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has guys.
Yes, I am so excited.
You know how much I loved these videos?
I love spending.
So if you haven't seen these videos, I've done three, But basically, I go on a website called fiber.
I'm actually surprised they haven't thrown me out the website yet.
And I ask strangers to do weird things for me, for money.
So basically, how it works is I order something.
And they had to wait 24 hours to get the results way.
OK, so my first fiber video, I got video from Jesus, and I kind of want another one, but I think I want Jesus to drag me, which is what's gonna happen when I die.
All right, so I'm gonna write a script.
I'm not gonna tell you guys what it is yet, but it's gonna be interesting seeing 20 years.
Oh, my God.
What is this?
Hey, Sexy.
You look for the greatest video working video.
Fucking big plan.
You can do that, right?
That's for you to get the O.
Uh, yes.
I'm going to pay him money.
Oh, wow.
You know what's sad?
If that was his profile picture on Tender.
I swipe.
All right, $15.
Let's do this.
We'll say in 24 hours.
This is fun.
Okay, this girl does comic book pages.
I will draw a comic book page for you.
That's good.
Only hot.
Okay, this give me really interested.
I think I want her draw comic book page That's like me and Ryland breaking up and then Miley d M and Game and Phil.
And then it ends with dammit!
Phil and Ryland all having sex $20 to see my relationship crumble Worth it?
Let me look at reviews.
She really did her best to do accurate depictions of the characters.
I want this comic book page to make me cry.
All right, 20 miles.
Oh, my God.
What is this?
That's Hollywood actor turned a video spokesperson and five super seller.
Uh, he doesn't use your loved ones.
Chance way home care in Phoenix City, Alabama.
Did somebody pay for that?
I'm so confused.
Okay, These all look very legit.
Like, if I saw that, I would think that was the news.
What should I have him say?
Is breaking Should I haven't seen died?
Oh, my God.
And then posted on Twitter.
And it's like a moment.
Okay, I'm gonna run script saying 24 hours I will record in American Male Voice over Yes, unrealized, offering thes terms.
Describe most that is so good.
Is that him?
Why is he on vibrate on TV?
That's a good boys.
Fortunately, no way.
Forget it.
Is that the guy from Disney Channel?
You're watching Disney Channel?
Is that literally him?
Oh, my God.
I could literally happen.
Say you're watching Disney Channel up next on Lizzie McGuire.
Shane Dawson.
My dreams.
How much?
That's it, Shawn.
Up your price.
24 hours.
You know what?
I have this guy a Burton do a rap about me a couple of videos ago, and it was everything.
I think I want to do another one, but like, I want to go harder.
I wanted to drive me and I want to pay for it.
I mean, e had these emotions, these feelings, but I'm saying that's me.
That's me.
There have these emotions I eat.
All right.
Stay in 24 hours.
SMR Today I will create a customer.
It's a marketing for you.
She says you can request anything you want, as long as it's not inappropriate.
That's gonna be hard.
Things like tapping trigger words.
She's gonna call me Fat Way over and over again.
That fuck you look fatter than you did yesterday.
All right, you know what?
I'm gonna have her e Taco Bell loudly while she's reciting the lyrics to every day.
But that's triggering.
We'll see.
You know who this person does Snapchat?
Okay, Christy, with the wind.
These look good.
Look legit.
Oh, my God.
What would me?
Okay, I'm thinking, like, you know, and Cheeto eating trash like me and Ryland like throwing trash in here.
And then it could be, like, welcome to trash for $10.
Yeah, we'll say joining ours.
I just realized, like my neighbors going on Snapchat.
Oh, no one.
Any food has had his shirt designs.
I'm lazy and don't have merged.
He's good.
All right.
Let's have him do like a picture of my cat and then under it.
I want to say my cat wants to kill me.
I feel like that's relatable to just me.
See you in 24 hours you know what I want to do?
One more I want to do.
Obviously, she's already made, like, two different songs for me.
