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guys were perfect, getting ready to do some trick shots of Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers.
But what's going on?
Let's get started.
This is the easy, open way, elevated way.
I think it's time for the trust shot.
I've got the super high powered pogo stick.
I think I'm gonna need a target of some kind.
Wow, that's that's really close to my face.
He's nervous.
Nervous, great.
Uh, Aaron's over there, getting confident.
Hopefully, he's about to throw one of my face actually picking up the ball.
That's kind of aired up.
This is a trust shot.
Okay, Fill in the blank.
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.
I didn't know I don't know about you, but I'm feeling I didn't know you're a T shirt fan.
I'm a huge T's Irfan way.
Should play golf.
And what?
And just listen to do the best.
If you were not a basketball player, what would you be doing if I was not a basketball player?
Um, Aaron Rodgers might not.
Do I?
I'm talking about tossing full court basketball strike out on my way.
I think we're gonna hit this target right here.
It's gonna knock the hand, hit the bowling ball and reveal a balloon target.
Double shot.
That's the secret to the balloon, pop.
Just a little tact ball.
He ever throw these?
This is the chain reaction shot way.
That was amazing.
This is the spin cycle.
Here we go.
I know.
What is your go to?
Gas station snack and beverage.
Reese's peanut butter cups.
Okay, sure.
Those were good.
The king size weight.
We're going Grape crush.
Okay, great crushing king size.
You stop at a gas station, you need a little little pygmy, a little a little snack and a little drink.
That's in the afternoon.
Maybe you're driving for a while and no gas station.
Stop tonight.
Now, sir.
Dangerous with you.
Heard it.
Here first.
Chris balling stopping at gas station in nighttime Daytime.
What do we need?
A pick me up at the gas station.
We were in a relationship.
Couldn't go a day without I'm clean, I think Mobile laser shot way dime dropping confetti black.
What's your favorite kind of doughnut?
You know what the hot now sign is?
Oh, of course I know what the hot No.
Any time I go to the office and the hot and fresh signs out, I'm like, give me a dozen.
Hot and fresh like that hot.
Now sign You're stopping.
You sure it wasn't a catch?
No, it wasn't.
It was definitely no question.
In your opinion, should it have been?
What makes you say that?
His dad said it was okay in the game.
Okay, so you're saying that she would have had any stomach law?
It was a kid.
I couldn't agree more.
What do you say we do?
A dress shot shot?
Get on the ladder, sit on the cylinder for s.
You step back at half court brain drain.
All right.
Between his legs coding.
Cody's not happy with little Cody.
Trust trusting way.
How you getting out?
All right, Aaron, next shot.
We're gonna go up in the stands.
You got a trash can down here by pandas.
I think we might have a little surprise inside.
Look, I'm not doing it.
You know, we're so high that I feel like the oxygen levels went down a little bit out of breath.
I mean, we're not even done yet We're still exploding.
Trash can shop right here, right?
Like right here.
Right Game ball.
Give it to your comedy.
And I said, Yeah, What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching Special.
Thanks, Darren Criss you guys were total starts being the good neighbors they are.
State Farm's gonna donate to the CP three foundations and Max Fun.
Awesome stuff happening there.
You want to play our iPhone game?
Click right here.
You want to see our last video with Luke?
Bryan, click right here.
It's a good one signing off for now.
Cope with pounding him with No go with it.
There was a basketball thrown way.


Chris Paul & Aaron Rodgers Edition | Dude Perfect

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