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and then the moment I've been waiting for finally put into a monster.
I believe these top of potentially the biggest and most dangerous of their kind, and this one is proving me right.
Smashed my knuckles.
This secret location is only known by my guides, Daniel.
So if I hit by this living missile, then I'll be in serious trouble.
Battle enters a new phase of close combat, but it's still far from over.
This is physical, physical, physical, big fish on a strong line, but on it's just very tiring with Lisa's.
Well, when fly fishing like this, you have to grab the last few feet of line to take control of the fish or the rod will snap.
But if I thought this vicious fight was over, I was wrong.
Okay, go rounds.
I think it's here.
This fish must be well over £100 and I finally have it on the ropes, ready to submit.
OK, it's gotta light took hold.
Forget the hook out.
Oh, normally, these tropical downpours just last a short time.
They're they're very violent when they finish.
This has been going on and on.
If anything, the intensity is cranking up.
It's not looking good.
Finally, the rain stops But time is not on my side I keep casting but nothing takes The darkness is closing in Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah No, Still what?
The line is going in the water?
Any of the fish fish I hooked is running at phenomenal speed back and forth across the river and it looks like it's taken my line around a branch.
It's getting difficult to see if I can't free the line quickly.
I'll lose this fish.
There's all sorts of stuff here.
Okay, I need to get myself through that.
Uh, I gotta get underneath this rock stock.
I'm stuck in a brunch.
That's it?
Yeah, My hook.
Must be good.
Is the fish is still on, but I can barely see in the fading light.
Launch official Very large.
This fish is bigger than the one that got away.
So I'm going to take every precaution with my last ounce of energy, I have it in close and then only once.
It's fully in my control.
So I take the hook out.
Service can hardly lift this thing out of the water.
But this thing on the end of my line just flung itself several feet clear.
234 times.
I just lost count.
To catch such a large top on this far up river is rare, and the violence of their fight is unlike anything I've experienced.
When you think that the locals are fishing these same enclosed creek's at night and in tiny dugouts that put them directly in the path of this killer torpedo.
It's no wonder these tarp on taking people out and it just has to be the fish that's responsible for those stories, knocking people unconscious and then it sounds like also knocking them out of their boats.
So they never seen again this thing weight of me flying through the air, you know that connects with you.
I mean, that could be that could be it.
Just what an amazing fish.


Jeremy Wages An Epic Battle With This Giant Tarpon | River Monsters

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