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Do you know where true intellectuals sit?
Where can you find them?
There must be somewhere.
True intellectuals spend their day riding Xbox live messages.
Those states Einstein will submit.
Nicolas Tessler isn't Nikolai Tesla?
I don't know, but I bet people on Xbox live with No.
Let's read some experts lion messages so we can fill our brains.
Bigger brain, bigger people.
Let's go.
I plant my SMG and your mom's fish from Sir Roger balls.
Very nice.
A classic insult.
How could you possibly come back from that response?
How many chromosomes do you have?
More than you.
Boomer says they're X box.
Yeah, when it gets red circle in my right, gamers, Wait.
This is what they do.
You just call.
How did I read that?
You just Kai's dhe.
As service said, How do you feel?
You're really still talking to me.
I'm doing it now.
Why should I do it?
Hi, this is Ron, is Daddy.
You know Ronnie?
No, it's dead.
My baby's dad.
Not Roddy.
I'm so sad.
I'm typing this on the Xbox.
So sad to see an intellectual go like that.
I thought Ronnie really never thought Ronnie Retro Itachi, you have Mike?
No, it's been three years.
You don't have to respond.
I think it's only polite.
It's only the right thing to do.
Is to reply, you know, you know, someone still waiting for one of this?
I know.
I have some people watching this mean, like, all right, I'm sitting on his message, and in 25 years, I'm gonna reply to it, and it's gonna be the most epic May.
Abs are your fricking day.
Sorry for calling you a big fare.
Well, get on unwraps sometimes with our words when we get angry.
It happens even to Xbox people.
ABS are wants to be a friend.
I want to be a friend.
What a wholesome story.
This surely warms my heart.
Good job, abs.
Are I hit you up randomly because I was bored of watching twit streams here.
By the way, Older you ate?
Just send me the virus link.
It's gamer xo dot com.
Thank you, kind sir, for not wasting my time.
Xbox users, they don't waste their time with formalities.
They don't waste their time with social courtesy.
They just get to the point like a true intellectual aids kills much.
I'm only 10.
My mom just got me this game.
I'm sorry.
Sorry all.
See, this is the thing you forget about a lot of times when you're on the Internet, most people are just billow with 10 and now worth getting angry about.
I'm sure that if the Internet you have to show your face and you had to show your muscle gains and you had to show your age.
If those string three things were in front of every message, we would all just be so much happier.
Oh, and and forth dicks.
Ice yet that's right.
Everyone has suppose there, Dick.
You know, it's not a bad idea.
Things were being the worst teammate I ever had.
Please delete the game and never play again for the shake of everyone else.
And if you're in the party with the other dude, convey this message to him as well.
You useless reptile new, useless reptile.
This really brings me back to when I was young and I used to used to play competitive games and he would just tell people they they were the worst possible subhuman piece of trash and existence.
It was fun I miss those days feel like video games.
Is it such a great outlet for kids to just be the worst?
They could possibly be in a safe space.
You know, it's wholesome.
I don't know why.
It's it's wholesome.
Bill Gates is not your dad.
Yeah, he is.
No, my name's Penis Gate bruh.
Only true intellectuals will understand.
Are you five from a shrink five feet deep in your mom?
Hilarious, Hilarious Broke.
Leave me alone, Rose.
We've all been may.
It happens to the best of us.
Arab Nokia ring tone starts playing k k k by gave.
I know for a fact you can't read.
Then why bother writing him?
That's a big brain.
That's big brain right there.
God, I really feel like the Cold War zones are increasing on my i Q is depleting.
The more I read, it's wonderful.
I hate the letter K because when combined with oh, it reminds me of what I'm not.
Then that's a really ill ish level respect that I respect that I like to move it, move it, I'll move a fucking tank thread across your head.
What then?
Well, any sort of enthusiasm of having fun or playfulness in a video game.
Get that out of here.
Get out of here.
That does not belong in a video game and you know it.
You having fun in a video game?
You know the moment like this super competitive games like like Mobil's league, when they started a censoring at toxic language.
That's that depletion of funding video games.
There is no point.
As soon as the term toxic gamer came to be, gaming was over.
For me, it's like taking the fat out of McDonald's food.
What's the point?
What's that point?
And I'm saying it as a good thing.
I think it's good kids have.
They need an outlet, otherwise still just goto area 51 yell pickle Rick or something far worse.
Trust me, the tradeoff.
I understand the trade off is important.
I know your I p address.
Are you gonna hack me over?
Moon up?
No, not my own.
Oh ho, please rise.
God, I have a cold.
Gamers, Can we get in efforts?
Efforts in the chat x x x x x gt a four year I se you soon your little right You're red If I got a message like this, I'd be terrified I'd be hiding my I p address.
Over 500 proxies.
My God, you better wipe your computer clean right this instant, cause X x x x x g t a four x x is coming right soon I will bomb your e Hope your cats get diarrhea.
I hope your cat gets Dia, Rog.
The area you hacker get Tyra die are tiara tiara the aria.