I want her to make a song about my cat.
Wanted to kill me because I think it might be a fun, like, scary.
And then they make a whole new music video for it.
I'm thinking I'm just gonna texture because we're We'll see that in 24 hours.
All right, I'm gonna go.
We'll see what happens.
And I will see you guys in a day from now.
And I still won't have showered.
See that?
It's been 24 hours and everything is here.
So excited who?
Okay, where do we start?
I think we should start with Jesus.
Me if I was a church leader, Right.
Here we go.
Hi, I'm Jesus and I want to talk to you all about something new that I've created, actually and created 29 years ago.
It's a hybrid between a human and a pig.
On the outside, it looks just like a human.
But on the inside, it's just a big, fat, hungry, snorting pig.
All it wants in life is to eat food roll around and shit and make you two videos.
I decided to give it a special name.
Shame God, If you see a shame, Dawson running around your neighborhood, make sure to hide your trash cans and lock your refrigerators because this pigment is dangerous.
Good luck out there.
I need the boy.
I mean, the whole thing.
One more time.
He I really hope Jesus does when I die, I get to have it right before he throws my ass.
Thank you, Jesus.
Okay, let's see what's next.
Let's go.
And smart video?
Actually, yes.
It's like a as more party.
You can handle this.
You don't know what's about to happen.
Maybe Los Angeles boy This'll is why I was born to help this be created.
My God.
Let's get going.
It's Disney Channel.
You two been six months Ever done the O next Bob in all these checks?
Oh, my God.
I could die.
That's it.
I want to hear the test Brooks part.
It's every day.
Breath, You know, it's Desert Brooks.
Competition shook.
This guy's got me.
These guys got one.
I got it.
I feel like I'm watching like a weird satanic ritual.
I think like teen Tens gonna die after this.
And it's my fault.
All right, let's see how it ends.
Yeah, good job, girls.
I hope they uploaded that separately because that deserves deserves to go right.
Let's listen to the radio.
Prepare to be shook.
I am prepared to start quaking because coming soon to a computer screen near you is Shane Dawson.
His conspiracy theories will snatch your wig.
It's a bird.
It's a plane.
No, it's your wig.
And now it's on the move.
Make sure to go subscribe to Shane on YouTube.
He really needs the money.
He only has, like, one shirt.
Shane Dawson.
Oh, my God.
First of all, that was incredible.
Also the subtle dragon.
But all that was Sean.
Oh, my week is on the moon.
Okay, What's next?
Do the news, guy.
You nervous?
Next up, we have breaking news.
It turns out Shane Dawson is actually the guy from Shrek.
That's right.
The youtuber that's famous for calling himself a pig is actually the character Rumpelstiltskin from Shred.
This comes as a shock to a lot of people who always thought he looked more like Fiona.
In my opinion, I still think he's a pig.
Oh, my God.
My wig is past the moon.
My wig is in a black hole bit.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Thes air really good today, Charlie Man.
Shane, you sexy boy.
I'm combining two of your favorite things.
Shirtless guys on the Internet and food.
I can see his Penis.
I really can see it.
Like I see the people e I hope you get everything you want this year, including more shirts.
It's so sad that you only have one Happy birthday, You happy birthday.
I'm gonna clear my history.
I have to delete my thing.
This is dark.
Let's keep watching.
Does he have a family like that in the other room?
Like these kids in the other room, Like dad, Are you almost done?
I need, like, hold on.
Just because that's my future.
What man?
Kind speechless.
And that is hard to dio Rap song saying I gotta keep Purell.
Gotta read with Dennis Girl.
Hold up, Shane.
I gotta keep it real.
Go up in a name once again with my homie.
Shame cannot tell the truth when it comes to death, They are way better language videos.
Have you role playing the Simpson A bowling way?
Funny, they really make me couple after you play.
Someday subscribers gonna double more famous, way better looking.
What you want me to say?
I'm trying to be mean at the end of the day, but we're gonna find out eventually my bag Got any attitude?
