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What's up, guys?
We're doing perfect.
Today's a huge day because we're unveiling our brand new office way like that.
Way bending, going.
Let's take a tour de P two.
Core up on the wall.
They say rustics.
Really in these days, your kitchen slash main lobby area Over here.
We've got the locker room, which is a nice upgrade from the last office, because now we got a place to take showers.
I didn't know you were in there.
Anyways, we've got our wall of fame over here on the left, and then at the end of this hallway, we've got our conference room, which is where all the real work actually gets done here.
Post to me where all the real work.
Upper Decker holding one ready thes sections.
The office I've nicknamed The Fun Zone.
We've got our putting and chipping green right here.
OutFront Coaches obviously lined up working on his short game, which trust me, I could use a little words.
No offense, goblets, foam football and soccer.
They're over here.
We've got our very own dude.
Perfect basketball.
For what more could you ask for a new office?
No, looking many great things in the new offices.
You can make it.
No, Look, look.
This is the way I think this is.
John Strake.
Wait, Guys.
Officers to top shelf way Texas thing.
My favorite part about being on the you got access.
Wait, Way messing the level here.
DPH cue to appear.
We've got our workout area.
Guys working out.
Same time Way we're coming up here.
I never happened.
One over here.
We've got our golf simulator, which is a tonic on Pebble Beach.
Number seven.
Coach, Let me get on there.
Oh, that's the whole water.
Take care of that.
And last but not least, we got our TV lounge hangout area.
Comment below.
What else?
You think way bases attacked Russia.
Oh, boy, you know what time it is?
It's time to do a little bottle.
This has been coming in at night, You know, over turf.
We don't want to kill him.
But way we're five in a row from the N B.
A line with some help from our passing buddy.
All right.
Great way.
Football Trick shot.
What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching Special Shout out to our forensic troubles for making this whole video possible.
Click right here to go to ruffles dot com to get the ruffles home court advantage.
So when your team wins at home, you can get sweet game watching gear like a brand new HD TV.
Click right here.
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We got a bunch of new awesome videos coming out soon.
You don't want to miss him?
Yes, you can click on your phone.
How great is that?
Sign up for now, pound it.


DPHQ2 Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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