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in the backwoods of Tennessee.
Mark and Digger invest their expertise in a batch of shine that will have some big, long term payoff water going past.
While we was looking for Popcorn's stash a Laker Pam set and kind of put us to thinking, you know that we need to create something of our own future and plea decided in a wine barrel aged some of our Lakers.
You feel any water common person?
Look, cap known flat rock older liquor gets more people pay for.
That's a That's a known fact.
There's enough water and then higher dollar bourbons in sales for three and $400 for a 715 minute later bottle.
I'm hoping there would be worth something happens to us.
Our women.
They'll have a little blues up will nest, eh?
You know, they blow it all on their new man.
Hate for some.
I spend all my liquor money that I worked hard to make with new gigolo down.
That's a lot of debt.
Let it start heating it.
That was easy lift Damn Nash right there to make classify this bourbon.
It's got to have 51% or more corn in We're gonna be way over there for the corn would be about 60%.
Then we're gonna have the Ryan and Flake.
Oh, yeah.
Barley gives it a good, earthy, nutty tone when it made no liquor kind that in a long, long time.
That way, I think it'll be a good mix with, along with oaky flavor of the barrel.
Once it's aged its minimum of three years.
I think it's going, really get out.
Have a hell of a flavor.
Yeah, this hole goes good.
This how to make a good yield to, I mean all the grain.
We put plenty of sugar in it.
Yep, let's move on to the next raised formation in parts is we could get each distillation separate and it'll blend in liquor.
Temper, man.
That's what Popcorn said.
But ever, ever running around here you'd ever seen.
Usually, when we make our liquor and get it jarred up, we realized case dividends immediately.
This is not gonna work that way.
Marley's in our liquor, you know it'll increase in value in time, just like a retirement account.
Thus, the wooded borough you know, it's like the interest that houses the increase in the value of this liquor and it'll be finally related, man, sometimes liquor.
It's ever been one K liquor.
They're perfect for one day.
Yeah, for one.
You later.
No trouble getting that rascal in here, dear.
Know what will happen?
Hit with these rocks and they'll step it up.
My damn not will go so well, at least it won't be both of retirement money thinking we live long lift, Enjoy way hopes.
We can't just run out here.
Willing alien.
Throw our money in the bank Government be on their doorstep on where we came up.
This money check it's their minds.
Our only hope is put some of this liquor in oak barrels and agent and let that agent process be our interest.
It's good and better.
That car got a little alcohol on it.
We're banking on big money for it.
All right, let's Let's make it quick.
We're making a triple grain liquor with corn barley.
And right now I'm gonna put him onto hot way.
Get paste that we've got to find my sheer If it'll cookout right way, we'll have some good liquor.
You need a longer one.
Don't need no damn shot head This thing, it looks like a damn this ground locked.
Can't make no liquor at that liquor steel.
We get a little frustrated from time to time with it, but it'll get put together.
It'll go in place.
I mean, you find that sharp spot.
Yeah, Shake it off.
Just a matter of weight, man.
Mark, wait.
Maddie, That's a curb.
There'll be a mama somewhere.
Two cubs.
Where's the moment?
She's a damn big.
Got young.
Oh, yeah.
We've had trouble with buyers in the past getting in our mash barrels and, man, a big swap with the fire cloud.
They would just destroy these copper pots.
Go another way.
Now we got to keep your eyes peeled.
They'll be back in your illness, But you hear us.
Don't that make you feel better already?
That ought to be Plenty of heads form out.
We're just gonna collect it in this copper catch basin.
It holds, like 10 11 gallons of time.
They left a little.
See if you taste.
That's okay.
You taste more on anything.
I get that corn right off the bat.
That corn, it's it comes in there like gangbusters.
It's a good gel.
Most gotta lay down to drink.
Gunga Slappy brains out.
It's a good here.
Well, let's get way upon it where we spill a lot.
We'll dump it over in the clean blue borrow Ondas we dump it is it progressively gets weaker.
Proof starts dropping and it will kind of temperate Sales were going hit 105.
100 and 10.
That's what we're after.
Marking diggers run yields 53 gallons of whiskey ready to age after storing it in a charred oak barrels for three years.
It will fetch a minimum of 3 to $400 per court, but the price should dramatically increase with each passing year.
There we go late, too.
It won't take long, Phyllis.
Barrel it with it.
Being this buying liquor, we want to put it in the vessel that it's meant to be in the white American oak cash.
It's been charged.
It's got a really heavy toast in it.
It'll impart a lot of mellow flavor to it, and it'll give it a good deep honey color.
We're going to roll it over.
It's big log here, Take it down.
Day 10 does or to get it out.
Will it be a sight quicker?
Maybe you start putting a big bunch of money in the bank.
We'll have the infernal revenue service on us a quick We won't know what's going out.
Yeah, Barrel probably weighs £500.
Is going to get it out.
Yeah, Dad, like you down one night.
Now I'm down to nine.
We don't really have much retirement put up in our line of work.
So we've come up with what we call in our 41 debut for one whiskey, so to speak.
When it's there, it's gotta stay there.
We gotta leave it that way.
Just have to learn more discipline than we've had in the paint.
It'll be a barrel of a minimum of three years.
It's really incredible what this liquor may be worth when it material.
So don't start putting up a little something for our future sloshing pretty in there.
This'll is our very first instalment first deposit.
We know how much money this is worth, and it's hard to leave it here, not salad.
We had a row of from here to the wall and three high.
We'll be good to go for a restaurant every year that it sits there.
It's gonna be worth a little bit more money.
It should be.
Some best liquors have been.
World ain't going that far.
Do your dirty work for you.


Mark And Digger Have A Plan To Save Up Thousands For Retirement | Moonshiners

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