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sorry for Squid did saw it that way.
It's started, Ladies.
My name is Jackson Guy.
And welcome to a game called Faith.
Evelyn has been singing the praises of this game for a long time.
And I thought, Why not?
I'll check it out for myself.
See what it's like.
I really like the style of it.
And they're sort of I've seen some gifts from the game before, and the sort of animations and everything Really creepy looking begin Techem Catechism.
Oh, Construction extras.
Abacus exit, innit?
Got your priest?
Am I gonna have to exercise the demons?
Uh, let's do a new game.
Why not?
Oh, epic.
Oh, I can hold up.
Cross back demons.
Guys, move aside.
It's the Lord, All right?
And I go time to exercise the demons.
This house is clear.
What do you just rocks?
Oh, what just happened?
Yes, back I have the power of Christ and pixels on my site.
Oh, I'm gonna Jesus so hard.
Is he supposed to do that jump in the well I exercise even from the well is that the world was just having a rave.
You're invited to come to celebrate Nate and Jason's sixth birthday Saturday May 3rd directions turn right at 13.
38 Snake Meta Hill Road and go straight past the world.
I just got invited to a Ah, well, birthday party.
I'm down.
I'm going to that.
Well, birthday party.
I'll shake things up when I exercise the trees.
The style is so minimalistic, but it adds like a creepy vibe to it all the same.
Thank you.
You broke into the house before, right?
Everyone's broken into a house at some point.
Exercise the door.
Demons open up.
Oh, scary.
Okay, I don't think that house is where I was supposed to go.
Just keep going this way.
Okay, bub.
The kids and I miss you.
Maur Every day the twins and Amy has started their next school year here at home in Amy keeps asking when she's going to be allowed to go into really school.
I think she's getting cabin fever.
Twins air.
Having no problems occupying their time.
Yesterday they came in with their hands covered in blood.
But it does not sound good.
I guess they found a dead deer and thought it would be a good idea to torch it.
I think we might have a coyote problem because when I went out with them to look at the dead deer, it was a pretty gruesome sight.
All this is just a day after the Twins birthday party.
Can't wait till you come home.
Jesus, I'm going the right way.
Oh, dear, should I follow the deer is gonna be a gruesome sight by coyotes?
Or is it this thing that keeps killing it?
Public lecture by Carol James Osborne Connecticut's his story of historical connections to witchcraft, Satanism and the Beast System.
Wednesday PM Come on down.
It's a great time for family and friends.
Who here's a tiny house.
The murders house laze about 100 yards off the Snake Meadow Hill Road.
There's almost no driveway trees just out in the middle of a graph of a gravel path that is mostly covered in grass.
It was difficult to find the house, especially since it was already dark.
When I arrived.
When we arrived, Father All Red, the happy Meet my character's all blue seemed to know where he was going.
He simply drove straight ahead until we arrived at the house in the headlights.
I saw an old shared after the right of the path, Father.
All red.
It is always right.
Not like Alfred Reserve reading it wrong explained that he would rather perform the exorcism away from the house.
But the Martins had insisted that Amy remain inside.
He complained that having the family present makes it difficult to proceed with elements of the right.
That may seem harsh to the layperson.
Oh, He was outside.
Did you see that?
I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew it.
I was.
I was ready.
I was all pumped up and amped up and ready to go.
Okay, now we can go into the house.
We need to get back to the well.
He's like, I've got a chaos.
Never mind.
It's a cross guy.
Step aside.
It's the Lord Lucan.
This is new, Mr Martin.
It has taken longer than expected.
Registering the markers on your property as a historical cemetery.
Our office has had difficulty identifying who was buried there.
Inscriptions on the gravestones are written in a language that we cannot identify.
I sent the gravestone rubbing to some of my peers to the University of Connecticut.
I'll reach out to you when I get a response.
All the best.
Darryl Henderson, State of Connecticut Historical Society.
Okay, we got some dank, dirty demons going on Call.
The Winchesters near the street was different.
