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Okay, let's get a meeting.
TV station that games are just really, really long.
You know what I mean.
My videos are edited president.
Listen, a lot of people coming here, by the way, for a man, I'm RPG in someone.
They're gonna be talking nice, dude.
Just like it on the window.
I mean, he can't.
He's on the roof.
I died literally as I'm man selling out of the window.
I got greedy and one chest.
I knew he was there.
Rockets or so a neck got our Fujita.
That was me before that.
I got ripped.
He jumped out the window Thursday riding in.
Got armor entirely.
You got here.
Thanks again.
You know, we had a shotgun.
Careful, I got him.
Are you guys up front?
I have enough cash to get almost immediately.
You can go along.
There's a guy in here right here.
You're so bad, don't you, My face.
Oh, I need armor here.
You too.
You're a threat.
Leveling gets up when they're closer.
Yeah, Go buy.
Load out.
You think?
Oh, yeah.
I could give you all my cash, but I need I need all right.
Zero extra.
I'm gonna for both.
No one comes here and get Here's the rest of the cash.
Now, given your cast where they're shooting spot.
So these guys are coming, right?
Actually, I think we struck my dead silence, You little sneaky.
I thought it was armor.
Can I get some ammo in an armor plate?
Armor plate here.
Threat level three.
Oh, course he's right there.
I found him.
What's always me spread out.
Or was he a top?
He's in the doorway.
There's three on the right.
Are 300 are here.
The full died.
I think you gave up two on radar on me.
Where exactly is radar?
You on my heartbeat sensor.
They're up top.
We're in the safe zone there.
Ones right above And ones.
That top story.
I feel like I'm gonna get RPG the enemy track.
I have no armor.
No, down them.
One of them all.
All that Nice job.
Oh, boys, I guess we'll go down.
You don't mind that guy's ass?
Oh, sorry about that one.
That's actually where I prefer to get my injections.
Thank you.
Way harpy!
Gino, What the hell are aware the fudge on track.
I'm going for advice.
I'm going for the station because I I'm watching you.
A sniper looks like an extra armor bottles here.
I need that.
I have none late.
Don't want looking.
Yes, I got you, baby.
No, You know, you guys also should get by.
Moreover place.
I'm buying another set.
I'm gonna sell for two extra.
I put it there on ground level.
They're inside a broadcast on ground level, Not one down, boys breaching.
I was coming around the other way.
I have four armor plates, but all my down I'm gonna go back.
I'm gonna buy uh, I left you a resident.
No, we can't.
I'll be bound.
Where is he?
They were on the back now closing a blinking.
That the last one?
No, I thirst footsteps.
No, there's the quiet.
I'm literally standing next to someone and I don't hear him.
Oh, my God.
Uh, yeah.
Armor plates right here.
I know that I all your loose right here, actually, more armor plates over here.
Body armor.
Is it worth still going to get that contract out his own butt while you're there?
I'll drive this game is just clearly like trades.
Like you're just gonna get.
You wanna go alone without him?
Convene here.
I can't.
There's a bar in the way.
Nice contract.
All right.
Good job.
Angel is going to call this mercenaries contract killers.
Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna hand you a d.
Grab that real quick.
Lose you, poppet.
I popped mine.
Okay, Nice.
Okay, I still have mine.
I don't think No, it's got right up.
Your ass is in the wrong order.
My name, my Semtex.
How bad is that guy that he just He just didn't really care what was happening there.
All right, let's go by.
We've got $1,000,000,000.
I'm gonna slap your baby.
Then real quick.
I would say that there really aren't any downsides to the elegy other than, like, the line of Sight DeLay 80 s a t s a way other than that movement was pretty slow.
Yeah, but, dude, I mean, well, you are You are rocking.
Knocking on an extra.
You 80 tonight.
I'm actually slapping you 80 by another one up top on orange.
Here's the question.
How do we get up there?
There's a send thing in there in the elevator shaft.
We're gonna go up one at a time and getting murdered.
I hate that.
I will let you go.
Like it's like one every four seconds.
There's two sides.
Like, why can't you each go up instead?
It's like, All right, you go.
I'll be up in five minutes.
Good luck.
All right, there's There's only two up here.
We should thes air nuts.
What do you mean?
They're insane.
Guys, I'm here.
Apparently destroyed him also.
I think don't question my pistols.
Dog Nasty.
Oh, I made it.
Is this is This is this is my class where I can't I can't get over it.
She's played a bunch of our place here.
You want to see him?
Come check these things out.
Look at him right there.
Just pick him up.
Oh, the doilies.
Doilies with 32 bullets in each match.
Just Well, they're actually nasty.
Yeah, You're not kidding.
I told you, they're disgusting.
I'm self.
I'll just I'll just You got it.
I'm following him.
I hear him.
Maybe you kept going this way.
Yeah, I'm calling you ready.
Do it.
L I U A v overhead.
He's going up.
He's ascending right now.
What I want so provide you a the armor plates.
How does that guy get that name and nothing overhead.
Oh, still in the roof here.
I'm just gonna precision airstrike.
I don't know.
He's not.
He's not.
There's no life like in coming to be aware of this.
You guys on the ground now.
One is practice.
Armor mating played.
Yeah, right down.
Time to earn your freedom.
I just got two taps.
Guy named Foreskin.
Don't buy me armor.
I have time.
Munitions box to find a couple guns.
I can give you Thea armor.
Got it.
Any luck?
I still get that guy's loo for you.
Let's go.
Maybe he's solo actually had two legendary Sze you know, there's a lot of No, I'm good.
All right, All right.
Let's get some better positioning with this all the way up there up there.
We should try to take that over before it gets too crazy.
Yeah, bring her going up playing in Mason.
The guy hit him once.
Airstrikes, airstrikes, airstrikes No, down on top, down one of top.
Lots of loot.
Right here whole lot down to one little just spanning aids out there cracking armor.
They got bombarded, dude.
Eddie got her live.
No, alive!
You ate the overhead.
One more down woman down there.
Oh, there is right here, resident ing.
Here we go.
That's it.
I'm wrapping around One shot.
I'm gonna sell fries.
Give me the rest of it.
I got your back, Bible.
Did you give me a ride?
You like 300?
Because I was still holding cell president.
Let go!
Yeah, by station render need precision airstrike there.
That sounds.
I grabbed the precision right over here somewhere.
They're gonna get that guy's such chickens.
Here we go.
Got my kill right here.
One is no shield.
And we have all this backup.
Lou, this is ridiculous.
Oh, shit.
To that slimy on the open north.
I found him.
All right.
Going on T s.
It's probably gonna get him up.
The rest there.
Three b three B one right here.
Knocked down guys laid on me.
Oh, shoot.
Get him up.
Tell you could be quick.
Quit buying the resume downstairs.
Like I'm gonna you know, buy some up by tomorrow.
up there.
Get this.
We're going up to call this air fracking on these guys dead again.
You're good.
They're in the gas.
They're choking down here.
I don't think they can get up personal overhead.
You hit him right down here.
And boys.
Very good job, guys.
Lumberjack, man.
Thanks for something broke.



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