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That's right.
Wishing Minecraft mobs could I beat in a fight?
Let's settle this once and for all.
I've always wanted to know this.
Even before I played Minecraft, I made this cute little template.
This is obviously based of the items made a video and he did it based on someone else.
It's cheerless, which he made popular.
I've always wanted to do them.
So here we are.
You can follow this template.
Put them into yourself if you want to.
But this is, however my choices.
And I beg you to respect them now.
Like any moral choices, it depends on the context here.
Okay, The context of this fight is that we're fighting to the death.
All right, hence the death bars here.
Anything lining in here is as good as that.
We're fighting to do that.
For whatever reason.
I don't know.
Maybe I freaked us.
Whatever we've done to each other, we both want to murder each other.
Okay, that's the context of this fight.
It's not the kind of fight where are shake hands.
All that was epic know basically me versus chicken, for example.
Chicken Frick.
My mom.
I want to kill this chicken.
And I like what I did to the You understand what I mean?
Okay, I would even if he would freak my mom, I wouldn't fully kill him as easy as it would be.
I would beat him as close to death as possible to learn him a lesson.
What the hell is this?
I don't see myself losing against the chicken.
I think my chances are pretty strong.
I'm bigger.
I'm stronger.
I don't have a beak, but I could probably simulate one pretty well.
Who should we do next?
The slime?
Yes, this is a good one.
This time is very big and very slimy.
But it seems from my experience that you keep punching it.
It will go that there's a big area.
It's got a large hit box, so I could just keep punching.
It would be okay.
I would absolutely kill the slime.
The problem is, however, with a tiny sling because they're got them adorable.
There's no way I could kill the tiny slime.
I'm gonna leave them in the metal.
It's kind of like the slime in Minecraft.
It doesn't do any damage to it.
They can just keep with hacking me.
I don't care.
It can be in the middle.
The gas in mind crap would 100% kill me?
The guests, however, will fit perfectly in the pool of I would run in fear so well that I would somehow managed to escape.
I feel pretty confident that I would be able to escape a gas so he doesn't qualify so far.
I'm winning now.
The Salman in Minecraft is a tough one.
Obviously, if it's in water, it's a different story.
It's going to be pretty difficult.
He has that extra equal, Duff.
But I would still definitely snap its neck.
I eat fish.
I'm Episcopate Arian.
Sorry, Salman.
Now that card, however, is very different.
I don't think I could kill a con.
I think the card would definitely kill me.
Just kidding.
I'd kill it a little less than the soundman.
The skeleton arrow guy.
He's got infinite arrows.
How am I supposed to be the guy with the frickin weapon?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure they would kill me.
Probably at some point, Bleed to death.
I gotta be honest here.
I know, I know.
Everyone looks up to me and thinks that I am this indestructible being that's perfect in every single way.
And oh, my God.
So beautiful.
The skeleton in mind Crab will kick my ass.
I'm not gonna lie next.
We have the bat in Minecraft.
Destroy it.
I wish there was another bar.
Actually, I'll make another bar.
He gets a special category, I call it.
I killed them so hard, they are removed from the game.
Why they bother having the bat in Minecraft I don't know is gone.
I'm sorry if you like the bad in Minecraft.
I'm sorry.
All right.
Making good progress, The horrors in Minecraft If it is a tough one, realistically, would I be able to kill a horse with my bare hands?
Probably not realistically, with a horse be able to kill me if they really wanted to.
Probably, yes.
However we have another category is I would rather die than to take the fight if it's my own pet, of course, Yeah, where he belongs.
But I'll still put him here for the sake of it.
It's a tricky one again.
It's like the water element.
A dolphin on land.
Yeah, hell win dolphin underwater.
However, it's a little trickier.
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it's a dolphin on land, so I would have to kill it.
Ah, it would be tougher, though.
But yeah, it will die.
They will die.
I can't imagine I would be able to kill it.
Dolphins aren't as smart as they think they are.