I'm getting all of the information, dude.
Today I noticed Amy's favorite tree.
Looks like it's dying.
All the needles are falling off off.
American is peeling.
I guess I'm more upset about it.
That Amy is She is totally absorbed in her volunteer work at the clinic.
I guess it's good that she found something she's passionate about, but I've gotten ugly looks from some of the women at Book Club.
Kathy and a religious friends won't even talk to me anymore.
Fucking Karen and Becky always judging me and my kids.
Oh, no, it's a dead thing.
Oh, okay.
Voices so freaky.
Back to here.
Have an idea.
This is my smart big brain idea is to go down to the road and then find my care, and then just keep going up again.
My brain works.
Uh, there we go.
I saw that Hey, saw that.
The power of Jesus is around me.
Oh, This is worse.
This is so much worse.
Exercise the coat rack, Exercise the carpet, exercise the house.
Mrs Martin greeted us at the front porch.
Martin let us downstairs to the basement, explaining that Amy was down there in restraints.
I felt for him there was guilt and shame in his voice.
She said, Your mother's in here with us.
Caress in your mother sucks cocks in hell.
Amy was in the very back of the attic in a chair, Perfectly cam staring at us.
It is hard to describe the look on her face.
It was not the kind of look a child gives you.
She was like Thanks, guys, It's me, a demon.
There's a demon in this picture.
I knew it, I knew it!
Ah, there she is.
Are possessed.
That's the locker child would not give you.
I learned that just now.
My exercise This plant plant de demon that is a gigantic bed or I am a tiny person.
So demons under the bed I could sniff him out.
I'm a demon hunter, baby.
Exercise the closet.
Exercise the lamp.
Can I see my own reflection?
I can.
That's cool or something.
behind me.
It's exercise that David.
Oh, there's something following me.
I don't like that.
That's creepy.
Exercise the table.
Exercise the TV, exercise the couch, exercise the plant exercise Everything okay?
There was a demon in that picture that my daughter Drew.
No, There absolutely is a demon in that picture.
Time My daughter Drew.
His name is Nate.
It's fucking weird.
What about the tomato exercise?
The banana going to the basement or the attic or wherever I know Tootie is hard.
Oh, Drippy drip, ese.
Dear Amy, Thanks for writing.
It really brightened my day hearing from you.
In your letter.
You asked.
What's the weirdest thing I've seen as a missionary?
The area we're working in has a lot of folks who practice prim, prim bamba.
I don't know what that is.
It's what you might call a pagan religion.
Remember something?
A foreign religion.
It's kind of a mix of Catholic and African religions.
One of the saints they worship is Santa Marta or Saint Death.
That sounds like it contradicts itself.
I am a Saint Saint death with Yesterday we talked to a boy about 15 when we asked him if he had ever prayed.
He said no.
But I have prayed to Santa Marta.
He told us about a time when he stayed over at his cousin's house.
And according to him, they prayed to some figures.
Santa Marta on the figures, made things in the house.
Move around.
He got really quiet and scared looking.
After that, I would be too.
If you pray to something called Saint Death and then something, your house starts moving.
That's about time You pick up your suitcase and start burning down the house.
We told him he could pray to God and that God wouldn't make him feel scared like that.
We invited him to the church, but he hasn't come yet.
I need to wrap this letter up and set back to work.
See you in four months, Layton.
Let's hope the same death doesn't kill us.
Hold on.
I'm too scared.
I need to do laundry and change my shorts.
Exercise the water.
Turn it into holy water.
There's something down here in the corner.
I think it's just cobwebs, but just in case exercise.
Okay, it's clear, everybody.
Oh, don't like this.
This has bad news.
Care bears written all over it.
One of these is a dying dirty demon, Jack, and sniff him out.
Is that you?
Is that you?
All right, hold on.
And none of you.
Come on.
A whole room full on mannequins.
Cover napkins.
Okay, But I'm keeping my peepers, peoples.
Ah, yeah.
