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Let me get you a way to get you.
What is this?
Is this no, with just about full intothe building.
Oh, there is there.
Is it happening way?
It's Minecraft.
It's my craft.
Get your wood right.
All right.
Actually, planning 20 million trees and pudgy today.
Um, great.
Are you making fun of my charity efforts?
Oh, is that your idea?
I thought everyone else was doing that.
I didn't force, Okay?
I did it louder than everybody.
Her everyday originated that idea said I did it louder, uh, and then didn't actually do it.
Kind of like 300.
No, no, these are spread out on the ground.
You did.
Dude it.
Dude, Dude, dude, dude, quit with nothing.
And if you hold, you go down as quickly as possible.
So you want to dive?
All you gotta do is hold shift.
There's no more mystery.
Well, it also to ply my parachute or will I die?
Yes, it Well, no splatter out.
There we go.
It'll totally auto to play jacks up.
The guy died trying to swim in love.
I have no idea how to play this game.
Well, actually, the new the most recent patch does have a really fun thing where you can throw melee weapons, you get a melee weapon out, and then hold right click.
It'll, like, give you, like, a throwing like a grenade throwing arc on.
And then you could like, Chuck, your melee weapons and they do a pretty decent damage is kind of a gimmick, but it's pretty funny.
I don't know how any of that's pretty silly.
There's a backpack in here.
Someone wants it.
I got a backpack.
I'm good for now.
I need it.
Where you at?
Uh, I don't know how to do anything.
I see kind of there.
There I am.
I got this game is not fortnight so weird.
A little better, though.
It does.
I will admit it runs a lot better.
Yeah, Yeah.
Oh, closed or Yeah, that's, like, close the fucking door, you moron.
I mean, so they can call the door down in, like, two hits.
But if you at least if you close it, you have an opportunity to be like, Hey, so what's scratching on my door?
Always on Vietnamese army.
Wherever Who coming.
Got him more on me.
Is this scary help.
May I'm coming.
I'm coming.
They jump.
So, uh, we owe what?
They are so high.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I almost I almost always tolerate following.
Here's Abby's.
Over here.
Fucking Christ.
Okay, got one.
How do we start firing mode?
I am down.
Holy shit.
Way Can't get Mark.
Holy fuck, I'm dead.
Oh, I think they figured out where we were.
Yeah, they, uh They seem to have found us, but that was ridiculous.
God cover my map.
Where you guys covering your map?
Um, I the problem.
I just assumed people were nice enough not to stream snipe and be assholes.
Don't tell your games.
I swear to God, I'm not sure the game.
It's anything certain.
Bob, don't talk.
Don't wanna show my game real quick just to mark the city we're going to.
Then I'll hide it again.
No way.
No way.
That's wrong.
I know There's no game on screen, Chava.
You forgot.
Hold on.
Get off my multi dick thing.
The that's you chat.
That's how you sound.
Okay, I'm gonna show the game.
But nobody attacked me because I'm very, you know I'm very far away and I don't get banged upon.
What do you mean?
You're far away.
Didn't like Nebraska or something.
Oh, you guys were in Kansas City, Kansas, And I'm in Kansas City, Missouri, right?
Yeah, I learned.
Is there a Kansas City, Missouri?
I learned I learned it on tour, and it's very fucking confusing.
And I said their own one.
I wanted to show everyone got mad at me.
My things don't auto equipped.
I forgot that was a thing.
No one got nothing on it.
Equips that makes last round.
I look like such an asshole.
What game have you been playing, Merrick?
People say your map is showing there's a vehicle coming by his contract vehicles.
Jesus, Dr, There's a day could.
All right, I have a truck.
I'm coming to pick you up.
Winded to go right now.
The way you drive, I'm safe over here.
I'm happy.
Oh, Zombies.
This is fucking chaos.
I Oh, my God.
Coming over to you.
But this is beyond a motorcycle.
That's the worst kind.
He's right behind you.
And he's right behind you.
They are You okay?
Okay, okay, okay.
I mean, bitches?
Let's go shopping.
I got him.
Oh, they could drive a motor.
Nice flip.
There's no ink.
Fucking reload The good name.
Oh, really?
Don't kill each other.
Markets shooting, shooting, family friendly.
Yeah, there is no friendly.
You keep shooting me.
There's no really friendly keeps you in that, Karen.
