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  • Thank you.

  • Theo.

  • In Paris, Monsieur.

  • He'll like you, e tha Tha way.

  • Theo.

  • Theo!

  • Theo!

  • 3/4 but in the way.

  • Yes, but yes.

  • But I mean the Oh, Theo!

  • Theo!

  • Theo!

  • Theo.

  • Way getting super to release your fear.

  • Or else the top day is three guys that space Teary eyes.

  • But I wanna bore.

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  • A master president vetoes?

  • Yes, as we still ecstatic about.

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  • I think it was good It isn't.

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  • Theo is Max Frazee support that?

  • There may be no way.

  • Save me no Tito Skippy.

  • And said Theo!

  • Theo!

  • Theo!

  • Theo!

  • Theo!

  • So vertical purples.

  • Aaron Moses!

  • But let's get up, damn it!

  • Thank you, my friend, huh?

Thank you.


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NEW YEAR'S EVEのベストルック! イン・セコンド ❤。 (¡El mejor look para AÑO NUEVO! EN SEGUNDITOS ❤️-Yuya)

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