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you know what?
I like watching people in pain.
I don't know what it is.
It never stops getting satisfying.
Lifestream fails an excellent way to watch people in pain.
You think I learned my lesson, Felix.
I've suffered other people.
Most suffered.
Let's see her Livestream fail the best.
Let's do more reason this week.
Hey, look, it's vague.
But first, a word from our sponsor.
I should do this like, uh, David W know what VPN give you, and I think it's 70% off a three year I get it.
It's boring to listen to this, but it's important.
It's about Internet safety.
You want to feel safe while browsing whatever you do online nor VP and baby, you wanna have get this.
But I can't afford a 3.49 per month.
I think you can afford it.
You get 70% off, 70% off, thanks to me.
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I know that's complicated.
Actually, don't think you have to enter the code if you use the link.
Not only can you browse the Internet safely er That's a word taken to Oblivion Express today with GPS, and right now you can get anything that's that's north of opium dot com slash people to take control of the Internet.
I came so I can't do it.
I don't know how he does it.
You can decide wherever you want to browse the Internet from when the watchman DeLorean the arcane normal that anymore.
But for example, you can access American shows.
You can ask, says Japanese shows you can go.
And they were online with this thing when I was in Japan and I wanted to watch my normal Netflix bam, I'm back.
You want to use these offerings?
What I'm saying?
Okay, back to video now Thanks nor VP And 1st 1 sitting in this video streamer executed by calling him his sip.
Oh, is that she knows what she's doing.
A lot of section does that.
She's antagonizing dollars.
She's basically riling up all her Simpson with this hand just for the content that you're watching, because it's like people just really have no, really don't sexually is a constant creator.
Never talked the bad body.
If you're if you're watching this and you're like Hey, I want to scream.
You know I'm gonna stream.
Learn my lesson.
Don't defend a woman.
Well, of course they don't.
By the way, on the Sims come Teoh to the rescue.
She's an attractive woman, sexually frustrated.
He knows the lack of eye contact, that lack of confidence in this posture, that's all.
Hit all 37 money.
I had all the scent marks, the last word.
But I would be so happy if you pull that a monster and injuring there.
That'd be so funny.
I mean, that's funny.
I I understand that if he saw this, he would just, like, react.
Like most people we like No, ppd padded that at least.
Like it's some sort of self awareness.
So I can't really hate on that.
Yeah, that's really funny.
Never defend the woman.
Like, what do you number skinning?
I'm joking.
By the way, it's a joke.
Oh, yes, please.
The content was removed by copper, I claim so.
I can't react to Elin ity getting bitten by her cat.
Are you serious?
Can I show a still image and leaves?
Oh, wait.
The music is cooperated.
That's why Isn't it on this plate?
Jesse made it in the most horrific singing voice of all time.
Basically so funny.
Look at the freaking.
It gets a huge pile of meat.
Dude, look at that.
Look at that.
That's so much.
I can't even I'm nice is this is the conclusion of the l N ity versus cat saga.
It ended with a happy ending, and the Internet was satisfied.
What's so funny?
There's so much simpler, elated Condon lately.
Okay, Boomer girl.
But did it take talk and everyone just lost her mind?
Internet loss or absolute mind?
She has burned the shirt.
I get side with burning Now isn't out of the race.
She was a catalyst for the simple war Simp queen.
Basically, that's her new name.
So basically what happened was this video got viral.
You probably know this.
I'm so late on this.
The video went viral is funny, though.
And then people find out she had a boyfriend and she lost, like, 60 cave.
And then she made a response saying that it's okay to simp.
Maybe I haven't done this in a while.
Maybe this year we'll see what the biggest ones are.
Whatever you say, Boomer got dammit!
So catchy, though.
Realists opposed match interview ever.
That was a tough plus.
How do you feel after that?
You think of it.
So that was a tough last.
It was a good game.
Way had a good opponents.
Our team wasn't really that strong this year.
But we'll come back this time.
Expected reaction you think of.
I have always been attracted to shy guys.
I don't like the loud mouth ST Michael's boyfriend shot.
You think that this guy's like getting all the girls I'm guaranteeing you?
There's at least one girl looking at you even though you're the shy guy.
Glad you were.
Yes, you are.
You are teasing girls.
Always you don't you shy?
Hey, Side don't!
Oh, yeah, He's a real shock.
That's funny.
She dated Giga Chad, is that it?
Can I say get Chad?
That's the name with the mean but can't am.
I like to say it.
Dead mouse opinion on tipping and streamers restaurants to survive.
They depend on the good will of the people that patrons, you're straining ironic coming from a couple of streamers.
Five bucks here with you.
What are you talking about?
All right, there.
So where kids who invented tipping?
Oh God, it's so late.
It's like they're entitled to it or something.
Like subscribe kids.
None of us are begging.
Thing is really I'm so confused.
Easy trolling going.
No, it's so awkward now.
Ah, yeah, It's kind of weird as a streamer criticizing pipping, although I know it's more complicated than that, at least in America, because sometimes you don't get a cellar, you just get tips, which is kind of like that should not be legal.
I don't even know if it should.
Maybe it's good for people.
I don't know how it works over that section.
Criticize it.
So these people, they're like up in my really go instead of going out suddenly actually have you know, I'm gonna watch this girl stuff.
Are you saying that they don't have a life?
Damn simple was called out early.
You imagine guys like you could go outside and be a school?
Is this guy Wow, we're all missing out.
I'm really like I don't want to be awake.
Uh oh, That's funny.
Tongue movement.
It's hilarious.
What a great clip.
Semen, Right?
When he drives what you call is like Seaman, bro.
Event submit Way old dad got good means.
Yes, the classic.
We don't know.
It's live yet.
God damn.
You know, they got instructions by someone.
Be like, All right, just stand here with a blank face and be ready for the go.
So it's not really their fault due to our casting team on the commentators.
No, no, no, no, no.
Just ended right there.
No more screaming for you.
Cameraman puts his phone number up.
Really interesting.
Well played cameraman set up cheesy.
What is this math you guys did?
All right.
That's my doing that to me.
I don't get it roughly comes up here.
What is this math you guys are doing?
So you guys will be going so much depth to see how much I bow on 57 Crazy.
I come 52 way.
Their voice cracked.
Wait, What?
Oh, you got some photos there.
That's respectable.
Right there.
Well done.
Well done.
You took photos of girls in the video game.
That's funny.
All right.
That's all for life.
String fails this time, man, it's fun.
That was really fun.
That's my shirt.
I could be enjoyed and they see you guys tomorrow.
Oh, hey.
Oh, and subscribe and check out the new G fuel.
Right now we have 30% off its cancer.
The coat P pie.
It's delicious.
Don't call yourself a game or if you don't have it, bye bye.
You know what big peoples do they play?
Beauty pie.
Ice picks a wings off course picks a lynx is a creature collecting game.
I'm the primary share over a Brazilian.
Players have downloaded and it's got a perfect score.
It's safe to say it's the most popular game of old time.
I pick slings is awesome.
Deal with it, deal with it.


Livestream FAILS

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