Everything's fine.
You keep your eye on the couch with the back of my head.
You got it?
No, Duck, Thank you.
Owe their trucks about to explode.
That's what you say you're doing with the works I run.
I've been workin.
I ran out of U N p m ody because I'm out of ammo.
We got to get a little way, guys who can yell the loudest.
That's what I want to know.
I have to sit next to wait.
I want to go get ice cream.
Ice cream, Ice cream.
I want Transformer for Christmas.
Okay, I can't move anyway.
So can we stop to get dipping dots?
Oh, my God.
They're coming.
Yeah, keep moving.
I start to driving.
Stop dot Wait.
Did I not say it was you?
You think I'd route 66 when you're driving with your parents on vacation and you say I want fries.
Oh, there's a motorcycle with a zombie on it.
That way.
Take him.
That's not something you should say out loud.
You should just keep that to yourself, because that scares me.
Just get to the car and make sure there's no zombies in it that you could be in the That's very scared.
Don't do that at a hell out of here.
Yeah, We're gonna go to new yellow Mark.
See that?
See where that got it.
Why can I not switch to the other seat here?
It has to be the right number.
If it's blocked, it won't let you do it.
There we go.
This is not be in front of us.
The zombies come out in front of us.
Oh, my God, Bob Holy.
However I'm fine.
Let's drive.
Don't worry about me.
Oh, does it on purpose.
Cage to go.
Hey, Bob.
I was going with Tommy in the road.
Just hit them, Dio.
Holy shit!
Don't stop!
Don't stop at my yellow mark.
Keep going on the road.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going on about Oliver Strategies thing.
Keep going.
Get out, everybody!
Oh, okay.
Do these bikes work?
These bikes?
Do you know about subsets?
New vehicle.
We got a vehicle.
Go, go, go, go!
Tonto, I can't shoot.
I catch you.
Thank you, Mark.
This is horrifying.
It's out of gas.
Okay, okay, I'm trying.
I'm trying.
We're fine.
We're fine.
Is this scary?
This is scary.
They saw me.
Honey, you gotta You gotta You gotta fight.
I I hit him.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Okay for a minute.
Look out.
Look out!
Look out!
Let me just crashed into me.
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
You're in my way.
Got gonna goto.
Okay, McGee, get the booth guy Some crystal ball notes in my asshole.
This is sense.
Oh, Bob.
Bob, I am not Just don't worry about it.
We're fine.
Everything's fine.
What are you doing?
You know I don't I I'm along with fucking Bob's charitable right?
Right now, I I'm fucking Evel Knievel of puppy.
Look how Look how safe we are.
I want to be I want to get off Mr Bones.
Well, right.
Go to yellow, Mark.
Got it.
I'm going So slow and responsibly.
You don't even know.
Look how Look how safe and responsible This is what I'm actually really good at.
I can't believe I got into this one thinking that this is safe.
I almost never kill myself or other people.
See if you can snatch up some stuff.
And if you find any 45 Who are these people need?
Just grab it.
M 16 baby.
Everyone needs 45 right now, don't they?
Yeah, I just Whatever I get, I don't need 45 way.
Do any for grab everything.
Oh, I found a gas can to have I don't know.
Do I hear more?
Night, Thio.
We need to lay low.
Why you making all that?
Sounds way loaded that place.
But I don't fucking know how to play this game on.
I I'm going thio Okay.
All that breathing actually made me very lightheaded.
Realize in Bob's vehicle You want to see some shit, right?
You hear that?
They're here.
But Bob, they're here like this.
It's fine.
They're here.
Did you see this surgeon yell?
Wait, they are coming.
There's more of them coming, Okay.
Bobby didn't attack towards the cars come back towards the cars.
It didn't work, but your methods sucks.
I don't trust you anymore.
Uh, go back to the cars, boys.
Okay, Go back to the cars that the car is.
Time to go, Tonto.
I was just trying to figure this thing out.
Okay, I got my M 16.
We're tryingto win here.
We got six minutes.
Okay, Great.
Good job.
One way to get the absolute fuck out of here, okay?
They're circling us like Yes, they are.
They really are.
The vultures are circling voice.
Got time with your boy?
We're going to yellow.
I really wish I knew What Booth button was it?
Shift, by the way.
Oh, my God.
Oh, kill them and get that car.