What is that, a song?
It sounds like a nice makeover.
You're going to get a diarrhea today.
We're gonna give you a diarrhea.
Because you're a hacker?
Message to old friends and reason players.
I'm not a pilot.
It was one time thing, all right.
One time thing.
I misheard him.
Say he was six and thought he said he was 16.
The court cleared me of all the charges.
Just wanted to clear that up.
Thank you, Jackal.
Emma's This is it.
Xbox game, er, go to the bottom of things.
They care like no one else noticed.
The fact that there's this not a single PlayStation message here.
There's been, like one, that ratio of intellect this pretty it's pretty clear.
It's pretty eye opening.
I don't know how to say this, but do you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend in the costs?
Every time I joined, you were so nice to me.
Blush is dude sabertooth kings, part of face climb.
You gotta say yesterday, Come on.
The title of this is simple, you know, it's just a five year old, right?
He's the leader of face, Clint.
It's the later of face gland.
All right.
We have a PlayStation one, I think.
I don't know or it's his exports.
I'm not some beta cut that plays on Consul.
I can't recognize your being reported for using cheap coat.
Expect a notice from E A.
I will ensure you will be banned from playing this game.
Yes, the cheat code is called my opponent being shot at thief being called the Cheaters.
Like the best of compliment.
It's told to us as an insult.
It's like when you kill me.
I remember killing people in modern warfare, too, because you know when they're coming, it's so obvious so you can start it, line up the shot, and then they look at the kill cam and they're like Jane.
I'm like, No, I just know how to play the game in your That's a You guys want to see something pathetic.
People have been saying I'm not a gamer lately, just cause I don't know the colors of the trucks and Slenderman 900 hours and I was never even part of face.
Clan s in the chat boys.
I swear I had more I legit think I had, like, over a year in World War Cry.
It's a shame I don't have my I don't have my old account amnesia 143 hours.
It's not that bad.
Dragon age.
That was such a good game.
I was really good.
Well, that went off on a tangent.
Damn, bro.
You're a small Yeah, that's actually get insult.
That's a rare insult.
Some ready right there.
Damn, brother, you're a small baby.
I did not mean to team kid my mama Kalid for diner and my controller draft draft off.
And this and it Please don't report because I don't want to bang.
I don't want band side face.
Come on, guys.
He does not, man, it's not mine.
Cut himself frickin slack there.
If you don't mind if you don't mind it.
Is that simple?
Gamers Not joining your party.
What you want, Hacker?
You're gonna cry.
Maybe stick your pants.
Maybe that's what I thought.
Go cry to Mommy.
Is this the origin of the maim?
It cannot be the sauce when there's 13 days ago.
I don't believe that.
That's an old one.
Hey, Lucas, A pen.
Stop swearing you dude, My mom is in the room and you are talking about shit.
This is good or bad.
Who knows?
We will maybe never know.
You're the baddest player I have ever seen.
You're the worst at spelling.
And also baddest is the past tense of big.
I am not obeyed, Player.
You're the big player.
You're the big Play it.
That's a sick combat.
Dude, come back!
Why didn't you revive me?
You easily could have.
I want the thunder gun extinct.
That's a gamer moment, right?
That's a gamer.
If I ever saw what he wanted the thunder gun x d We should bring back X d.
I feel like we can do it.
If we all get on board, we can make extra thing again.
And when old a sudden it was skin cringe to write x d.
For some reason, everyone says I owe you right x t that's so cringe to ruin it.
Who ruin it for everyone.
It's a great It's a great emoji that I miss in fact, miss, using a lot of times.
That's the emotion I have right?
Right now.
It's like when I watched pickle Rick, I want to exceed so fucking hard.
Stop swearing, Felix.
You're making it harder for yourself or side.
Side message to all the recent players.
Do you have a cute sister?
I'm single and I like to play Xbox games.
I'm looking for a girlfriend.
She has to be hunt like Megan Fox.
And she has to be nice to be because I cry a lot.
Help me find my soul mate.
Come on, Megan Fox and nice.
I can't be that many.
You're a little bit fat.
Damn the suddenly in.
That is what really hits it.
If you just call someone fat, it doesn't really mean anything.
If you say someone little bit fat, call someone stupid.
It doesn't feel the same as you're a little bit stupid.
Makes it a bit condescending.
This guy knows it.
Especially Howie.
Ironically, type your instead of you are well done.
Well done.
Has layers to it heart and kiss emoji.
That's hella gay.
I don't know what fender You are no home.
Or if your boy I am attack Helicopter.
Oh, yeah, that's funny.
Attack helicopters of artist cringes X t At this point, I work for Xbox.
Your account is now banned.
Police and 24 hour trial code to be un Ben.
Thank you.
The Xbox team.
Thank you, Xbox team.
This reminds me when I played tibia you can send messages in tibia like through mail.
This is our online operating MMORPG game.
It's very old.
It's now Don't play now.
But it was glorious back in the day, especially for a sweet hail fellow.
You know what I'm talking about?
