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what's like your go to pose when you're taking a nude?
And can you teach just because I don't take him?
You like lay on the floor and you take it up angles that you're like this?
It's like going down this way for your stomach.
Really big boobs.
Oh, here's the one laying down That's like a good angle.
Oh, damn girl, you're naked.
Hey, what's up, you guys?
Yesterday we're doing another crew video.
I'm just going to start this video by saying that.
Listen, I'm a fast food fan.
Clearly, If you've been watching my videos, you know that I love myself.
Taco Bells and McDonald's pretty much everything that has a drive through I fucking love.
But it doesn't change the fact that there are some scary stories about your favorite fast food restaurant.
It's and there's even some scarier conspiracy theories Now.
I'm not the only person that loves fashion.
In the United States alone, there's over 500,000 fast food chain restaurants every day.
Millions of people are going to these places, and buying food has ingredients that they don't even understand.
And of course, we all know that fast food is bad for us cause obesity, but even scarier than that, we're gonna be talking about fast food situations that involved cannibalism, poisoning, conspiracy and mass.
So first, let's talk about the biggest conspiracy theory up.
Fast food was created to keep all of us obese on the healthy and easy to manipulate.
Now, it's not a secret that future corporation's profit a lot off a busy Inc work extra hard to make us now.
Why would corporations want us to be Number one, the weight loss industry?
I just go into any store or drive down any street and tell me how many weight loss products or cos you see Jenny Craig.
Weight Watchers Slim Fast Lean cuisine, 24 hour fitness Every restaurant has a new menu with new diet trends.
Juice cleanses literally.
Anything you could think of.
People are making money off you now.
The weight loss industry in America alone is worth over $80 billion they like the cycle cycle is fast food restaurants.
You eat a bunch of food, you can put your weight.
Then you go to the weight loss places to lose some weight, gain it back again.
Go back to the fast food place.
It's just one big cycle.
And trust me, I've been on the same side.
I don't want to get sued, but I want to tell you a crazy little story.
I used to work for Jenny Craig.
Now, a lot of you guys know that I've made videos about before, and I lost a lot of weight on Jenny Craig.
And one day I came to work and I saw that all over the office was little logos for Nestle.
Yeah, Nestle, you know, the same people that make chocolate.
And I said to the boss, Wait, you're telling me One of the biggest chocolate companies in the world now owns Jenny Craig, a weight loss company which even more so just showed me his company's work together to make you fat, to make you lose weight, to get it back again.
So you have to lose more weight once again, I don't get sued.
I'm not saying that.
That's all.
Really for sure, it's all a theory on.
When I worked at Jenny Craig never had anybody telling me they wanted our clients to gain weight.
That is not true, but it was fishy.
Have a chocolate company bought it.
Now the next place where all the money is is the drug companies.
Now, obesity related drugs, mainly diabetes, is worth $600 billion.
Which means if you lose all the weight and you don't need these drugs anymore, means they're not making money off you anymore.
Which means you want to keep you fat.
Which means now another thing that's kind of crazy is have you ever wanted fast food really back?
Like you were waving it almost like in a ditch?
And the more you have, the more you wanted more.
You think about it at night.
I mean, I know that's how I feel like fucking bastard.
Well, that's because in fast food is added chemicals that literally stimulate your brain and make you addict now Cason and MSG, or two chemicals that are in a lot of fast food and these chemicals enhance the flavor.
But it also makes you created, and this is not a theory.
This is very real.
And if they can replicate that chemical reaction, that may happen on your tongue for an aroma, they can simulate the taste of something without being at all.
Really, Now This is where it starts to get a little scary, but it's all very real.
So if corporations or the government or whoever is in control of the world wants everybody to be fat and unhealthy and easy to manipulate, then you would think they would start while the person is young.
Billions of dollars are put into advertising.
Fast food chain Burger King in celebration of the Sponge Bob Square Pants movie.
Yeah, SpongeBob Children's cartoon is endorsing a fast food, which makes a kid want to get fast food, which we all know is bad for them.
But the parents like all right, the cable shut up.
Let's take him to the fast food place gets fat the kid's obese on.
Then the corporations got exactly what they and it's not just average judgments.
Fast food places, as you guys know, literally creates an environment to entice kids.
I mean, why else is there actual pulpits and playground inside of a fast food restaurant?
I mean, the whole idea is right, but we're so used to it because we're like when we were kids, you know, fast food commercials.
We love them and we look going to McDonald's with Mom.
And we loved all the crazy, colorful abs making a happy meal with Ronald and friends Maybe.
I mean, just look at this P s.
Now There are some fast food chains that don't chemicals in their food and don't advertise to kids, and the major corporations do not like.
So let's talk about the theory that the major corporations are trying to get rid of Chipotle.
That's right, Chipotle.
Now it's technically fast food, but it seems a little bit healthier.
And they've been very, very loud about the fact that there are no GMOs in there.
They talk about, there's no chemicals.
Everything's natural.
Even put out a short film in 2013 showing a scarecrow goes on this journey and the journey represented.
The fight against the fast food industry now shows him going into a factory, witnessing the scary process fast food creation, chickens being pumped with chemicals, cows in tiny cages and even showed the Children consuming axe.
And, of course, a short film has a happy it.
While two years after that short film came out, something happened this morning.
Fast food change, a pole play, is at the center of another E.
Coli outbreak.
That's right.
There was an E.
Coli breakout at Chipotle that costs 350 people get sick.
This is where it gets a little.
A lot of people believe that Colt was a victim of bioterrorist attack.