Killed him and get that car.
Oh, that's okay.
That's the gold, Murad.
Oh, that's that's a special.
There's only one of those Jack coming.
Ugo, are you?
Are you?
I'm so good right now.
I'm so good.
There's a motorcycle chases Fucking Christ!
I not be here but cheating Zombie Zombie.
No, We want to stop.
Nobody behind you, Bob.
Oh, boy.
It's time.
It's time.
There's no time like the present.
I'm gonna try and save you, Jack, but all they're gonna finish you.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
What Shooting?
I was just driving.
I was just driving.
You're driving away.
I feel I was a little scared.
Now I know where you're going Now.
Now I am the zombie.
Wait in here.
We need to go to yellow marker way.
Don't stop!
Don't stop!
What's happening?
I mean, I'm a zombie right now is I'm coming for you guys.
You're a zombie.
Oh, God.
He became a zombie when he doesn't mean trainer, I got killed.
We're stopping here.
No, don't go!
Please run for your fucking life!
What do you mean?
Are we stopping here anywhere?
Oh, hi, friends.
Thistles may just This is me.
Help us!
Way have to survive!
I can't kill them!
He left us!
All right, I'm out of bullets.
Okay, Bye.
Well, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Don't come.
I nto torch right now at full speed.
Don't thio.
I'm going to kill you guys.
I was just trying.
Get your back seat.
I'm gonna kill you.
My carrots are thinking maybe I should explore for some ammo.
My car is out.
I guess I hope this zombie kills you.
Thank you.
Friendly zombie.
My zombie friends picked me up.
This is mostly certain playing with you guys.
Second thes guys treat each other with respect.
Look, look, look, I know you.
I left.
I did not leave you behind.
I went to kill.
That was way Wade left you by.
I don't know what weight was doing.
They're talking to me.
You guys ready to probably just die?
And for this to be not as fun as I hope it will.
Yes, absolutely.
It'll be terrifying.
Should be generally.
No way.
Let's hope I don't fuck it up this time.
We just stay here.
This is delightful.
This is a really relaxing way to spend the 1st 5 minutes of the round.
I think this is a good way below you.
If you see a zombie on the ground, Go on.
Don't don't see him.
We the four of us together.
If we were all shooting it with the best guns we could find, couldn't kill it before it could kill all of us.
So why are we doing t?
Because all the humans need to work together, just like in real life.
This is all right.
I'm hearing is way.
Don't engage for the love of God, Wade.
Please wait.
No, right?
If you see him at a distance, definitely let us know and then start shooting.
And that way, your death might give us all a chance to get away.
Uh, motorbike here.
That's mine.
Oh, hey.
Well, what do you need?
My motorbike?
Hey, what do you do?
Any of you?
Come on.
Hey, we're all friends here.
Put the gun down, man.
Well, good is that they want to see my gun.
Skin, you got?
You want to see my gun?
No, You Jesus Christ.
You scared the shit out.
Look at this scope right now.
It's cool, right?
The fuck is it?
There's a shoot.
Yeah, it shoots.
Ah, streets like laser discs from Tron.
Man, What happened to pub G?
You know what?
Hey, I have a Strat If this I'm so bad.
Who shooting what?
That bad?
That over in your wage, that's so bad.
That was over near wage.
Oh, God, I'm coming to you guys.
Oh, someone's dying.
Oh, no.
We kill himself.
It yourself.
Oh, way.
Have names above our heads.
You guys got another vehicle for me?
Yeah, on my own.
Oh, they took it.
Oh, shit.
Oh, we need to steal one of the vehicles.
That weight and Mark are not left alone.
Find Here's one.
Here's one right here.
Right now, out there in it.
All right.
There's another one in front of us, Bob.
Oh, no, That's run down.
Never mind.
Stop listening to me right here.
I'll help onto it and bring it back.
All fucking sick, Bob skirt.
Oh, it has a site, Karen.
We're not going to the city.
I've run across there.
There's a friend here with the vehicle.
Don't trust it.
Don't trust them.
Oh, boy.
Mark's going for a ride, Mark or a team.
Stranger Danger.
No, it's fine.
A trash.
This person, whoever this is.
Where you going?
But with the bush.
But you can ride with me if you don't mind.
Final weight behind you.
Get in.
All right.
All right.
So frustrated.
Lee, wait.
