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This will be a big challenge for my rivals, who are used to fine dining, not fast food.
One does what one cut When I got it first, my fiddle Frenchman clued bossy disguise A legend was not one but two Michelin stars, but he could have met his match in executive chef Liza Goodwin.
Alan Lee's eyes from Britain's Premier League of Chefs.
As she adds up one Michelin star.
No scope manner in Lancashire.
I'm so excited the chef have to create an exact replica of an anti male, and it must be out.
And because it's fast food, I'm going to give them an extra challenge.
Oh, no, You know, cough.
Burger King have given the chef just five days to create five perfect replicas of the Whopper burger with my own ketchup to Matthew lettuce, pickles and bun plus fries.
The interesting thing is, the bomb is in there because it got kind of a little bit of sweetness to it.
I love leases, dedication.
She's dissecting every element with a team starting with the bun.
Now I'm going to let you in on a secret.
The way to prove it is important, and Lee size doing Earth in a bull, under a damp towel and after baking results are all a bit Goldilocks.
Speaking of Goldilocks Aires, while of the Three Bears glory starting work on the bum student, Good Glory is doing a two part door makes.
But like Lisa is, recipes very similar to a brioche after rescuing it from the herb cabinet includes adding ingredients like honey and syrup for sweetness.
And then he proves it two more times before baking.
First, I'm giving my rivals more to worry about by telling them who they are cooking against.
If they would be a been interesting meeting, actually looking for to see how she's a fantastical yeah, no clothes.
Very well clothes, kind of like the heavy weight of the industry.
So I'm a little bit scared now, to be honest.
Clued thinks he's nearly mastered the bun, but now Lisa knows she's up against big, scary, bossy.
She's working even harder.
It needs to be more area, and we think that getting more area and lighter, the only way we're gonna do that is to I make the dough wetter.
So any more milk in Lancashire.
Lisa is trying everything to get a sesame seeds to stick.
I think we need to put them on a bit earlier.
She has no idea that a simple Mr of Water would do the trick.
The answer is obvious to culinary colossus clothes differently.
What they need to work out.
What goes into a whopper patty Juicy used by port 20 minutes half an hour.
Doing being insulting.
Think it might be a vessel?
I think the key is getting the right court made brisket role in skip.
The question is, Which one of you?
Yeah, obviously, for the do today, it's got a little bit leases mincing the different beef herself before tasting these cute mini burgers.
That's a good flavor.
The chalk up predominately is the right texture.
But I think with a confident clued has made a decision already, is just using Chuck and has asked his butcher to mince it three different ways.
Ways we're going to season it.
It's now just three days until the chefs must make complete whoppers and fries at Burger King, and neither of them have mustard.
Sam is with diced it and then mixed it together on, then pushed it through the minister to try and get it all evenly mixed.
A little bit pink soul in which is like a preservative salt on dhe put regular soul in it, but Lisa's at the brainwave about replicating the elusive flame grilled taste.
Gonna try.
This happens.
It's broken, which is music to my ears, because I flew the flavor.
Look, I think the first attempt is a complete freedom.
I'm happy we gotta work out.
We're going to recruit on after him.
Lease include I've just 48 hours until they served their whoppers and fries to my panel of brutal Burger King bosses.
We try to steam it first, didn't do anything.
You strain too much.
This one is to try to cook your stretch from prison to see if you can get the frank flavor.
But I think Lisa's broken.
Greeley's closer to the real thing that includes barbecue, but she's now busy with the mayonnaise toe, which she's added a surprise ingredient.
What we've added, it is pickled gherkin juice.
Ketchup is equally important.
Clue that's made is and kill show pries.
He thinks it's amazing.
I give you kitchen by Booth.
Close Culinary mind is already working out out two cookies, fries, and he's using Maris pipers.
Wear the potatoes one centimeters wide, the same done a pocket size as you get in a packet.
We board them, drives him, press some stash.
Is it critical stuff on freezer?
But I think it's a stash import to get cut off.
Lisa has settled on Maris Piper, too, but a coating is complicated with rice flour exams, um, gun and something else I've never heard off try.
So there are 24 hours to go, and the chefs are practice building their whoppers.
We do one fist.
They're replicas.
Must be just like the real thing.
Go after Bennett.
Guess what?
After a few practice runs, Clued thinks he's the master, but the size working are right up until the last minute, and it talks more charming on that theme, she's tweaking a recipe to make it just right, and the bone itself admitted all the water.
We replaced it with oil, and we just prove it.
Shape it, spray it, bake it for 11 minute.
Today my rivals will meet their destiny, and with the stakes sky I after five days of our work on expecting flames in the kitchen, All right.
So, Lisa, are you ready?
12 go.
Just like in a real burger King have let my chefs prepare the ingredients in advance.
She looks very organized.
She's got all the salad's ready.
There are tomatoes.
The girl gains.
This is really proper fast food fashion.
This is reading a flame.
Grilled burgers in a microwave.
It's quick and should mean they're consistent.
But will they taste right?
I can feel the pressure cause you already self.
Oh, pressure.
Hey, thank you.
9 53 40 Judges are director of operations.
Paul manages Serena and Louise maker off over 100 whoppers a day Alexandra and food development director Christian.
It's a blind test, so they have no idea who's meal this is.
Call me on Duffy.
It's got a good visual.
Yeah, maybe a bit flat bit.
Squashed a little bit.
What about the fries, please?
Let's write a bill.
Go now.
This is the moment of truth.
The meat passing is not bad.
The bun is no wine.
I'd say the bunnies too sugary.
It's your turn now.
Protest Telephones rest with, you know, Let your people down like I need that pressure.
What were you doing?
All right, let's go Clothes.
Sacrificing speed and risking a lack of consistency by using a professional kitchen barbecue.
It smells good, but is only doing to other time.
Yes, I see what you're doing.
You're gonna get them to rest in their own juices together.
What were you doing?
At least this time getting closer and closer.
He's on a massive pressure to finish.
Can't waste any more time.
He looks stress and he's throwing his burgers together.
Oh my God, it's so much slower.
But it tastes more like a whopper.
Maybe you can still win this thing.
This is the judges.
This is Chef.
You know how this works.
Let's get on with it.
It's very flat.
It also built it wrong as well.
He's got the beef at the top, but it should be right at the bottom.
I haven't got any.
The party is definitely good.
I'm enjoying to me.
I think it is a nice flavor.
I'm enjoying that.
But it's not the water flavors that I think they're kind of pressed sesame seeds into enough Fine.
There's a bit too many on there.
For me.
It's a kind of a brioche appearance, isn't it?
You're right, Gabrielle.
She kind of looked right.
What about the fries?
Tell me about the fries.
So, on balance, these fries are better.
Just to remind you Shefi was 9 53 shift Be 15.
Can I please have the envelope?
Let's put these two out of their misery now.
Hey, go for it.
Do we have a king or do we have a queen?


Top Chefs RECREATE Burger King's Whopper in Head-to-Head Challenge

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