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  • coming next quotation on the ego, please.

  • I myself consider myself the most powerful figure in the world.

  • Once again, it's one of Rupert Murdoch, Lady Gaga or in the Army, The way it's phrased it sounds like a line or bar off Oliver the musical I myself consider myself Whoa, the artful Dodger when it discovered Okay, Oh, self set it off a shitting myself.

  • Most veteran road.

  • That's exactly the way.

  • Oh, wait.

  • Maybe you could show from Birmingham.

  • Do you never come out character and sort of go.

  • What do you fucking mean is gonna blow himself on my first day at drama school?

  • Yeah, mine left me my identity, which is lost poor people.

  • And I said, Talk to me.

  • I need to see Oh, again 1000 voices.

  • Who do you think?

  • Said this.

  • Who is most like the artful Dodger out of Rupert Murdoch?

  • Yeah, we're gonna go for Rupert because it's about the attitude or can't see.

  • I know he was quite big in Uganda.

  • She's quiet.

  • Some think he would say something like that.

  • You would generally consider himself to be that important.

  • I think Lady Gaga, she's she's culturally, incredibly important and she knows it.

  • Okay, those your answers.

  • Well, they're both wrong.

  • The answer is me.

  • Theo invited himself to London six months after coming to power over coffee at Buckingham Palace.

  • The queen asked him.

  • Tell me, Mr President Toe, what do we owe the unexpected honor of your visit?

  • Any idea what he replied?

  • You can't just turn up.

  • You can.

  • If you're president of Uganda, did he try and propose to her or something?

  • Pretty proposition.

  • Er no.

  • He said to explain his visit in Uganda.

  • Your Majesty, it is very difficult to find a pair of size 14 shoes.

  • Did you think she was running clocks?

  • I suppose he was thinking I'll pop in on my way to clocks.

  • I think he was flirting because there's a thing with big feet on that being, you know, people thinking that you might have a large just being interested.

  • Me?

  • Was he saying What if I said to you?

  • I don't know.

  • E o try.

  • Now if I said please, I'm here to quit about quotations.

  • Not to go through this psycho drama with you.

  • You're so close to me, Jimmy.

  • Can you see how far back I'm leaning lean.

  • I don't like this moment.

  • Anything about it.

  • Most of the moment is currently stalk.

  • Let's not start.

  • I think I should stop.

coming next quotation on the ego, please.


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