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what mangled Chris's great men of yours was, too.
Can't say I'm upset about that.
And 25 right, bones, we already baby.
No move.
I know I could just sit in water, but I'm tryingto I'm gonna take too long for their minis.
Many with lights.
Every guy.
Okay, it's coded to low minis.
Throw the goatee.
You're so bad now, Medicating, Dusty On my way.
Uh uh.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Thanks for subscribing, man.
Welcome to the Ninjas, Colonel.
I can't I can't answer that question because a fortnight was not a thing.
There would be a completely different game at the top right now.
Not necessarily.
It wouldn't be.
Pub G wouldn't necessarily be another better.
I'll with maybe even be a picks for the apex.
Took a lot of their love, their ideas and lot of their inspiration.
A lot of it might have come from Fortnight.
We don't know when it doesn't exist, man.
He doesn't exist.
Who knows, man, I was playing pub G before I was playing fortnight.
That's when I switched, so I'd probably still be playing club G.
I guess maybe I don't know, man, entire life would change it never came out.
So what about a very successful streamer was averaging, you know, 6000, 10,000 years a day?
I mean, reboot bands came from Apex morning at four.
Night implemented that Such a great idea, man.
Crazy luminosity.
I've been in band on FX.
My account was hacked a while ago and someone was playing on it like cheating, but I somehow got it back.
It's very strange.
Okay, Look at this shit, man.
Like how?
Like I'm on four ping rate.
So what is my connection of me for me?
Well, I'm doing my favorite big accident game If I like music.
I love music.
My favorite band, I hear a band of all time is probably still Copeland C o p e l a n d My favorite band Growing up Still love the music.
I love all music.
No, man, Truly Besides, like hard, hard, hard, hard, Like death, metal, like like scream.
Oh, I like a good scream Country like rap like hip hop like frickin or be like jazz.
I like Elise Sinatra.
Well, you gotta be kidding me.
She got that off.
There's not gonna be a fun fight he's got a few 90.
Okay, that's an opinion, man.
I feel like country music.
I'm not gonna I'm not sitting here.
I'm gonna try to convince you that you like it.
You don't like it?
You don't like it.
And this number.
I've done anything with this thing.
I'm gonna hold this big pot, Bob, by the way, that's what I should have said.
After I cracked on that kid, I got a full pot.
It's huge coffee machine.
I don't know.
Just got one that, like, has a grinder built into it.
Really does.
So we Warren fresh coffee, coffee beans, She grinds him up, air the machine, grinds it up, and then it makes the coffee do.
It's really good.
Doing well, 12 11 game guys is a pretty Paula game right here.
See how the guy over here, Michael 72.
Damon's right there.
One guy left.
Get all the walls week with the on.
When you believe through the shot using collapse, man.



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