Planning, sex appeal?
You could say I'm flat.
Just like banning cell.
If I got to tell the truth and I keep it real.
I'm a guy fan of Danny feels that guy doesn't ring a bell.
No, I'm not familiar, but I wish him well, I don't know that guy.
Day doesn't ring a bell day.
No, I'm not familiar game, but I wish him well.
You see the old sad looking guy?
Oh, yeah, my bad.
Oh, that waas amazing.
I'm gonna email him and tell him because I would actually listen to the holy shit Today has not been a waste of money.
I mean, it's really fucked up my self esteem, but that's all right.
Let's see what?
That comic book You actually know what?
Let me get right to read this with me.
Well, acted out.
I mean, you come in for a treat it together, All right?
Shame it's over.
D m z.
10 guys to be in the middle of the O my God, is this gonna happen?
Don't they live in a different country?
Something you have a passport.
I get to watch one of their videos, but I mean me.
Wow, That looks good.
Guys, look, how maybe look better looking than I to realize how the Internet works.
Honestly, though, this person did very well like the colors.
All of it is beautiful.
Yeah, And there's like, Yes, give your d n.
Velvet was amazing.
Okay, what's next?
Let's look at the shirt design.
Oh, my God, That is so good.
I want that.
That literally looks like cheetah.
Look at the anger of the eyes.
Look, the demons, you could see them.
Wow, I don't know legally from a lot, actually, like, make these asked, but that's incredible.
Should have started Merchant Long time ago.
See, I love Oh, 00 my God.
First of all, I love that she gave me new cans.
Mini sure needed it second of all, that's incredible.
Look Annoyed.
Rheiman is.
And how, like, I don't know, I am.
It's literally us.
I need to submit this to Snapchat.
It takes like a few days, But a few days I'm gonna play around this filter and I will put the footage here.
All right.
Tyra snapped a builder way.
Need a family portrait in trash land.
Grab, you know, Hurry.
All right.
You know, do you love trash land are having fun, West.
You know which Gino Gino, do you love being a part of trash land?
Welcome to trash land where everything smells like shit.
We know flush toilets, and I have a skin rash.
Aluminum confirmed address, man.
Oh, my God.
Celebrate trash land.
You're in his ass, Larry.
Hopefully was a lot of fun.
I don't believe my neighbors don't use Snapchat.
All right, so the grand finale is Antonia.
Now I am really excited.
She sent me the link.
Let me find that.
All right, here we go.
Hey, what's up, you guys?
Today's conspiracy theory about Shane's.
I'm pretty sure he's plotting Shane's this.
He's on the loose, and he's ready to runaway trying to stake didn't wanna Can't you take get over it.
He doesn't like you allergic to him, but he's allergic to only reason.
He stays dreams about your death when he takes cat naps and when he wakes up, he makes his dreams come true.
He's killing again.
He's ready to When you're sleeping, he will create a bond.
You he's got cause he's not afraid to use them.
Cable tricky window thinking That is innocent.
But the secret is that he has a menace so loud that they can hear you scream when you're filming Consider holding back of Cheetos to your face and make yourself kay as revenge for given he's ready to go Onions and you know are waiting for the right time to get you until onions and you know are in on it too.
Just waiting for the right time to get you.
Who was that?
Oh, my God, Bish, why are you so good?
I think we need to make a music video for that.
Is that if you agree?
That was incredible.
Well, you guys go.
That was my five Part three.
Think this waas by far my favorite.
Those were so good.
My voices higher.
You gotta help me do another five video.
Let me know Liza comments.
And if you want to see my other two that I've done out with links, but oh, my God.
Thank you.
Do everybody on fire her?
Who was submitted and did this?
This was incredible, love.
It's my favorite thing ever.
You guys, you guys, I'm gonna go make sure that you don't get the notification bell right below because nobody knows what I am going to go hide from Cheeto because I'm terrified.



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