There's demons, for sure.
In here, you see.
But all over the floor.
Oh, God.
Oh, great.
Doing exercises.
Your I fucking know she's here.
I just saw her.
Dang demon what we do.
I guess I was the only one who thought Sorry.
I know there's a ghost around and about to be killed, and I have exercise and do, but I'm just gonna read a novel by Mark Twain for a second.
I guess I was the only one who thought to check in the attic.
When I got up there, it was freezing cold.
I found Amy standing in the back, looking straight at me.
Like when I first met her downstairs.
We spoke briefly, although it was frustrating to talk to her or it experience a bit of deception from the demon.
It's a demon that's what they do.
During our conversation, she ordered my mother's first name on DDE.
In other instances, spoke perfect Latin.
I called for help from the others, but nobody came.
So I raised my crucifix.
I began to write again.
Struck yourselves in their buccos.
We're about to exercise the demons.
What is this up here?
I knew it Ghost dildo, but must be stationed somewhere in the Middle East because he said over this weird looking doll for Amy's birthday.
I'll ask an issue about it next time we have book club, she looks like she could be from over there.
Don't assume if you assume you make an ass out of U and me and he didn't seem excited to see the doll.
I think she would rather have a phone instead.
Or maybe seeing a baby doll makes her feel self conscious about working at the clinic.
Maybe it's just a shit gift and people like phones Maur, What's in here?
Going, Going back!
Back, Back, back!
Demon, Demon, Demon, Demon, Demon Old Even soon.
Okay, I have exercise this room.
The bathroom is clear.
Hold on.
I need to take a shit real quick there.
I exercised my bowels from the horrors of Mexican food I had earlier.
It's running right through me.
What's in the closet?
No, no, no.
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
You can, can't you?
What did you call me?
I'm just trying to help.
Dude, you need to speak Latin at mean.
Sold me.
Now we could do some actual exercising.
Get it?
One of these is a dying David.
I think it's time to head downstairs.
The attic is clear.
No, it's not second demons.
All right.
What next, Jimbo?
I got him.
I have a sense for it.
Now I know which one is which.
I don't.
I'm just getting looking.
What should I do?
Open upstairs.
Let's head upstairs, then.
Mr Microsoft.
There was a note over here, though, that I didn't get this is in the basement.
Amy's parents could not endure witnessing the proceedings of the right for long.
Martin was hysterical.
And the thing that was inside Amy was feeding off the fear.
Father already asked me to take the Martins upstairs.
I was physically worn out, but managed to get them back up the stairs into the kitchen.
Amy was screaming.
Mother, Mother, the whole site Add a little flavor to it.
Finally, I got them to sit down with me at the kitchen table for a few minutes.
We couldn't hear much of anything down in the basement, so I went down to check on things.
Father, already lying on his back, unconscious with his arms spread out wide.
Amy was not in the chair.
Dang dirty demons.
They gonna come kill you, but have no fear.
I am not father already.
I am Father all blue.
I will save everybody if it's the last thing I do.
But I also write poetry, so follow me on Soundcloud.
Oh, this door opened upstairs.
Are we had nothing to the attic.
Ever gonna see Amy in her chair.
Oh, I don't think this thing is a fucking bad news written all over it.
Karen, respect the drip.
The church might contact you in a few days to tell you their version of what happened to me.
I want you to hear it from me first.
A year ago, I was involved in the exorcism of Amy Martin.
They said in the papers about what happened isn't true.
She my superior father with when I confronted her, she managed to cut the power to the house and her own parents with their own.
I have to go back to that house.
The nightmares.
I'm having a Really She's still there waiting for me.
I can still help her if I don't come back.
Know that I love you.
And I'm sorry, John.
Oh, John, What happens?
Oh, God.
Is that good or bad?
I don't know if I should have done that.
Oh, there she is.
My God!
Who you feet by Faith.
Finish what?
I started keys by.
There we go.
There we go.
Get out, Jim Time!
Dirty demon!
