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no break, no break, no break, no break, no break, no break.
They'll break up.
Break this town No.
You ever noticed how things were just getting crazier out there?
Especially when it comes to mobile eggs?
He couldn't fly?
Wow, this guy looks like a guy's cool bad mobile game commercials.
We've all seen them.
No, I'm not talking about Peter.
Hi, Pixie Laney, how dare you?
But the latest addition to annoying and bad commercial and I don't even want to say the name of the game, but I guess I have to.
It's Lily Dart.
What is this freakin ad I found on Facebook?
This is posted in August.
Assumed that slowly.
Lily's guard and you want to play that game you wanna play?
So we've seen obscure and strange act commercials.
That makes no sense, but it's like they're trying to tell a story, but I can't help but think what it's like watching the latest Star Wars film.
Okay, things are happening for why?
Let's watch some word little his garden ans I don't know.
He looks like more than the neighbor Jesus Christ, Blaine, he says.
Keep riding on that Vespa.
You can he has literally not stopped ever since.
He's thinking about the child and the consequences.
Lily, just do that.
Now I feel less bad about Lily slapping her mom.
Imagine making out with your daughter's ex husband and then going, uh, she looks like she could go super same.
So it makes sense.
You slapped me home, Theo.
Actual game like we've seen so far.
Pregnancy, cheat lives, domestic violence.
But what is the game plane bitch that does not even look like Lily.
It better not be Jule.
This better not people.
Match two or more times.
Same color.
Where's the pregnancy?
When's that pregnant?
Say, I'm gonna say it later.
You know, you feel bad for her while they made a follow up commercial.
For whatever reason, Ueno the story he last way didn't know.
Oh, my God.
She pretended to be pregnant to get rid of the guy.
Then surely she should not slap her mother for making out with him.
That's something to think about.
I'm gonna go inside and little No.
They're trying to do a story they're trying to do an epic thing about video game adds I get it.
But then they took it into the natural direction.
Perhaps which is sexualizing.
This is what we need to do.
A reputed pies pixel ng.
We need to sexualize all the pics slings, because clearly this is one made the whole thing blew up.
This is when I first saw about Lily's Garden.
Is this God awful commercial?
And if you haven't seen it already, I apologize for showing it to you way I was gonna point out, Can you not just imprint the torch hint plant?
You know, it doesn't matter.
What's the rating of this game?
I need to understand his mother in Apple Band Poopsie, but they allow this family.
It's a family game.
Four plus that's so weird.
That's like having sexy, angry birds.
What's give SpongeBob a Bush?
It ticks.
I don't What are you doing?
This is the game play.
There's no shaking over Ghana.
There's no shaking over Ghana.
This'll commercial was in fact so popular.
They made another one.
Oh, they got candles and wine.
Do you wanna play?
Lily's Garden now not convenes Now Maybe you want to play little discarded.
You look like you want to play Laila's got they brought in a guest star.
Whitney is Whitney for that one.
That's interesting.
What's next?
I think I shoved Lily through a meat grinder because then maybe I'll consider buying the game.
It's for four plus.
After all, she puts the whole in holy days.
That's literally everyone.
They keep sexualizing literally, and I I think it's despicable.
It makes me angry Little He's at it again with the okay, sign Penis.
What do we got?
Well, that's that's guest star Whitney with absolute Chad, though.
Come on, this game is for four.
Plus, it's family rated.
This is terrible.
The game used to be good.
What the hell happened?
What do you talking?
They actually used to be a game involved.
So is this before or after her pregnancy?
People need to know who is the father.
If Lily wasn't out doing the garland, I swear to God she beyond twitch, baggy begging.
I know it.
So I'm not gonna show this commercial because its age restricted.
It's a family game, everyone family game for four year plus 50 however, we can't have that game.
This is actually really interesting.
I wonder if Apple or Google are going to change your terms of service in a way on looking at how their marketing the game.
Because obviously they're just looking at what the game itself is.
And they're like, OK, it's fine.
I'm just I'm just very, very, very confused.
And at the same time Not really.
I get it.
Lily has an instagram, which is surprisingly, not that bad.
I'd expect to see at least a couple yoga pants shots or Oh, there is.
Okay, never mind.
Oh, my God.
Lily, kiss her ex husband.
That's crazy.
I'm not slut shaming but ill.
She is a different story.
And you could say that again.
New Year.
New drama.
Same mama.
Oh, my God, What is happening?
Oh, my God.
That's what you get.
Lily, you in your garden, you go back to gardening.
Danish company are fucking weirdos.
I knew it Anytime.
Day ain't Danmark.
There's something you know they're up to no good.
I I knew it.
I firmly believe that the game just access to fund these and make sure it's really what they're passionate about is telling a story and they do that so well.
Now, why would a click play only when the gameplay is individual.
This feels like when you were a kid and video games used to be so differently.
Market then because graphic born is good.
So you get Look the's insane cover art like this, and you're like, Whoa, that's so cool, Super muscular babe, boob and wizard and thing.
And then you play the game and it's like, Oh oh, so that's the game play.
It's actually quite good, but still, that's what this is.
They're using the same technique, and they're tricking the four year old See where these weirdos have else have done well, they also have the game called Cookie Cats Blast, which is the exact same game play as Lily's guard.
Wow, that's so fun.
Why don't you sexualized Cookie Cat blast instant and leave Lily out of it?
No jokes aside, who cares?
It's this funny and bizarre, and it gets people to talk about it, and that's the point of advertising.
Really, it's nothing new, and I'm not woke or anything to for pointing it out.
People know this.
It's just fun.
I don't really have a problem with it, even though I hate lately and hope she dies in a fire.
You too have their new cyber bully harassment thing, right?
And there's that look at this creature's teeth.
They're so disgusting.
I wonder if I could get away with that.
That's it for this video.
Hope you guys enjoyed If you did smash like and break be like bruh.
I really don't know what I'm doing.
Help me.
You haven't been training on pixel ings.
We'll get on it.
Ranked PBP matches are lying.
Don't call yourself a gamer unless you're here in beauty pie.
Ice Pick Sterling's Find the tears Get fame point.
Make 19 year olds crying and unlock new Irene epic Oh, did I mention your pick?
You're welcome.


I hate Lilys Garden and her teeth

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