A lot of people believe that one of the many multi $1,000,000,000 industries infected Chipotle's meet in order to change the public's perception of locally sourced.
So basically one of these huge corporations have sent someone out there to poison food so that everybody in the world would be like, Oh, Chipotle is bad for you.
Let's go back to insert passed through here.
Well, it kind of worked.
Even I after that whole story came out.
I was like, I don't know.
I mean, granted a month later, I was like, but still it did work for a minute.
I know it sounds crazy, but this is not out of the ordinary.
I mean, remember in the video we did about the dark Web.
People literally hire assassins, commit crimes by babies online.
So why would it be so crazy to imagine a big corporation hiring somebody to go poisoned food?
It's not once again not saying.
It's really saying it's a theory, not trying to get killed.
But he's crazy, All right.
Now let's talk about some of the worst things that have been found inside Fast.
First, we're gonna talk about action News is asking questions about a local McDonald's.
After a woman showed us the sandwich, she says it served her with two worms inside.
Yeah, a woman sound worms in her sandwich.
Just listen to her describe it.
The one that I bit into.
I pulled it out and there was another one in here.
There's no telling what else in those sandwiches.
I mean, if it came from the shipping, I'm pretty sure it's not just one chicken now.
Even scarier than that.
Sometimes an employee purposely puts weird shit, and I'm not saying spit or comma.
Even weirder.
One employee started putting prescription pills.
Ernest McHenry spotted the little blue pill in his fish sandwich on Friday.
Police say it is the painkiller hydrocodone.
This one gave me the fucking chills.
A boy in Artie's, by the way, fucked up already.
Arby's you bit into his sandwich, and there was a fucking finger.
Michigan team was finishing his Arby's roast beef sandwich.
When he bit down on something that seemed robbery.
He spit it out, only to discover it was the tip of a finger.
It turns out an employee cut her finger on a meat slicer and left her station without telling anybody about it.
She was treated at a hospital.
The boy had a blood test and got some medication.
Arby's is calling it an isolated incident.
I, if I didn't already need another reason to avoid armies.
Now this next thing happened at Wendy's, which is my friend Drew's favorite place in the world.
So Drew, please don't watch us.
A little girl bit into Burger and she had a mouth full of.
Alas, she started to crunch this super loud crunch that was not normal, she says.
She panicked for a moment, watching her daughter, crying in pain, who was telling her, Don't swallow, don't swallow.
Honey then quickly got on her knees and tried to get the food out of her daughter's mouth.
As I was pulling her food out, I was pulling food out and blood out, and I saw that I had particles of glass on my fingers.
Uh, I don't know why It's just my mind, but I saw it in my head like I saw blood.
Now it's not just crazy shit that's found inside the food.
Sometimes crazy shit happens inside the restaurant.
I mean, I'm sure you all remember this crazy video of a girl getting pulled through the window.
It's fun.
A melee of McDonald's, a teenager now charged with battery and two others issued summons after police say the three girls attacked a fast food worker in the plaza.
And this whole incident is on video, and it's gone viral.
Yeah, crazy.
And the craziest part is that happened literally across the street from the sheriff's office.
And there's no way, and even scarier, this video shows a couple beating up people because their food was cold.
She went berserk.
She just lost him, and her beau started cussing and beaten on the window.
North came outside to tell them police were on the way when the woman started punching and slapping her in the face.
What Jeanette couldn't see as she staggered back inside was her daughter getting out of the truck to help.
Obviously, those all happened to drive, but this next story this is something much darker.
Talking about fast food.
There was a man in Paul Dennis.
When Paul Reid died on Tennessee's death row, he was waiting to be executed for the murders of seven fast food workers during a robbery and killing spree.
In 1997 Reed killed employees in a Captain D's and Donaldson, McDonald's and Hermitage and a Baskin Robbins in Clarksville.
Now Paul re committed some of the most violent crimes American Now his plan was to commit execution style murders at different drive throughs.
It started in a place called Captain DCF, and that was in 1997.
So Read walked into the restaurant pretending what he was applying for.
Then he told two of the young employees to walk into the freezer.
Then he turned them around and shot them both in the back.
Now, of course, he took everything.
He stole their money.
Then, sometime after he went to McDonalds, that was only a few miles away from the last.
He stole $3000 and shot through he employees, but he ran out of gun ammo, so he ended up stabbing the last employee 17 times.
Now, luckily, the man was stabbed actually survived.
His name was Antonio Gonzalez.
And years later he actually testified against Reed and Reed was sent to jail for life before he was sent to jail.
Reed was also involved.
You went to a Tennessee Baskin Robbins and kidnapped two employees and then took them to a park.
Then he stabbed them to death, slashed their.
Now, Paul Dennis Reid did get the death penalty, but he actually died in 2013 from complications of Now, listen, I know we've talked about a lot of scary shit today.
We talked about conspiracy theories, murderer fingers in food.
But I just want to say once again, this is not me preaching or saying that you shouldn't have fast food.
I love fast food.
I know it probably shouldn't, but what do you think?
It is good to be aware of what's going on in some of the theories, and maybe slowly but surely we could try to live a more healthy, but I'm not gonna lie doing the research for this video did freaking the fuck out.
I definitely had top of adolescent has hopefully enjoy this creepy video.
If you want more scary videos like this giving a thumbs up.
So I'm also sure to subscribe to my channel down below that notification bill because he was every day.
If you want to see some of my other scary videos.
After conspiracy theories talked about haunted locations, I'll put a link to a playlist.
Right Description book.
All right, you guys see Dr why?



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