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  • But when the fate of the world lies in your hand, like that,

  • they do that slow cool push in...

  • Ah, no! I'm assuming you were like, "Yeah".

  • It'd be quite funny if she went, "No." Every week.

  • I know what you're doing. What am I doing?

  • You're trying to segue that to some action star stuff...

  • No! That's just between two action stars.

  • You're trying to edge me out of the conversation.

  • That was a whole action thing.

  • Slow push out, "The fate of the world lies in your hands."

  • That's so dirty! "Doc, what can we do?"

  • That's so dirty, I saw what you did.

  • No... I'm here with you!

  • I was just saying...

  • That was an amazing thing.

  • Did you see that, Graham?

  • "The fate of the world... Kevin's never had that!

  • "The fate of the world's never been in his hand.

  • "Slow push in. Yeah!"

  • You know I've been vying for a slow push in!

  • He's been wanting that so bad!

  • It's not all about jokes and balls, man.

  • Apparently it's about a slow push in - who knew?

  • Yeah, I'll drink to that.


  • I feel dirty!

But when the fate of the world lies in your hand, like that,


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