Get in the car.
Getting books sake.
Get in here.
God, put that down.
We're not buying that way.
We're going.
I don't know.
I didn't want to.
We're going to yellow Mark, but that's I just changed it.
We're going to that yellow mark like America.
I guys, I don't want to alarm you, but the zombie number.
Oh, no.
Something horrible has happened.
What's that?
So many zombies way We're not going to the northeast part of the circle that the dead humans wait.
So the 27 is the zombies?
Yeah, 27 is the zombies.
We had so many of our Sorry.
I'm looking at the map.
That's okay.
We should go behind.
Oh, they're zombies.
Behind you go.
Oh, shit.
Oh, God, no!
Oh, sweet Jesus.
They found no.
Simply flee towards the yellow mark.
Flee towards the yellow mark.
Yeah, a bad one.
Mo blue dot blue dot Is that zombie in front to wait, Shoot, shoot front.
The boogie Woogie way could blow up the car.
The eyes like Kobe.
Shit, that was Don't you Nice.
Nice way.
Look normal way have blue Doctor.
Okay, I almost crashed.
We're fine.
Oh, you're such a good driver this bike's doesn't turn.
This class is your wives buggy.
You guys might want to fetch this buggy.
That three wheeled like it's really hard to drive.
Hey, you wait for our friends so they don't have to drive the shitty bike.
Go party 20 years old.
No, no.
Okay, We're fine.
You designed this.
This is a prison of your own design.
Or so do go.
Oh, fuel Bob.
Go, go, go, go, go.
That's worth Find these these offer.
Oh, they're zombies in the world Changed my d n a waged at three with less Oh, my God, Bob, I got a bad feeling They're coming for us.
One's gonna read you guys beta, test those zombies.
Oh, my God.
That's a lot of zombies.
That's so many zombies.
Oh, we're out of gas are no good.
All right, Mark, we need to steal the buggy.
Okay, ready?
I'm ready.
Here we go ahead and do it.
Jesus Christ, I'm dead.
All right.
You fucking serious?
You run me over, you piece of shit!
This is a disaster.
Oh, God.
I can't terrify stuff.
Kind of funny.
They never die.
No, There uh, Are you dead?
Of course I'm okay.
All God.
OK, this doesn't seem like a good place.
Harry, come here, You.
I want to kill you.
Uh, okay, just keep going.
Just keep going.
Wait, wait, wait.
T It's not teeth.
It is t Normally, God doesn't go down.
He's a Terminator.
Okay, You guys still alive?
Yeah, Yeah, allow it.
It's a miracle way survived.
Thea, Apocalypse is over.
You get by blowing up there.
Hey, listen, Mr Zombie Face shut.
Fuck up.
This is how we do it.
Where are you guys know where?
We left God when I'm on a different map.
You don't know it.
You don't know this man.
I'm feeling so fine, right?
It goes to a different school.
You don't know her.
This is a different map.
You there snow on this one?
I'm just trying to help you guys out.
No, you're not.
No, you're like super.
We go back so far, Guys, stay that far back.
We're such good friends bodies, and I just wait for the little fucking Jesus.
Will you stop going?
I will shoot you myself.
Trying to conserve some gasoline by turning around and going backwards.
No, I just thought maybe we're safe in the hills of Oh, but the hills have eyes and mouths and they're hungry.
No, no, we're full.
We're full.
No, that doesn't sound like America needs.
I don't like Mark.
Bob sounds kind of the same.
Bob doesn't seem like anything's changed.
You You want to hear you say, Yeah, I don't trust you.
I see these fun red dots appeared.
No, no, Those air.
Yeah, That's just how those pop up, isn't it?
That's just a coma.
You guys, your eyes are broken.
Oh, God.
Trying to get the fuck my happy.
Oh, why are you so down?
What's going on?
You know going?
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Okay, there.
I'm fine.
Everything is good.
We only have two minutes left.
God hell, man.
Only two minutes to show everyone how fun it is to be in the circle.
God, circle, urine.
But we're in another circle.
We're in a better circle.
I catch the catch is a cycle.
I think this is my friend.
Oh, is that Oh, no, no, no.
No good.
I remember driving that dossier made a goof.
I don't know how it came.
Zombie dries.
Zombie drive.
Listen, it's not about how we d'oh friends.
You guys.
