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payments of guys might have his destiny.
Welcome back to you.
What the fuck?
So I'm sure there was a time when you're a kid.
Were all you could think about is how awesome would be to be all grown up and finally get to do all those things your parents told you.
You're too young for stamp playing, eating nothing but marshmallows.
Drinking Mountain Dew Watch R rated movies about your parents telling you you're grounded for two weeks looking.
Evacuate pictures of Tiny's without having to clear your search history of your parents computer and, most of all, played evaporated video games where you get the slice bitches heads off with samurai swords to your heart's content because of your upbringing was anything like mine, which is probably one.
But I'm literally for Bisbee for playing video games because he was afraid I was gonna become a murderer.
Good thing she's wrong, right?
Is that a fork?
But sometimes politicians and companies band video games with the exact same reasons and other times for completely stupid reasons for days with five cavatelli top five band video games of all time.
But also, before we get into this There will be some graphic imagery as we're going along on this list, so it that kind of stuff bothers you.
You've been warned.
Number one.
Custer's revenge starts off.
First game on this list was made in 1982 for the Atari 2600 game system.
And if you're not familiar with the Atari, was basically the first video game system ever.
And as you can imagine, it had somebody most riveting, realistic looking games imaginable.
So how did the Atari, in all of its graphic glory pull off a game that was not only graphic but also contains sexual assault and racism?
Won the game?
You play as General Custer, who has his pants down the entire game with a visible, pixelated erection dodging aero shot by Native Americans.
Also, you could reach a Native American woman tied to a pole and sexually assault her.
Oh, okay, Totally like how fucked up is that?
It's already ended up ensuing the company mystique who made the game But as a response mystique just claimed that the Native American woman tied to the pole was a willing participant in the sex, and the suit was dropped in the end.
The game was on Lee Band in Oklahoma City, and its notoriety only made it more popular, selling 80,000 copies.
Which why, you know, like why Number two Grand theft Auto games?
So the Grand Theft Auto Games have always been at the center of controversy since the release of Grand Theft Auto by City in 2002.
Game series, where the main goal of the game is to steal murder and otherwise commit crimes, is obviously going to ruffle some feathers.
But it wasn't until the release of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that the game started getting banned.
As in that game, there was a pre installed mod that allowed players access to a mini game where you full on have sex with the characters in game Girlfriend.
This resulted in the E S r be conducting an investigation, which ultimately led to the games rating being changed from an M to a oh adults only 18 plus, which resulted in the game getting banned in several countries years later.
In 2008 Thailand BAND Grand Theft Auto four following the stabbing of a taxi driver from a suspect who said quote killing looks so easy in the game and blaming his act shins on the game's violence even now, in 2017 several countries of band Grand Theft Auto five on the grounds that it promotes violence against women.
My old stance on this is in this situation, I'm always gonna blame the perpetrator of the crime and not the game one.
Guest games are violent.
It's ultimately the fault of the person who is playing the game.
You can't differentiate between reality and fantasy to be like a guy drank four cups of milk before killing several people and blamed his actions on the milk because it was too much calcium in his boat.
I just couldn't control the cow.
Feel like no number three Postal to this game may sit on the list as probably the only game band practically everywhere for practically everything.
Police in 2003 for the PC Hostile to is the sequel of the successful but also highly controversial game Postal, which contained only a fraction of the horrible and offensive things seen in postal to how do I even list the things that are wrong with this game?
It's easy to make a list of the things that are wrong with this came.
For starters, you could put a gun up a live cat's ass and use it as a silencer.
There's a button you can press that just allows you to pee on someone.
It will.
The terrorists in the game are super stereotypical to anyone in the Middle East.
Your wife in the game has sex with Satan and then becomes a giant demon who is the first boss in the deal, See of the game.
And at one point in the game, you play a game called Fag Hunter with the objective of it is to kill 20 stereotypically gay NBC's What the fuck is obviously, yeah, not really gonna love This game was banned in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Germany.
It's just wildly offensive.
I'm gonna go buy number four Mortal Kombat.
Since 1990 four's release of the fighting game, Mortal Kombat to almost every single game in the Mortal Kombat franchise has been banned in one country or another for its gratuitous violence.
On such instance of this is the game's fatality moves, in which one character kills another character in the most gnarly way possible.
Do people still say no.
That was gnarly.
Brewski, You know.
No, I just sound stupid.
A few instances of the games fatality move show characters using hooks to rip someone's intestines out, ripping someone's legs off and proceeding to beat them with it and bust sawing someone in half.
And with this one is like, I get that it's super graphic, and you obviously don't want like a small child to see it.
But the same time, like why bandit like like Grant?
I don't know.
It's not like someone is gonna play this and then proceed to rip someone's actual leg off and beat them with Riley.
At number five is outlast, too.
So I absolutely fucking hate this game and in 100% in favor of it being banned forever.
I am still having nightmares, thanks to this game that I well, shit, I died.
I fucking died.
Oh, my God, why really with it out?
Last two is the sequel to Game Out Last, where the main objective of the game is to run and hide from terrifying creatures in an asylum run by a dead guy.
And while outlast Ennis Del Sea is show several scenes of violence and torture.
It's not the reason that out last two was banned in, said Australia, who seems to be the country a band, every game on this list and it for it flying sexual violence in a scene where the main character hallucinates being raped by some weird, spiky creature lady thing, whatever this thing is.
In addition, the character's wife is also allegedly raped by another creature.
But again, it was implied, as you can't really see anything.
It's like I get.
It's not something appropriate anywhere, and I will definitely never take the side of the video game that made me poop myself.
But I think the game somebody did try.
It's best not to trigger a ton of people by actually showing it, but still, fuck that.
That's a lovely for Australians know.
The ban was lifted just a few months later, giving it instead a rating of 18.
Plus, he's got that.
Is it for this upset of what the fuck?
Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Question today for you guys is what is the scariest or weirdest video game you've ever played.
Also, guys, if you have any suggestions for any what the fuck.
Five topics that you want me to talk about, Devon the Commons down below.
And I'll check those out if you want to see more of you getting ridiculously scared playing out last.
I have been streaming that every Saturday on my channel.
So if you want to check that out, it'll be the first link in the description.
Hey, guys, I'm gonna go eat some marshmallow looking at pictures of titties and watching it already.
Maybe take that parents.
That's it.
I'll see you next time for another one.
Thanks for watching and fair with.



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