The power of Christ compels you The power of Christ compels you book.
Okay, More.
What was I supposed to do?
More dis She got a haircut.
I okay.
Fuck him up is by breezed.
Just stay here.
This is going Catholicism intensifies.
Exorcism ing intensive fights.
I don't want to do against that guy.
No, she just ran away.
The music's fucking awesome.
Exercising him didn't work.
I suppose to do against him.
Oh, I didn't get out of here.
demon I got you.
Fuck more.
Damn it!
Okay, I gotta be fast.
Right at this time.
Oh, I got a Dodger.
I got it.
Exercising demons is difficult.
No teaching this in Catholic school cheeses.
Christ, this is legitimately tense.
The power of Christ compels you.
Yes, Yes, yes.
She's even worse now.
My name's Shawn.
Just keep going around in circles, and then you can do this.
So you got your dang demon Priest ing intensifies more days, okay?
Uh huh.
I'm going.
Oh, God.
I know.
She's got a fucking tense.
Oh, I did it.
What now does it keep doing?
Oh, Jesus.
Yeah, I know.
I have exercised the demon exercised the window as well.
The power of the Lord of the Cross is going to do their thing again.
No, the demon is gone.
I finish what I started.
Well, time to go home and bust out the bourbon.
Oh, no.
Kill her.
Well, relic, this is shocking.
Jesus, the priest has had enough.
Now it's time for the rial exorcises.
Um to begin.
Can I just leave?
Things is different.
Thes trees are all in different places now.
Looks like I'm holding a giant cigarette.
Does this game of multiple endings you have mortis?
TTE For the last time.
Was I supposed to do that?
Take that.
That's the power of the Lord and a 12 gauge shotgun.
My work here is done.
Time to head home.
Don't trust us.
Well, just in case.
Throw some holy water down into it.
I think we're good.
I think we're safe.
I think the demon has been vanquished once and for all.
Turns out you don't exercise a demon.
You just use a book shot on them.
Okay, There's my hair.
All right.
Get in your Prius and head on home.
I cannot.
Oh, I can't.
Hell, yeah.
Just an average night for a priest bag.
Come on.
Game over.
Ending one of five.
Oh, no.
It feels like the worst ending shit.
Police arrest man accused of murdering missing girl A New York man is in custody after comfort after he confessed to the murder of a Sterling girl who had been missing.
John Ward of Paul Maya Palmyra was pulled over on Snake Meadow Hill Road last night after a state trooper reported hearing a gunshot the officer thought it might be poachers.
The officer, er yeah, the officer said Ward was acting nervous and suspicious after being pulled over.
When questioned, Ward reported.
He said, I've killed her.
According to the police report, the officer called for backup after Ward became increasingly upset, saying repeatedly that there was a demon inside her.
Ward was taken to Sterling police headquarters for further questioning.
War, then confessed to authorities that he shot and killed Amy Martin, a 17 year old girl who had been missing for nine days after escaping from a mental institution.
After brief Sir after beef search, police located Amy's body in the woods near the now abandoned Martin home.
In addition to receiving a gunshot wound to the stomach, Amy showed injuries suggesting that she had been thrown out of the second story window of the house on.
Officer who helped recover the body, told reporters that Amy's face had been mutilated in a very brutal manner.
Uh Ward was found dressed as a priest when he was pulled over.
It is suspected that he impersonated a priest to gain his victim's trust after Catholic authorities in Rome confirmed that Ward was not an ordained minister.
The rest of the article is missing.
Wait, the done Is that actually what happened?
I'm not a priest at all.
And I just killed a 17 year old girl because I'm a fucking maniac.
Oh, I could do the other endings right now.
Oh, hell, yeah.
Okay, so what if I don't take the shotgun?
Because now we can use the crucifix, right?
Take the shock on space.
Uses the shotgun instead.
So maybe if we go down now and use the cross on her and do something different.
Hi, Amy.
It's me, the man who killed you before, remember?
