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Yes, I am not going to upload this video.
I saw Gabby showed you this video on.
I'm sure other people don't.
Now I fucking right.
Now listen, I know you guys were aware that I used to be a pop star.
A youtuber queen of pop.
I need a bake.
Yeah, the queen got beheaded.
She's no longer the queen of pop bitch.
Guess what she's because today I'm gonna be singing with noise canceling headphones.
Now, listen, this is very real.
Like, this is what I do after the gym.
I'm in my three ex turkey shirt at my nasty ass shorts, and I come out here into the kitchen, turn off my music, and I pretend like I'm really Spears, open this damn bitch.
Now listen in my head.
I know what that.
Okay, here we go.
OK, I phone My God, I'm nervous.
No, I'm not nervous.
I am ready.
I am ready for you guys to see this disaster.
And I'm ready for the 5000 rest in peace.
Headphone users comments.
Okay, You know what?
I'm just gonna shuffle my phone and see what happens.
You might be gay.
Seemed to lock up and go my microphone.
Remember you told Mei Mei Mei Yue?
No, you You know when you find me, get what it's got when you think you're Timberlake and you're really Joey Fatone.
Yeah, but humans too.
I need to d'oh what I feel like doing.
So let me go.
Just listen.
Oh, bitch!
Let my child I'm gonna make a Ben embracing a But let the goods and throw in Gay's got show words One I won another one so he tastes like you.
10 4 And I came to hit you.
Thought you knew Don't show Freak show Great shower, break, break break Shall friend show up, you know?
Did you handle the rest?
The accused of insurance car door can help here.
I know.
But here, in exchanging of words.
What shape for Cruz?
Better room.
I have my moments, baby.
That's just me a supermodel.
I still make Johnno.
That's just may fucking me.
Who's that?
They're my with my baby Thio in my head, bitch!
Adele is quite get little Empire soundtrack Drink, draft drinking Any draft draft My dance lives.
Drip, drip, drip, drop drip, drop, drip door.
You can hit it.
I only other girl heart.
How about fifth harmony?
And sometimes when I have songs I'm really feeling I like to tuck my big turkey shirt into my underwear.
She is smacks for the gods.
You coming?
Wait around.
I'm on a video on.
Right, solemn coming that now you know what time you left?
She looked at the competition.
You You are.
Did you waste you?
Made out of lands.
You didn't think that they would come crashing down?
You have to say what you did.
I know it's just you and me.
So me, Me?
What do you need me telling Jamie When you go, Me, You must make you some other guy.
That baby Now, Thio, baby.
That craziest bitch you've ever had.
You think psycho?
You think I'm gonna tell you something is wrong?
Oh, utterly bonkers.
I know what I'm crazy.
The best people are our best people crying.
See, the best people are basis.
There is no way This is my bases.
This is my breathing.
Don't get me wrong.
Would it be?
Wait, wait.
Well, this is all too real.
Nothing cry?
Very good.
Let's go.
Hearing comes up, but also subscribe to my gym down below and notification ballots.
You will be notified when I posted.
Yes, Post videos.
Every day.
I got helpful.
You enjoy this video?
I don't know.
Okay, guys, I just watched the footage.
00 Okay.
I needed attack that some of the video.
You listen, because I have made music before on YouTube.
I don't want you guys to think, but I can't say I Listen, I'm not amazing, but I can hold it down to when I want that footage back.
Bitch Mandela effect.
Now I feel like I need to like, I need to sing a couple like lines from songs without the headphones and hear what I sound like.
And so you guys know that I didn't auto tune the shit out of my music back when I used to sell it?
I'm not trying to be a fraud.
Okay, Christmas one.
It's Christmas Town and Santa's near Megan.
Children smile.
He's just a pair of five.
You better watch your child.
See that?
Okay, Maybe this year you won't be sad on Christmas.
Replaced my heart again.
My left way.
That's okay.
That's better.
That ball was proving it to you.
I want to show you guys my integrity is steak.
Once again, I'm saying I'm not amazing Singer by both the damn tune.
But don't worry.
My singing career is officially over.
It has been canceled.



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