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It was like jam.
Yeah, with top of the go, I got the torch.
We've got to burn on the drugs.
We need to change.
Look at the water way.
It's just an actual game, right?
I got it.
Recent like iPods brought back the actual somebody, huh?
70 years researching rare chest, is it?
We're here.
Get the map out.
Metal punch card from objects made.
Great hideouts Get inside.
Uh, okay.
He was a little some happy s Robson?
Yeah, I got everything except the reset it.
Right, Right, Right now?
There's three.
The audio Ron confirmed.
Edit on relief.
I got my hair but survival Metal upgrade If black eyes just terrible.
First the limb season Thio This map is gorgeous.
He wants us to be about rare friendly Cyber 27.
What's they brought back?
The gold pumps?
Landmark pizza.
Pete's food Truck.
You scared me throttling 24.
But he's like all bots in your first game.
Look at this flag, man.
There's a new salty springs First sign of life.
This happened, Jack.
Is that like when you see that, Like bopping right there.
Does that mean there's accepting?
Actually good in the water.
I mean, we're gonna figure it out.
Figured out together.
Guys, I'm gonna be streaming all day.
And while these things is here, I knew it.
I knew there would be some above me did.
Yeah, yeah, no.
Now I got to go the bathroom.
Really bad, guys.
I'm not gonna be fully celebrate this victory with you.
Yeah, well, you've got to be shitting me.
You've got 100 shield again.
Let's go, baby.
Earth Game on.
Woke up rolled out of bed like that.
Give me my ex speed.
Look at that level.
Mission Recap, Discover Landmarks, Metal plunge card.
All right, guys, check out this battle past, shall we?
Chapter two, Season One I love this.
What piece?
It sprays are so amazing, but so underrated.
If I was so what else?
Oh, my God.


MY FIRST WIN IN FORTNITE CHAPTER 2 (Fortnite: Battle Royale)

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