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and the bath is awarded to Renee Zellweger.
Always a gentleman.
Bob just said this is very heavy.
Um, thank you.
To the British Academy.
This is This is very humbling.
Um, Sources.
Charlie Scarlett.
Jesse, what an honor to be here with you tonight.
Jesse Buckley.
You are a superstar.
I'm so proud of you.
You're such a special person.
You elevate everything that you do, and I love you.
And I admire you.
And I'm so grateful for our collaboration.
Thank you for our friendship.
Thank you.
Um, and if in with Brock and reversal in our entire cast, including the Feather Girls dancing and all our pals in the audience at the Hackney Empire who worked so hard Miss Roslyn Wilder, um, your treasured memories of time shared with Judy Garland and the talk of the town help light the way.
Um, and it's fire to Saul.
So thank you.
Uh, team back home in here.
Thank you.
Partners in crime, David Livingstone and, uh, refer ghouls.
Thank you for your creative brilliance.
It was such a pleasure to watch experience.
Thank you for your faith and for your guidance.
Hey, Tom.
Thanks for those great words Jeremy for your magic makeup, Jeannie, for those unbelievable costumes and have to thank almost stage moms a composer, er, Matt Dunkley.
Jeff Foster.
Um uh, can't forget a Paul Chandler.
Uh, Lin Duk Jin Andrew on And, uh, tricky Dicky, Uh, cane Millikan.
Um uh, Tura and Brett, your support in your patients meant everything.
And to all of our crew, uh, like what we did, Invited to the BAFTAs in this town where Judy played her final shows, lived her final days alongside of film about that last chapter made in this town by a group of folks who just wanted to, uh, collaboratively celebrate her.
And look, it's pretty neat.
Uh, sharing this experience on this evening with you is among my life's great blessings.
And I'm so grateful, Miss Garland.
London town, which you have always loved so much still loves you back.
This is for you.
Thanks, everyone.
Good night.


Renée Zellweger wins Leading Actress 2020 BAFTA - BBC

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