Everyone is like, Oh, dolphins.
So smart.
So epic.
No, they're not smart.
There's no new ones in this.
It's just me.
I kill them or not.
The llama.
Ah, it's one of those things where I probably think I could kill it because I don't care.
It's It's not a horse.
I can't have it as a pet.
I would definitely try.
It would be a good fight, but the fact that they spit, I think would freak me out so much that they would probably end up winning.
I don't like when people spend at me.
If you ever come in a fight with me, if you just spit, I don't know.
I shouldn't reveal my secret.
Never mind.
Just ignore all night.
Just don't spend on me, okay?
I don't want your germs.
Which one should I do next?
So many choices so little time.
Ah, yes, the parrot.
If it's I ke a bird, I would put him in the category of I would rather die than to take the fight.
However, I don't think I care, but it could take me on.
I'm sorry.
I don't think he could kill me, so I would probably have to immobilize him.
Now, if it's a normal parrot, I would 100% snap its neck, so I would put it here.
The shoulder bucks is a weird one.
They make these fart noises.
I don't see that.
That could be a threat, Actually, no, Think about it.
I also see myself getting my thumb is stuck in that box thing.
And that would hurt a lot.
But I feel like if that happens, that would channel my anger so much that I would actually managed to pry the whole thing open and just stuff the whole little shelter thing.
Let me get a bigger look at it, baby.
The stuff, that old thing in my aunt in my mm in my face.
So I would definitely kill it.
No, wait.
It's over here.
Yeah, so far, it's pretty clear that I'm the superior being here.
Uh, I've deliberately not picked any of the heart wants Fox.
I mean, it's the same.
It's the same as I can purred.
They definitely belong here.
I would rather diamond to take the fight.
Donkey are like horses, but less superior.
They kind of go with the llama, but they're less strong than a llama, to be honest, because they don't spit.
Just don't spend at me, okay?
I don't like it.
Why would people do that?
Polar bear.
Obvious one.
They would kill me.
It's a frickin bear.
Same with pine that while we're at it, they would kill me.
Okay, let's be honest.
However, Baby polar bear, it's gonna have to go.
I'm a nice person.
I'm not gonna kill a cricket baby.
I will immobilize it to make them understand that I'm the better man.
I wouldn't do too much.
So just a little bit.
This bar is basically actually shocker will die.
I'll kill the shoulder.
This bar is basically immobilized.
Yeah, Vemic says I like that.
I'll immobilize them sheep immobilized if it's a life and death scenario.
But I know we were gonna judge me.
It's a life and death scenario.
I hope you understand that Villager.
I would probably have toe immobilize as well so I could put them in my Frick chamber.
Basically, Villager Zombie.
Obviously I have to kill.
But then again, they're probably stronger than a Villager.
Man, there's so many choices in scenarios I never thought I would ever have.
I think they have the advantage because zombies are annoying and no one likes them.
Zombies are like this never ending source.
They just don't stop.
They just don't stop.
I would run at a stand in zombies, have infinite stamina.
Everyone knows that the puffer fish is so cute.
How could I kill this?
It's a frickin box there.
Would I rather die than to take the fight of a puffer fish?
The question is more would I kill this thing?
And I think the answer unfortunately sorry, Marcy, because she loves puffer fish is the answer is that I would probably try to immobilize it.
But I would.
I'm probably so strong that in the process I would I would let it live in labs.
Puffer fish lives everyone.
That's great.
What else do we have?
So many?
With her skeleton obviously they have a weapon.
What am I gonna D'oh?
It would definitely find me.
And they will definitely kill me.
Not gonna even sugarcoat it.
Save the Villagers.
They have a weapon.
Although I have a feeling I could probably still the weapon.
So it's less likely that they would win if I still the weapon out.
Choppers Cubic lowball saw I would do it and make him eat him.
That which wouldn't kill him.
I think that gives me an even more advantage.
That would be a fair fight which obviously have advantage.
They have potions.
