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  • So you mentioned there You are.

  • You since the last time you got married.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, yes, yes.

  • Well Ah, A celebrity celebrant.

  • Yes.

  • Adele got ordained and married us in her back garden.

  • Me in Poland.

  • It was just absolutely amazing.

  • And she planned it all.

  • It was absolutely, absolutely perfect.

  • The best day of my life.

  • And you have to go and get your license.

  • And the woman that he was marrying us had Adele, my ass.

  • She it is all in a house in the back garden flowers those photos of our family which I don't know where she got There was a man playing on a grand piano and she want everything perfect.

  • It was so funny because actually was doing the vows.

  • A lawnmower started.

  • Why sure about that.

  • I will know the Lord myself tomorrow, but today it stops.

  • She wanted it.

  • Perfect thing.

  • This is This is what Dad is like.

  • She's even after that.

  • She surprised that she took us to Vegas to see Celine Dion sing.

  • Wow, it She's just a nab salute.

  • Star superstar as well in person is everything on were there and we sneaked in the back and There was this quite flamboyant gay in front of me when you know I can't stand them.

  • Yeah.

  • So funny.

  • Because he didn't know she was behind it.

  • He was slain.

  • When shall I?

  • Just whispering is here.

  • Hello?

  • Hey Will be deaf.

  • You're killing Theo.

  • It was the most magical day.

  • And then and she paid for everything I said.

  • Hey, I said, I can't.

  • You can't do this, That you don't know if it's true.

  • I mean, she loves Poland.

  • Everything in absolute stuff and can afford it is the love tester.

  • Let's not worry about her.

So you mentioned there You are.


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