This game We've been at some good hotels, but this one, while the camera call it, it got better all of a sudden.
Getting married is awesome.
I was late.
I ain't talking on purpose.
Do you want some skin back?
Come back.
I kind of want to keep you.
Want the king for a lifetime of epic nous having Indian style breakfast?
I don't know what I'm eating.
Where is good?
Thank you.
Should have along with the GoPro.
Does this look good?
How does this look?
Hey, guys, I was there.
Does this look it?
Do you think I should get some Ray ban Rain own Bandidos?
Hey, Ray Bali.
Got some new specs feeling fresh, feeling young, They say kids on them.
Which stands for cool.
I do.
I don't Next time.
So this is one of the statues.
Damn, that is big.
Look at Small Marty's and look up, Big Daddy.
I mean, sure, Look all the cuter, Nels.
That's adorable.
Oh, no.
I just got back from a hotel like this.
There's potatoes on the other end.
Hey, gamers, Bali is epic.
Obligatory GoPro!
Jim, What is so funny?
Damn, I'm already 10 brah Just got back from surfing and I felt so epic while surfing.
And then I looked at the footage.
I'm like, Wow!
We're going to this beach.
I don't know why, but the taxi driver took us here.
You see you later.
Oh no.
We made a terrible mistake.
Where should I come here?
It's so hot.
Wait this morning Way!
So now we're going Thio Really Watch the temple, which is a seaside temple.
It looks very, very pretty.
But there's monkeys everywhere.
Oh my God!
I took your glance.
I cannot see that.
No, I forgot.
No, no, You got you gotta They got the glasses by you ready for some epic view footage.
It's much like, if you are.
Thing made us a Basque.
Oh, my God.
This is handmade.
That's in the same with Atlanta and some balling nation chocolate.
This is a traditional Balinese box that is made from tiny slices of bamboo and weed from local Balinese artist.
Thank you.
Four Seasons and Henry trees.
This has been like beyond anything we've experienced since Felix and Marzio on it.
You know, Mr Beast, But you never ate, But you never feel the pull with half full quarter full with roses.
I got him four.
Okay, we found a friend on the road.
It's nice walk, Damn it, Stratton!
Leggo this.
Do it!
Another epic day of surfing.
Any time I write the way I'm like, this is the coolest.
And then I look at the footage, so I'm, like, Cool.
So never heading to food.
And another Four Seasons hotel.
Very nice.
Thanks to hit and retreats.
Thank you, guys.
Way just around in the jungle.
This is insane.
You hear the river underneath.
Look at that.
There's the river.
So this is our fourth season villain in the jungle.
Hope I am incredible.
Got our own pool prepared in the same way for us.
Happy, honey.
Hman ser que That's the sweet.
More flowers.
Very nice.
You can take a shower out.
There would be hard to top the last.
It's hell were right.
But this is This is pretty close.
They're very even.
But they're so amazing.
I'm so blown away.
Mine's at home in a film.
This tree You're welcome.
Good morning from the jungle Gamers first stump Rice terrace.
Theo wear in the rice fields Really can't really capture it so you can see people farming over there.
Water comes from the mountain.
Go standing all the layers rice be made.
Now we're heading to the water temple where you can get cleansed by water.
We're not gonna do Okay, We did an extra stop.
This is the Bali Polina.
It's free entry and then you get a tour.
This is from the animal.
Oh, wow.
So it's like a whole been like this because the coffee being wants the heart today are they don't digest?
Yeah, they are coffee.
They're cute.
So this is the coffee after it's been cleaned It smells really nice.
Not surprisingly, our taxi driver really recommended this place.
I think you'd really just want us to drink the coffee.
Not happening.
Texted driver looking good.
Feeling gay.
It's time to get cleansed.
You ready to get claims with him?
No, he said he can't.
Okay, Yeah, I'm gonna get my get rid of all the demonetisation.
Hey, this is crazy.
All right, We're about to make a waste.
We both miss.
I got the sickest shine.
You see this?
I'm grossed out.
No, No disgusting way Had amazing vegan food.
Very nice.
Now we're going to the monkeys.
Take her money for us.
Look at this.
Do not run.
Do not panic.
God, what an idea!
All right, it's game over.
Maybe me ramming dinner and we look up and we have a little friend there.
Oh, God!
You see him?
What is he doing creeping on?
There is.
That's so cute.
Jumps on my face and killed me.
Once so big.
Okay, Wasn't mine.
Good morning, gamer.
Today it's our last day of the honeymoon time jumping way.
We're going to do the swing.
We're going to this temple and more full of along.
So peaceful.
We're now at the dawn of a right on lake.
It's about an hour from our hotel.
And I take back what I said about peaceful what it is.
I don't think they recognized you.
They just want a photo with you.
I'm not ready for SpongeBob.
Oh, Sponge far.
What did they do to you?
Oh, God.
It's missing his nose.
That's supposed We're back at it again.
On the boat.
Uh, ma'am.
So beautiful.
Look at the mountains.
Look at the ocean.
We're heading to the waterfront now.
Very exciting.
There's a chicken on the raft, baby chicken.
We're scaring them away.
I'm sorry, guys.
We're still so hard high up.
I regret this.
I never got I never seen one that big before.
That's amazing.
Look at that.
Yeah, this game someone's is meditating.
Time ago, clothes.
That was awesome.
But now the stairs.
Oh, God, You have to go through here.
Here we go.
So pretty taking a little break.
A lot of six.
Do you think I can rent it now?
This place is massive Way Just wanted one swing All right, We're back at the hotel.
Time to relax.
I don't think I have long anything more after this point, but it's been a seriously amazing honeymoon.
Thank you so much to hit in retreats for hooking us up.
If you want to find out what hotels we stayed at, Lincoln Description checked them out.
They also have a new honeymoon gift card service.
So you can gift 100 moon to someone, which is obviously a very nice thing to do.
I think you hit it, retreats and that's it.
I hope you guys enjoyed coming along so much like, if you did, I know I runs like don't block the honeymoon, but we did it anyway.
Bali was seriously amazing people here.
So nice.
There's so many things to see, so definitely recommend it.
And, yeah, I'm really glad we picked this place.
Now we have a long trip back.
I have a Minecraft dog that's been sitting down for a very long time by gamers.
Welcome to behind the scenes honeymoon footage.


I vlogged the Honeymoon..

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