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We're gonna make a lovely Irish meal.
Was that we are.
I just want to show you how to glaze the ham.
We're gonna glaze a hand.
I haven't.
I haven't cooked for one hour, wrapped in parchment and foil, parchment and oil portrait in there.
So it doesn't touch the foil.
That's just what I would have done.
And then you score it.
You can score it for me if you want.
You know, just go crisscross one way, and then the other want to do that.
Okay, Don't be such a simple test.
So just one way, and then you're going to slowly get drunk.
I am on this fabulous Irish whiskey glaze.
This is actually delicious.
So you add about 1/2 a cup of Irish whiskey That's not about to about a a cup of brown sugar.
And get that all nice and mixed in the alcohol burn away in the cooking, Or is it possible to get drunk eating ham later?
No, no, you're not gonna get drunk, but it tastes so good.
It really tastes good.
You don't have a lot of other stuff too.
You just spoon this over.
Put it back into, like, a 300 degree oven.
Okay, Not all of it.
Just spoon the sick part of the big part.
So this part this'll part over on.
Then it will take a nice little crusty all over the house.
I, Tonto and meet come together.
That thing is the Irish soda bread, which no meal should be without on ST Patrick.
I have to say I find it.
Don't you find Irish soda bread is gonna get so much mail for this is a little dry, like eating a dry sponge.
I got up early this morning and I made it for my editorial meeting.
I took it.
It was nice and warm on a chicken.
And I don't know about Irish.
Sort of over that bar.
That's the Irish answer to everything.
But, er put all of us.
They just eat this with a spoon sometimes taste.
Look at that and I'll make you a dream.
But butter's good, Theo Bread good bread is very good for my baking book.
Very nice.
And then I thought, the most aesthetically pleasing bread.
Though somehow you know what I mean.
Looks like a brain or something.
We're missing for missing vodka or gin for the Irish.
Ricky, what are we making?
I make it Irish, Ricky's, but I don't see any any gin or vodka.
Oh, guess what?
We can use that.
Yeah, Yeah.
It doesn't really matter in a certain client.
Doesn't matter.
It does.
Because if it's gonna be Irish and Irish, Ricky might as well use Irish whiskey.
Yeah, but after three of them, you don't care.
Okay, try.
All right.
So just I put this in here up to about half inch of the top.
Half inch of the top.
Me a little tiny bit.
Any Ricky's are made with a little bit of sparkling water.
Just give it a little bit.
You hear that?
Okay, don't tell me how to make my game on now, would you like a black and tan to wash that down with you're gonna make a black and tan is Well, it's the truth.
That's Guinness Stout.
Yes, that is yes.
It is thinnest out and you add bass ale.
I don't know why they have English and Irish, but but that's what they have.
Can coexist it all amounts.
They're doing very nicely crisscrossing in this glass, and then you drink this.
Oh, I think that looks absolutely.
Drink these simultaneously.
That looks better.
That looks better.
That's gonna take that will still be like this through last call with Carson Daly.
That's a long time.
Try to get through the phone booth.
I'm doing just fine.
It's not is a fake.
You just hypnotize me with a shamrock.
That's beautiful.
You cut the top of a little dilly container?
Yes, in the shape of a shamrock.
Easy to do.
You can do that.
And then brush a little royal icing just like a stencil.
You know, like your Children.
You stencils your child.
How many Children do you have now?
I have two Children.
Okay, So your Children, I was right.
And then you sprinkled.
Sprinkle green.
I like my drunk.
Uh, no.
No, I'm not.
I'm just saying this is cutting into valuable drinking time.
I like a cookie as much as anyone else with you.
And there you have a shamrock.
Thank you.
Look at that.
Everybody has a shamrock cooking.
And these stencils Theo, like that Better than you like with Yeah, I like the dark and tan and young black man Ricky.
Uh, I mean, it's good, it's fine, but, uh, no over the old Bachman hand and good.
So this is Cole Cannon, which is like on Irish Take on the bubble and squeak.
I don't know what you just said.
That's what it's like when you're in the UK.
It's like, have some kibble and babble here, half a diddly doo.
Try a little of that.
What is this?
It's put mashed potato with cabbage and leak.
Oh, good, good.
Yeah, but it's still not alcohol.
Ah, beautiful ham is just looking at your place.
Without him, I would just hang that on a rope from my apartment.
Get up in the morning.
Can I have that?
Oh, that's gonna be good.
Right Here Is gonna be so good.
Oh, my God.
That is so good.
You know, like the glaze.
What's that?
Irish Whiskey glaze?
Yes, Yes, The brown sugar.
Yes, Yes, I like that.
You want alcohol onto the ham as well?
I had a good half.
It's a beautiful hand.
This has been fantastic.
I would like to stick my face into all this food.
We're about 40 minutes and never receiving it for you.
For the and you and your band.
The band needs a little bit.
My hand.
Thank you so much.
And Mark, thank you for being here.
Martha Stewart Show airs weekdays.
Check your local listings and the Kirkland signature.
Martha Stewart Favorite holiday ham is available exclusively at Costco.
It's where I shop, don't you, Theo?


Martha Stewart Teaches Conan How to Cook An Irish Meal - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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