They have all these weird things.
I don't know what the witch do exactly.
However, I'm terrified.
Witches growing up in Sweden next to a forest and washing the witch movie has scarred me for life.
Blair Witch Project.
It's not even scary, but in my head, it's scary.
I hate them.
However, you might think that's a weakness.
But I feel like that.
Would all these built up anxiety that I have for years and years I've been walking home from my friends and through the forest.
I will channel that and murder the witch.
It's not murder.
It's self defense.
Just so we're clear.
It's a murder, all right?
But she will die.
Stone Golem!
Ah, I couldn't kill a stone golden.
Come on.
However, I could probably convince Sewn Golan with my charm and sexual being that since he is one as well to calm down a bit, which will probably leave me immobilized.
Oh, yeah.
These What are these again?
It's like an end.
They're termite or something.
Why are they in the game?
They only confuse me.
It's like a 10% chance that they appear.
If you throw in end there, pearl, they 100% belong in.
I would kick their ass and and I kill them so hard they are removed from the game.
You're welcome.
Applause to me.
You're welcome.
Uh, who else do we have?
Is there anyone else?
I want to kill that bad?
No, I don't think so.
Not yet.
At least.
The weather skeleton, I feel like belongs in.
I would run in fear so well that I would manage to escape.
I know this is kind of a cop out, but it's the truth.
You'd want me to not be honest now.
You think Villagers say my skeleton because they have They have a weapon.
However, they recharge a lot slower and they don't have infinite arrows.
I would say this is a pretty fair fight.
I could probably take the month.
Zombie piggy, however, would kill me.
Riel Piggy.
I would absolutely immobilize.
It is the most pointless video of all time.
And her dragon, I think, would I think I'm gonna have to just accept that Ender Dragon will kill me.
This giant.
What did they call ravage?
I think I'll just have to accept that they will kill me.
I think that's fair.
If I've pricked his mom, I think I probably deserved to die anyway.
I probably want to die anyway.
There's very little where in this area.
I wonder why that is.
Spider would probably kill me.
They're giant their gross.
I wouldn't even want to fight them, although they're so gross and so nasty that I would probably persevere.
And I would probably try my best to kick their ass.
Actually, God, spiders are girls.
I hate spiders.
See, that's the thing, I think.
I think if I go so far as to win, I would probably kill it.
I would definitely make sure.
You know what?
Ah, Ah, You know what?
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm doing it.
I'm doing it.
I'm doing it.
That's right.
So kill so hard.
They removed from the game.
It had to be done.
Gamers, I don't like spiders.
Do something.
Call up Microsoft.
I don't know.
I'm sure you have so many points.
It's a cow stronger than a llama.
No, I was really mad at a cow.
Would I be able to kill it?
Cows are big, man.
You could tip them over, though.
I've done that.
I mean, I haven't done that.
You can tip cows over and then they're completely destroyed.
And while whilst they're down, I could probably get a lot of good punches in.
I feel like I could go for the kidneys.
I go for a specific Oregon.
I could probably break him, so I'm gonna put him here on the edge.
I don't I don't really want to kill all.
Immobilize him.
He'll have to get a liver transplant or something like that.
But he'll live, baby Zombie.
I would definitely kill and Yeah, that strife.
That's right.
I killed them so hard they removed from the game.
You are welcome.
The real zombie.
However, I would immobilize because I want them to live with the sadness and sorrow over knowing that I killed their child.
Snowman obviously belongs in that I would I would not want to hurt them territory.
I guess that that's what this is.
Kat obviously belongs in.
No, wait, can't you?
I'll kill a cat.
I don't know.
I'm just kidding.
I wouldn't mobile likes a cat.
I would definitely I know you probably have pets, and maybe you have a cat.
But listen, if a cat comes out, you super dangerous.
You're gonna have to immobilize that kitty Vex.
Remember these.
I'll show it gives you probably can't see these.
These guys, I feel like they would have a good chance against me.
They're so small and so fast.