So I can't do anything Well, with the power of Christ compels you, I've done my bit.
OK, bye bye.
Just get in the car and go.
You don't need to do anything else.
Hopefully the police don't get me this time more.
Um What?
My thing didn't work.
Oh, maybe you have to use the gun.
Is that the real demon?
Oh, shit.
You got hit by the developer Struck.
Do it.
That is a much better lawyer.
It is small.
Your actual at Molly for by a little girl, feels like a much better.
I'm Michelle got deep, afraid of the pair of you.
Feel bad like this has made a Lord.
Molly loved a pocket.
Therefore, will he deliver?
Shall I call a party?
He will.
He will be with needed care abo he will deliver Be at Dogger.
Bye way face.
What ending is this ending fiver five When faith endures, I got Tiger first ending, which I would probably say is probably the worst ending as well.
Say the baddest on this Feels like the best ending.
Maybe there's a way of doing it right?
Don't knock the girl out of the window, E.
I don't know, but I'm happy with that ending.
I have faith in the Lords and the Lord is a shot.
Animal experts investigate Chupacabra remains found near Sterling Serving P D is enlisting the help of local animal experts from the University of Connecticut after the remains of an unidentified animal were found near sterling.
The remains of an animal which some residents are calling a chupacabra were discovered on Snake Meadow Hill Road by a motorist yesterday.
The animal had apparently been struck by a vehicle on Paris of its characters were scattered across the road.
Police say they initially investigated the gruesome scene because the motorists who discovered the remains had told them they appeared to be of a person.
After arriving at the scene, police concluded that the remains were of some kind of animal.
As a matter of public safety, we want to be sure about what exactly we're dealing with here, said a Sterling police spokesman spokesman.
This is clearly not a deer or a coyote.
If it's a mountain line or exotic pet that escaped from its owners or an animal with Rabies, we need to know about it.
Animal experts attached to investigation would not speculate about what kind of an animal had been found, although they commented that the animal was hairless, anemic and apparently suffered from the rickets, a vitamin D deficiency that appears in animals and Children who have not received enough sunlight.
Damn okay, I'm leaving a dare.
That is a good ending.
I just killed a Chupacabra.
The thing of myth and legend that and I didn't end up killing a girl who has escaped from a mental hospital and her house out in the woods, which is much better this one, not the other one.
But that was faith.
That was awesome.
That was a really good ass game.
When it started off, I had my sort of apprehensions because, I mean, there's not much to it.
It's just running around and holding space, tow exercise to demons.
And I exercise that shit out of some demons today.
But where it goes and what it does and the types of scares everything, it didn't feel very tense.
And there's some video game ass aspects into two, um, with the boss fight at the end.
So I like that a lot.
There is another one.
There's faith to which I will try out again or I will try out soon.
I'm playing that one.
And then there's a demo for Faith three, which I might try as well.
I don't think it's as long as this one is.
Of course, it's just a demo, but I'm excited.
These air really good.
I like this a lot.
I like the I like It goes from the super like really rigid animation system and very simplistic thing.
And then there's like a full ass animated thing with a hand coming out and it's all fluid.
It really adds this awesome, horrific element to it.
Like there's some like, This is how my character sees the world.
And then this other thing shows up and it's all fluid and everything, which is as this really cool contrasts and really freaky element to it.
And then the music's great.
The style is great.
It being simplistic, really adds a whole lot to it.
I think Andi, the voices being this weird like fax machine sounding voice is so cool.
Oh, man, I enjoyed that way more than I expected to hear.
That was Faith One.
If you like the video, don't forget toe believer like on it.
And subscribe if you wantto keep open it because we're gonna play faith too soon.
So you don't want to miss out on that?
But I like that a lot.
Go show the developers some love and support.
I think they're called Air Dorf Games on Itchy.
Oh, so go check him out.
But that's gonna be it for me on Don't forget, I've never shot a demon with a 12 gauge shotgun before.
That's awesome.


MORTIS | FAITH: Chapter 1

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