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  • My favourite thing when I was in Australia...

  • This is brilliant, this will blow your mind.

  • Does anybody here know what the collective noun in Australia is

  • for sheets, pillowcases, bedding?

  • Anyone know what they call it?

  • Manchester. That's right. Manchester.

  • I didn't know, I'm from Manchester and I didn't know.

  • Basically what happened was about 150 years ago we, in Manchester,

  • invented cotton, and erm...

  • ..sent it round the world.

  • It's easier than explaining slavery, that bit.

  • We, um...

  • We sent it round the world, it arrived in Australia, Sydney,

  • in a big box with "Manchester" on,

  • and the Australians would go, "What's that?"

  • And they would go, "It's Manchester."

  • They have Manchester shops!

  • What goes on in there?!

  • Some bloke like Bez going, "D'ya want some Vimto?"

  • They sell sheets and pillowcases and bedding - it's amazing.

  • They have Manchester departments in their department stores.

  • That's how I discovered it. I was just browsing in one one day

  • and overheard an announcement on the Tannoy that went,

  • "Would somebody from Manchester...

  • "..please report to customer services?"

  • I was like, "Oh, my gosh."

  • "How fortuitous."

  • "I am literally on the other side of the world."

  • Then I thought, naturally, "I wonder what they want?"

  • Maybe I'm going to go over

  • and they're going to say, "Settle an argument...

  • "What's the best junction off the 56 for the airport?"

My favourite thing when I was in Australia...


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オーストラリアとマンチェスターの奇妙な関係|Live At The Apollo - BBC (The bizarre relationship between Australia and Manchester | Live At The Apollo - BBC)

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