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  • early in the 20th century on American Biscuit Company, introduced what they called a cookie sandwich.

  • I don't know why it still looks like a biscuit to me, albeit the cocaine that disappears from the selection box first.

  • Almost a century later, people still crave the sugary fusion of crunch in cream.

  • Now that really takes the biscuit dunking biscuits in your tea or indeed, cookies in your milk is a tasty tradition on whoever started it must have bean one smart cookie.

  • These biscuits start with pure granulated sugar.

  • This worker heaps bags of it into a mixer as he prepares to whip up the butter.

  • He has two kinds of cocoa.

  • The combination will give the biscuits the desired taste and color.

  • Pre mix of salt and other ingredients follows.

  • Especially formulated.

  • Canola oil mixture will transform these dry ingredients into a batter as huge beaters blend everything together.

  • They had water on the batter starts to look like a bubbling chocolate suit.

  • Then they are dry ice.

  • This chills the batter as it evaporates.

  • Lower temperature is important as they have flour to thicken the batter into a dough.

  • The dough will turn out to be less crumbly than it would have bean.

  • If kept at room temperature, a pre mix of leveling ingredients goes in next.

  • One final mix on this chocolate dough is ready to go.

  • The workers shovels it onto a great, which protects his fingers as he presses the dough down into a molding machine.

  • This machine forms the dough into biscuit shapes while pressing intricate designs and the brand name onto them it.

  • John's out on impressive 5000 pieces of biscuit goodness every hour.

  • Freshly molded biscuits now move from the silicon conveyor to a steel one.

  • It takes them into a gas oven, where they travel in a continuously for several minutes to receive uneven baking.

  • After that fan school, the biscuits to the desired Chris Penis.

  • Then they moved to another conveyor, which feeds into a series of shoots.

  • Biscuits travel over ramps designed to make them fall into a certain position.

  • One Roland's plane signed up on the next blends with the patent side up.

  • This puts them in the right orientation for the all important creamy filling.

  • It's a high speed operation, as a cylindrical pump deposits this vanilla filling onto the plain sight of the biscuits newly anointed biscuits head over to the next station.

  • Hear machine removes the top biscuits onto the bottom ones.

  • Then they move up for the count.

  • Mechanical fingers separate them into Bunches of 11 then prepares swing into action to move each bunch forward.

  • They released the cookies neatly into plastic trainees.

  • The trays now for biscuits, move on to the wrapping station in metallic film on wines and wraps around the trays.

  • Jaws move in to seal the packages at both ends.

  • Finally, that shipped to retailers.

  • But once these biscuits are in the cupboard, it might be tough to keep them under wraps.

early in the 20th century on American Biscuit Company, introduced what they called a cookie sandwich.


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サンドウィッチクッキー|作り方 (SANDWICH COOKIES | How It's Made)

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