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Hi, Moose.
A little man Has she ceased to exist?
She has not.
What does my face go with, Brother?
Bam's project on hold until they're bulldozer is available.
Noah takes advantage of Gabes availability to help on his corral built.
So you sure you have him while we work?
How you how You know you don't wanna work and let me do this.
We'll get to work.
You have this.
This would be the first time that rain and I've just let already take care of Eli by herself.
It's kind of a crucial moment.
Don't poop.
No pooping.
My loud went home with you.
Eli needs to grow up with birdie being a stable thing in his life.
That way, if something does happen to rain and I than she's right there, I could just step into the possession.
It feels good to be God sitting on a little nervous, but he seems to be, well, behavioral guy.
No, Alicia and I definitely We had a rough patch, and I think Noah, you know, naming me lies.
Godmother was kind of his way of one of the six things.
Let's try to get that rock out.
And I want no one Alicia to know that I'm taking it serious.
What is it?
Pull it out.
It's a big rock.
It's a bang.
Oh, baby.
How about anybody?
Hey, kiddo.
Growing up, we were pretty much stuck with each other.
It was kind of mandatory to get along.
Little air valve goes up.
It's okay.
You're doing good.
Become point now.
We're so spread out with such a large piece of property, it actually takes, like, conscious decision to be near everyone.
On Sunday, you'll be in the same position.
I guess it's kind of finding that point of trying to keep the relations with the clan versus my wolf pack.
You know, you're kind of like baby sitting.
I can see that you're less hairy.
Oh, you just went to the bathroom.
Maybe it was just a wr.


Snowbird Babysits Her Godson For The First Time | Alaskan Bush People

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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