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  • Hi, Moose.

  • A little man Has she ceased to exist?

  • Deception.

  • She has not.

  • What does my face go with, Brother?

  • Bam's project on hold until they're bulldozer is available.

  • Noah takes advantage of Gabes availability to help on his corral built.

  • So you sure you have him while we work?

  • How you how You know you don't wanna work and let me do this.

  • We'll get to work.

  • You have this.

  • This would be the first time that rain and I've just let already take care of Eli by herself.

  • It's kind of a crucial moment.

  • Yeah.

  • Don't poop.

  • Okay.

  • No pooping.

  • My loud went home with you.

  • Eli needs to grow up with birdie being a stable thing in his life.

  • That way, if something does happen to rain and I than she's right there, I could just step into the possession.

  • It feels good to be God sitting on a little nervous, but he seems to be, well, behavioral guy.

  • No, Alicia and I definitely We had a rough patch, and I think Noah, you know, naming me lies.

  • Godmother was kind of his way of one of the six things.

  • Let's try to get that rock out.

  • And I want no one Alicia to know that I'm taking it serious.

  • What is it?

  • What?

  • Pull it out.

  • It's a big rock.

  • It's a bang.

  • Bigger.

  • Oh, baby.

  • Yeah.

  • How about anybody?

  • Hey, kiddo.

  • Growing up, we were pretty much stuck with each other.

  • It was kind of mandatory to get along.

  • Little air valve goes up.

  • It's okay.

  • You're doing good.

  • Become point now.

  • We're so spread out with such a large piece of property, it actually takes, like, conscious decision to be near everyone.

  • On Sunday, you'll be in the same position.

  • I guess it's kind of finding that point of trying to keep the relations with the clan versus my wolf pack.

  • You know, you're kind of like baby sitting.

  • I can see that you're less hairy.

  • Oh, you just went to the bathroom.

  • Maybe it was just a wr.

Hi, Moose.


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スノーバードが初めてゴッドソンの子守をする|アラスカのブッシュピープル (Snowbird Babysits Her Godson For The First Time | Alaskan Bush People)

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