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no White Knights of Columbus.
Dale, that's cool pants.
How do you do?
First way did it.
I'll drive front school.
So you could just in the back that day, Of course.
What did you do?
A grill?
Not a sizzle.
My little pulling with nieces, man.
Who's my choir?
You need I think we should probably just leave this here and take my car to see what I mean about the front.
Dude, wait.
You got it up here.
Hey, how's it going?
This is my worst nightmare.
My wife's got her girls in here, so we'll find some other way.
Hey, I feel like a woman.
I have to get a new phone.
Oh, dude, it's a perfectly good chickens in with Oh, God, no.
It's my engine.
Was that I had one of those Sacajawea coins.
What is that?
09 way.
Must have dropped it down in there.
I do think that things really don't even know what.
Did you find my phone?
No, no, no.
So I think you need that.
That was the right call.
He's right about that.
You won't take these guys What?
You want to go?
My car broke down.
We totally Adam.
Are you kidding?
You're so I'm not apologize.
Got milk milk?
Shake to the car with that, do you?
What do you say they?
Are you some sort of raised monster way?
I want to get this jag.
You know what you like that I feel a little bit new Paint job training.
Still not apologize?
No need.
I feel much better.
This is a horrible situation.
Get a load of this lady.
May the force be with you.
I've got my whole family.
Bruce, Mary, Randy, Jan!
And you gotta have crosses.
Look, people know your Christian My mother again.
The collect fog's.
When she died, we had about 200 fold.
I could have sworn that was a middle aged woman.
No, it's man.
I like to draw attention.
Well, what you doing?
My mom always does minded too.
Oh, my God.
Are you serious that you're over the line?
You food?
00 dude, Get away from my truck.
No, man.
Just random acts of kindness.
Brother, Put a dollar right here on the windshield.
No, young man, No.
Bring it all the way.
Dude Kind has never takes a day off.
Oh, my God.
These guys are even close to the line.
Got a right to know you more on.
We'll talk to the guys.
Go give it.
There were no problem.
Let's go.
No, I totally agree.
I think that'll be throwing.
Corey, I have to finish this call car.
We'll just running away.
I gotta go.
What did you tell?
Tell you.
Go get it.
He's up schools.
It's Saturday, Right?
Slow down.
Going 20.
You can park right here in the room.
Go in reverse, go back forward a little bit.
Your tails kind of hanging out.
Ever driven a car before?
I mean, I don't want to jump to conclusions, but no way that guy should be parking their people these days.
Hey, I'm driving.
Where's your registration inspection sticker?
You gonna get this washed any time, So I bought it a week ago.
Dad, it's black.
Gets dirty in a day away.
Using you know, you're in journal.
Last longer.
Get it changed.
Just to allow that rolling stop is the same as a stone.
Are you okay?
You know what?
I'm over your driving.
Just like old times.
What do you use opinion check.
Dread Lincoln's head link.
It's not even on the What America did you go?
What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching.
Click here.
If you want to see more stereotypes, click here for some behind the scenes.
Click here to follow Dale on Twitter and also check out The Dale Jr Foundation and click here to play the iPhone game.
They'll hit us with the signature sign off.
Found it.
Safety first heads, others car going IFC coolers.
I feel like you want your pants, Yeah.


Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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