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Yeah, they reverted it like they know perfectly and a lot of complaints.
So they owe you a lot of a lot of complaints because no one else could get killed.
Okay, my socials off real quick.
Uh, yes.
I don't like that.
I can't stand to look over over Tokyo here.
The change of the plan.
Thank you.
It was actually very brutal.
That's unfortunate.
And obviously, sometimes I like picking up a controller and just family.
Make you feel good.
They're both clean.
I'm with you.
I gave up on finding a shotgun.
Help Now, did my stinks that are gonna be thrown on you.
You go cover Bobby above you.
This guy, you see a guy get finesse like that.
Caps on me.
You read it.
I knew I was mute.
It one shot dirty, but e really needed Thank you.
It was a teenager.
I got one pumped by attack.
Shocking blue.
Dad, you lose an entire apartment car.
I only caught a couple like a rush.
You got one thrusting.
My God, Did I got one thrusted about me?
And it Wow, you know, they call me the guy just just just a ninja.
Uh, really.
That's cool, too.
They call me the attic.
God, no, thank you.
Appreciate it.
I was just your fake and won't move in with me.
What the heck, man, look good.
All right.
No, you might find out what?
The many machines, the new ones I don't like.
You don't like Mom?
You know, you're turning into what you're turning into one of the pros, but you're also 1920.
I just kind of like the old ones, because if I didn't have shields, just check the machine.
I mean, that's kind of a P, though.
What if you like, But you eventually find a vending machine, right?
And then you just sit there with much of what around you find.
Like, Max.
You know me and like it.
I think it's way more balance They're not.
Can't be really taken a bit.
I mean, once they fix the duplication.
Thank you.
They did, but they're gonna take the first day.
Okay, That was wild reference.
Four rockets for the whole squad.
Gordon Fischer in the chat pop star.
Look, man, Sheldon, I'm not saying that.
I just think it's I think it's broken.
I think it's unfair when we watch a top player with the controller.
Spam left left Minister.
It pointed right at your head like my phone.
And then he brought the menu.
GOP didn't need to pick something right now.
What a great guy.
It balls tonight.
I just got a rebound thing.
Other team finding out these.
You have a lunch meeting at lunch.
Ah, but get overboard.
I got you.
You've really done a really sweat.
I have guys literally have, like, $100 what they're doing, We're all one hit the Roman.
Everyone's week, every week there's one field.
He's gonna We're fine.
I'll avenge you.
I need light, Emma.
So I need out of all the ammo I asked.
Thanks, Daddy.
Mmm Mmm.
That poor guy did lands with a bullet eagle.
People fighting with a It's on flying in east in the tree.
She's actually shooting this.
Yeah, Monty, have a long way.
You 89 hit him.
Missed every shot.
Do you think?
Killed in the open.
Trevor may love rather than 13 months.
Missing man revenue with one year Caesar, the 31 to any fever?
Kinky with 13 months.
I think some of the first time.
Hey, them 12 months.
Mindy 14 on tanks.
27 months.
Really, Rick, 16 months the C 31 Celebrate celebrate more than 51 Supreme King.
I heard about that.
Thank you guys.
Welcome back.
We're all with you.
I honestly did.
I never I never mind when you're playing that it would make me a little bit better.
The guy on top.
That's Trump tag on Cyprus.
10 for 1 15 five.
He's dead, guys.
100 gonna be coming toward us.
We're not.
Oh, wait.
Overnight safe, huh?
Served here some months.
Yeah, we just pulled up way.
Did I want to be with him?
If you're the least gangster for nine hours?
Even the way you saying that was so light.
I mean, stop it.
Oh, my God.
Uh, again, gas.
Now, dude, you lost my ability back.
It's annoying.
Get him?
Yeah, he's on someone blue.
I don't think so, but don't do Hey, hey, dude.
Why backfield?
Drop it now.
Drop it all the way down.
All that on these idea?
I got him clothes, huh?
Let's find this guy flew away.
Be chilling somewhere in here.
I need three more kills.
25 right here.
Oh, my God.
I fear there's three.
Two out of three.
Are you reading 20?
I'll give it to you three guys.
I want to be Oh, I get it.
I get it.
I can't.
Uh uh.
I obeyed.
It started.
19 up.
Shoot me out.
You know where he is?
How brave.
Okay, he shot me out.
I don't know where I'm out of control, okay?
You all like knowing, like, Okay, you got me out.
All right, Javi, out.
I got a reasonable for Thesixty helmet.
Meetings to another ball.
Fresh ball.
Uh, give my 20 bomb brown.
This'll be Oh!
Oh, my God!
Check out these nineties.
Oh, my God.


20 Elim | Tilted Tower Shenanigans With The Boys

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