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right now.
What's up, guys?
Welcome to extreme weather Golf Battle.
Let's play go.
Today's battle will be taking place in our very own golf simulator.
For each of the three rounds, weather conditions will be selected by our weather wheel.
Then each contestant will spin to determine the lie of their ball for each hole.
The closest to the pin will move on to the finale.
Here we've got our weather Matic weather wheel.
The human conditions were flying.
Good luck with hurricane conditions include various degrees and trash.
And of course, a little bit of hail should be good.
I'm a first time to spin for my life.
Right way downhill slope set up.
Let's give it a go.
Still in play, dude.
No, no, right there.
Looks like I'm getting wet.
That was a practice swing.
The bowl accidentally got hit.
I'm looking for perfect.
Congratulations, Ty.
The four of us will participate in hold.
Number two.
That's role for the weather.
I've already secure my spot in the finale.
Let's see what conditions you guys will be flying in at hole number two.
Welcome to the Scorcher.
It's a nice average 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
Here we've got our desert sand for our players to hit out of Over here.
We've got our heat lamps and heaters and, of course, last but not least, boom.
Double spotlight power.
20 million candles.
So, wait, that's unfortunate.
I don't know.
Give me, Oh, fault you started.
No way.
That's true.
Try not to hit the ball club.
Final shot here at the desert belongs to Cody.
Cory's currently 35 yards out from the pin code.
He's gotta beat that.
If you want to spot in the finale.
Picked it clean.
Give me congrats.
Tyler and Korey for making the finale.
Let's not beside the weather for the final hole way.
Maximize entertainment value for both committee and the viewer.
We decided to use the remaining slots, both slippery carpet for the title of it.
Here we go.
Go find a whole way of thunder lightning, which will be simulated by the flash of the camera as they swing Also way going around their legs.
I'll be pushing buttons in the back swing.
It's gonna get crazy way down.
Here we go, folks.
Good luck, guys, I feel terrible about this.
Is not a good idea.
Like I know you were Just so you know, we did not allow Tyto watch because we didn't want him to know when he was gonna get shocked.
Okay, there's two things in life that tie scared of.
The 1st 1 is needles.
The 2nd 1 electricity.
They just kind of freaked him out a little bit.
You want to do it or No.
No, I don't.
But what do you know?
Why don't you guys comment below right now If you want tied and do it obviously said yes.
All right.
Seen Tyler?
He's legitimately nervous.
You should know that.
Yeah, I think it's still shocking me.
I'm not sure I'm so happy.
I'm sorry it hurt.
I'm so happy.
I would like to thank you for teaching me how to play golf months ago.
Like think the shot caller, cause there's no the way we want.
What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching Corrie.
You, my friend of the new owner of the very first ever 24 karat gold trophy Indu Perfect history Golden.
That's just spray painted school, though a special thanks to our friends in full swing for hooking us up with this simulator.
It's absolutely awesome.
We have a blast with It Makes you subscribe.
DP Click right here.
Got some awesome new stuff coming out.
Check out the last video right here.
Makes you go check out our brand new merch.
It's really awesome signing off for now.
Coach him.
Pound him with.


Extreme Weather Golf Battle | Dude Perfect

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