You could send messages to It was like the best game ever to just stroll people because you could just be that was awful human in old time.
There was these messages going around where people were sending out pretending to be a game master which were pretty convincing the way they phrased it and they basically directed you to a link that looked like the official website.
But it wasn't it was fishing basically before fishing was popular and my friend got one of them.
I knew it was think, but for some reason, me being the worst person of old time, I told them, No, it's really I don't know why I did that.
What's wrong with me?
So he put it, and the next day he lost all these items and he was so mad at me and I didn't feel guilty.
I just thought it was so dumb for falling for good times.
That really takes me back.
I love the team being.
You can't do these things in games anymore like this.
Take everything you worked days for.
There's no games like that.
Everything's protected to be safe all the time.
Am I right or am I wrong?
Like these things made the game fun.
Remember, another thing we used to do was, you can show off your items in the game like you can push, put them on the ground, t trade them.
So if you wanted to be cheeky, you could like put it down on the ground like one second.
I think I've said this before.
You could put them like if you had, like, a really good armor or something you could put down on the ground and then just take it up really quick.
Look at that.
You can't do that in World War Cracked.
You can't do that.
And on the games, if you have an item you can't generally you can't lose it.
But no, not in this game.
So what we would do is we'd be like, Hey, look at this And that would would make wait for someone else to do it as well.
Be like, Oh, yeah.
Well, look at this.
Except we would be ready with, like, 50 bags of just trash.
I don't know how many bags of trash for just a ton of trash.
So as soon as they do it, we were ready to just throw all that trash above it so that they can't pick it up against that.
They would have to, like, scooch through Oh, God.
Uh, they had to dig through all this trash to get their over back, but eventually they will get back to it.
we would be ready.
Pushed him out of the way.
Take their shit.
That was fun.
Good memories.
I keep going off on tangents.
It just takes me back.
I used to be a game or, you know, Not anymore.
Are you a girl?
Can I be your foot licking slave?
See, this is what you get.
These steaks, you get simmers Seems we're in a thing back in my day so videos become a back in my day A gamer win the faceoff Frick off smg g though I don't know what s and E s p g at the end.
Good job, bro.
It means suck my bee low.
All good, though.
All good.
Lem out.
Ha ha ha!
Don't remember our game, but I'm sure I was just salty.
Geez, bro.
Hope you're what g.
This is the best loss I've ever seen.
Good sock poop.
What in the world does that mean?
Good sock poop.
Good suck poop.
Best respect.
That's gamers.
But I appreciate that.
After assassinated, you it looked like I was tea bagging.
I was trying to not get hit in the head.
What a Curtis came do you Do you type these out with the remote?
Or do you have, like, there the keyboard expansion?
Because I can't imagine anyone going through the effort to write this for such a subtle thing.
Killer whale 167 has a reputation to protect.
He can't just He can't just let anyone think he just t banks left then, right?
No, no, no.
Sorry for crashing the war Thaw ge and go in a f Gay.
I had to let my dog outside again.
Cuddle Buns wouldn't just let something like that happen unless there was a reason for it.
So we had to type it out low.
You think I'm trash, but you haven't seen how I truly play.
You need to open your eyes.
You're so close to mine.
You're such a bigot.
You don't know how I truly play.
My power is only 10% this game.
All right?
It's a video.
That's unusual.
Well, you've done more for you to make a grown man.
You sent me a message first.
You want a simple strategy?
Always stop shell energy for your Wait.
You won't kill me.
Excuse me.
You won't kill.
Make some a gangster.
You pick it.
No, stop.
Don't mean on the mission.
Stop you.
You know, back in mind that you look like you're scared.
God, I miss gaming Now.
I understand now why I used to be gamer.
It was moment like they use.
You're like a six year old.
You have the intellect of a wall night and you can't be trusted with anything.
I remember always being so shocked at people liking my YouTube videos in the beginning because I was too such an intolerable, intolerable person online that I My only experience with other people online I was like just, uh, trolling several just hated me online.
I would always get in trouble.
As soon as I got any respectable level in in any video game, I would get way too cocky and they would just bite me in the ass so I will never get anywhere.
There's like old foreign posts.
I remember in tibia and Oil of Warcraft, where people were literally just like watch out for this guy, remember?
He's a piece of it, and I wouldn't do anything wrong, by the way.
I can refute those if I find them so Yeah, I was really shocked.
People like my YouTube.
Thanks for watching guys.
I appreciate it.
It's much like you enjoy this video.
Check out the G fools if you want a drink.
Energy drinks.
That is slightly better for you.
And taste glorious, of course.
Chairs, gamers.
And I see you guys tomorrow.
Rumors describe and hey, hey, hey, hey, you know what big peoples do they play?
Beauty pie.
Ice picks a wings off course picks a lynx is a creature collecting game.
I'm the primary share over a Brazilian.
Players have downloaded and it's got a perfect score.
It's safe to say it's the most popular game of old time.
Pretty pies.
Pick slings is awesome.
Deal with it, deal with it.


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