You guys see a guy on a bike.
One of those one of those was me saying, How do you want a little bike there?
E Leave me alone.
Okay, Okay, It's time.
Record stand.
There's only 30 seconds left.
It's time to make a stand.
We understand what you can do it.
Out of your tires.
That happens in 30 seconds.
The humans just survive.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, it's all good.
It's all good.
Oh, God!
Oh, my God!
Way turning in seven seconds of the 27 seconds left.
What happens?
Can you give me that?
Oh, I turned at the last second.
You sure did.
The difference in this one is no vehicles, slightly lower kill bill and bigger balls.
Well, I just got naked and then didn't get my clothes back before things that no one Sorry.
Somebody's on the naked ones.
First ones first.
Yeah, naked ones.
First leave my booty shorts alone.
You have is a bunch of guns in here if you want one.
And I have I have some weapons I've affected, actually, which is pretty dope back.
There's an A k in here.
There's a fuckin M 14 There's an M 70 62.
You want teams?
On Lee.
Oh, I have other things that you might need.
A nine millimeter holographic sight.
You go.
I think I have to play this game.
I'm very slow.
Problem friends till the random questions is unrelated.
No, nothing that we were coming in here.
Remember when you did find Since when I have ah, counter question.
Can you possibly nut without shaving?
I've got so much ammo and I na minha die with a clean ammo.
I gotta scoot.
He did shock on Emma.
Well, Scooter McGruder, I saw what you but apparently scooting suits in here.
I want it.
I want to pick you up a little.
Good scooter.
Uh, hey, look, people like people are dying.
You saw me.
Who do you have?
There we go that way.
Oh, that lot.
I thank you for getting off.
I appreciate your kind gesture.
They don't know what we're about.
to do?
What are we?
What are we about to do?
Wait, I thought you had a plan.
I thought you Well, I mean, the way you said that was very suspicious.
I thought you were, like, gonna charge into zombies.
That's stupid.
Why would I do that?
I don't know.
Because you're an idiot.
That's true, but still.
Wait, wait, wait.
I get on.
Hey, let me on a high hill, everyone.
Everyone hop on train, Phil.
Okay, here we go.
What was that?
There's only 14 zombies left.
You know, if you like this is cheating.
Yeah, well, winning she's Somebody tried to blow up our scudi.
No way!
Not in my pub, G.
Okay, another down already took 50 of us to take down to its cool Behind me On the hills!
Get off!
Get up!
They'll get off.
They'll come down to us.
She come down, Bob!
Beat him in.
Bob, There's one right here on me.
E trying to save these human.
Damn it, We lost.
Say, this person I've got I've got you covered.
This is very foggy.
I'm scared.
Oh, they respond.
Respond already.
Only right there.
Just respond right next to you Respond where they die.
Get this way.
Do Fuck.
Okay, okay, we're fine.
We're fine.
We're fine.
Everybody gotta head.
Got the nox way, guys coming from our left something?
Oh, fuck.
Super hurt.
Super hurt.
Another one with Scott.
And you better be Oh, baby.
Going, going, going, going, going!
Go, go, go Solo.
I'm so low.
Come from Why did Where's over his own?
Go to this on the blues.
Coming, you guys.
Hey, it's not so bad.
You did more going, Mike, Wait.
Do you have a thirst for brains right now?
No, you're right, you're right.
That rock to the right.
I am very thirsty, though.
That rock to the right, Bob, There's a guy right there.
Just two of us.
Bob, respond right near you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I think Wade's been muted forever.
We need to keep moving.
We need to keep moving.
Hey, wait right away from us.
Oh, my God.
There's so many around Wade.
Holy fuck!
No, We got to get out of here.
We gotta get outta here.
What do you want?
What the fuck?
Oh, my God.
They take so much fucking ammo to kill Jesus crying.
I want to kill some Hugh Mi's way.
Oh, my God.
This isn't saying you could have gotten here.
Having it didn't work.
I think they have to be stopped to get in.
Ah, damn it!
Oh, yeah, I got the prompt, but I didn't make it in.
Yeah, dammit!
Respond, timer.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, man, You killed three people.
Oh, yeah, I go on kill two.
We try smart coming kills you get buddy Rippled digits.
There was a zero in the number e Feel like I have, like, missing fingers when I play in a council now.


Attacked By Our FANS

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