And they've actually killed me a lot of times in Minecraft.
However, I will, of course, killing and I would kill it so hard is removed from the game.
There's anyone want these in the game.
No one wants.
He's in the game.
Oh, Jang.
Kill it until it's gone.
Those phantom beings gotta hate them every time I'm trying to do a montage, Yeah, I'll kill them so hard they removed from the game.
I'll break his winks now.
Actually, I won't do that.
Yeah, I like that.
It would break in his wings and like, properly torture him like he tortures me every time.
Dog off course.
I would rather die than take the fight.
No way.
I'll let him Absolutely belongs here.
Head cha ge.
Let me show it because it's so tiny, the hedgehog will definitely I'll stomp on it even if it hurts my feet, the pain will get meaning knowing that it's gone.
And I would also add these to kill so hard they are gone from the game because I don't understand what their purpose is.
And I don't like him.
This isn't growing genre.
Actually, I think I should change the okay.
That looks awful.
I like it.
Guardians, huh?
God, I hate these so much.
I would murder them.
God damn, I hate them!
That was really, uh the magma flying fire shooting thing would probably kill me.
They can shoot fire.
Come on, Vindicator.
Things I would probably Ah, probably Samos Villager.
Yeah, probably a little bit more than Vindicator.
The giant fire magma thing killing.
Although, is it hot?
Like the nether cause I would hurt my knuckles.
It would be hard of the kill than a slime, wouldn't it?
Plus, they also have fire resistance.
It's got to be worth something.
Slime doesn't have it.
I would probably have to put it here.
No, it has to die.
Never mind his zombie pigment writing a chicken.
It's probably as even as any fight could ever be.
I think that's probably my strings.
If this was the middle point.
Yeah, we're equally strong, basically, is what I'm saying.
This makes the babies.
I'm a bit confusing.
I think you should just put it here.
He's probably my perfect match in a fight.
A chicken baby Pig!
Men with the Golden Sword is probably a strength fool.
As I am eternal, I would not kill Ah, baby Turtle, We should have here for no reason whatsoever.
I would obviously uh No, no, wait.
It's here.
Yeah, baby Turtle gets to live, baby pig zombie thing.
I would, uh, definitely kill squid.
God, I feel like a squid would kick my ass.
I know that sounds weird, but just don't ask, all right?
I don't like squids.
Bunny goes in here.
Obviously, I would immobilize him.
One swing, one Swedish Viking swing.
I would probably break his legs so he can't jump anymore or something like that.
Just so he remembers not to go at me again.
I don't want to have some sort of situation.
I'm chilling with Myers, and then a bunny starts attacking me again because of what I did five years ago.
The legs will have to go, Uh, and their men would probably kick my ass.
Come on.
They can teleport.
They're scary.
And I don't know if they would kill me, though.
They're probably teleport away.
Hero Brian, What is this?
Is this?
Ah, yeah.
I'll kick his ass.
I'm gonna never seen that.
All right, so there you have it, folks.
Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with this.
I think it makes sense.
Let me know what you guys think.
I would love to hear your feedback.
Do you agree or disagree?
I'll leave a link.
If you want to try this out as well, you can post it on Twitter hashtag Minecraft mob fight.
Yeah, that's it.
There we have.
I would rather die than to take the fight.
I think that's fair.
That's fair.
Uh, is a brick in full Didn't girl Maur, actually, And that's interesting.
I I would expect that to get a couple more.
And then, of course, we have killed so hard they removed from the game.
Ah, you're welcome.
Everyone okay?
I'm happy with this.
So much alike.
Have you enjoyed?
Thanks for all the love and support on yesterday's video.
I, uh what, really hard on it.
So I'm glad you guys liked it.
So now I will shamefully plug my march instead.
Thank you very much.
So you guys next time Bye bye.
You haven't bought the pity pie figurine.
Limited time only 29 99.
And that's a great price.


Minecraft mobs I could beat in a fight??

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