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make a dredge is a 825 ton machine that would revolutionize the face of mining No forever finance about innovation.
You got to keep fancy and building things better and moving forward.
For years I've never seen that much gold all at one time poem Rinke name has represented a dynasty And no, if somebody could be that they can kiss my butt were added on to our sluice box I'm sure, has been a top innovator Talk Nice job leaving the others in a cloud of gold dust Looking good last season Mr Gold poured it really 800 ounces of gold We got all the materials here Enough together hearts on begin constructing the dredge of his dreams It's going to blow people's minds this summer We don't have much time to get that in the water So gotta ace up my sleeve to mine the gold he needs to fund completion of the Make a dredge.
So basically, we cut the boom operator there and added six feet to it.
Sean has come up with now we can get down to ground that we never were able to touch before.
Get that gold that nobody's gone yet.
You have to stay one step ahead of everybody else.
Have to keep pushing myself.
If I want this business to stay alive, we could run this whole strip and make some money in a hurry.
This new boom allows us to go about 600 feet further from the shoreline.
It opens up a big chunk of ground that we haven't been able to touch before.
I've worked this area for years, and I know there's gold out there.
Kill it.
Since its inception, Christine Rose's mind and depths of up to three meters going deep beneath the ocean bottom in any of the dredge, clearing out every inch reach.
And now, with added two meters to his excavator shore will be able to access over 500 square meters of fresh ground on mine golden pay streaks that were previously out of reach.
Time to start digging.
Oh, here we go.
Here we go.
Come on, Dougan.
This stuff is good.
Oh, good to be back on the Christine Rose arm's feeling pretty good.
Wait, Do this.
Years ago away, we didn't need to really important that we get this thing making money live.
We're gonna be broke and they won't be no mega dread Back in Nome Harbor, we're just about ready to rock and roll with this.
A threat to Shawn's rain is looming.
You see all the new repairs in here?
Ken has returned 600 ton behemoth.
I like how you're feeding it now.
I think that's gonna work clothes along with business partner.
You want me to kick it on?
Watch a shake?
They've equipped the biggest tragedy.
With hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades, intent on taking the title away from Mr Gold Way rebuilt the Myrtle Irene from the bottom up.
This year, we're not leaving anything to chance.
Look, this made a whole different manifold system on this wash plant rebuild our clues.
It's like, totally redone.
We built this header box on it, so we got adjustment for our water last year.
We lost a lot of gold, blew it right out the box.
It went over our grizzly screen.
So we've changed all that this year.
It's going to improve our production this year from last year.
Like triple our overall goal for the season.
You know, do 1000 ounces.
In addition to the myrtles hefty $8000 per day operating costs.
You spend money on fuel labor, equipment breakdowns, repair.
Ken's goal is to bring a massive profit for his mining company a total of $1.2 million.
It's a high number, but it's a doable number.
With all the changes I've done, we're gonna kick ass this year.
I like it last summer or you kill me.
The arrival of the Myrtle Irene announced a new era, you know, give Obama Ricky run for his money.
And despite the monster's growing babes, now did.
This year, when the Miracle was firing on, old cylinders were digging in the pay pile.
Well, two, there was no denying it was a game changer.
Get ready for another year of ass wolf in I bet you 100 ounces.
You don't do that, Leading captain can to put his gold weighs mouth is about betting his rival of massive $130,000 on who will take home the most gold this next season.
It's my turn.
Keeping this thing running is the key to our success.
The pressure's on with over $6 million already sunk into the myrtle by investors.
If we don't get that dollars announces, I don't know what we're going to maybe get shut down.
Our guys just pulled the plug.
We won't have no funding If can't find his targets.
Giant barge, along with Ken's mining career, could be permanently dry.
Docked are investors.
Definitely, their patience is wearing thin.
Money's going out.
Nothing's coming in.
So feeling some heat?
Yeah, it's getting hot in the kitchen.
Myrtle, I read, needs to live again here.
Once we make the myrtle run, we're going few miles from down.
Get into some deeper water.
Mile offshore.
We've got some drill logs that show the gold out there.
You know, he was keeping it running and not breaking down, putting gravel through that thing 24 7 Not only do we have to make some gold on a lot of it, but we have Thio beat all our competitors when you know who they are.


Gold Miners Bet $130,000 Over Who Mines The Most Gold! | Gold Divers

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