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you got spray outs or what?
I do.
I have you three thes air.
Your factory color in your factor.
I went with a cream just to see what you think.
That's factory.
Yeah, that's Tennessee.
Whatever football team, this is whoever beats them most of the time.
And that's factory.
I just got too much brown, and that's got too much red.
And I don't even know how much that's probably yellow or something.
Yeah, I got to split the difference here.
Okay, so I'm gonna take some of the brownout and add a little bit more orange to it.
Only compromising right now.
I'm leaving.
Were compromised our way.
Just have a moment.
Not talking to you.
After the orange base code dries, Tony, Keenan and myself are gonna get busy painting the stripes.
That is, of course, if they haven't killed themselves on that damn skateboards.
Here, let me get on this.
How do you think?
Here's how you do a perfect kick ass dry package.
You do it all painstakingly by hand to get the line straight across all £3.
In this case, we're gonna have three colors.
We're gonna have the orange from the base coat, tan and white.
See in the seventies, folks like their stripes the same way Texas like chili TV and chunky.
So we're gonna do a gas monkey take on the wide strike package, became stock on the scout waiting, creates drives by masking off the area You want to strike with fine line.
The main visible layer will be the white, so that means I'll start by painting the olive can over the mast orange base coat.
The next layer will be the white, since it'll be the most prominent.
After that way, peel back all the tape to find a fresh batch of strong, probably nothing wrong.
But before we clear coat, we need Richard to give us a better look.
Daddy's coming.
I love it when you call yourself Daddy.
Look at the other side.
It's on tape.
Am I supposed to like it?
That doesn't look good.
That isn't good.
That doesn't look good.
That doesn't look good.
That doesn't look good thing.
That's got Richards Panties in a bunch are these tiny little dots on the edge of the stripes, but we're gonna smooths out anyways.
Now we're gonna have to make double sure that all these lines and strike package flawless or else Richard's gonna come in here and take it apart all over again sucks.
I don't know how you're gonna fix it, but I am dealing with it.
That ain't coming out of the shop looking like that.
Not for the kind of money I'm charging.
It's like this.
If you just bought a brand new Porsche and you realize the paint was really crappy well, you'd be pissed off if I'm gonna be asking north of 200 grand for this bad boy.
It's gotta be perfect.


Richard Rawlings Wants Harvester Scout II Paint Job To Be Perfect! | Fast N' Loud

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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