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Tom, you've done some accent work, haven't you?
Well, yes, some. Cloud Atlas, you did...?
Yeah, William Conacher, our dialect coach,
kept saying, "No, that's not it."
So, I was trying to play somebody cockney,
and it seemed like every one of our sessions would go like this -
"All right, start with the dialogue."
"Oh, it's a bloody waste of time, this is.
"Do you know what I want to do?
"I want to smash him right in the face and...
# All I want is a room somewhere... #
So, I'm channelling Audrey Hepburn.
In all my dialogue.
But you also, didn't you teach Mr Hanks Scouse?
Well, he tried a little bit.
Cos when I'm on the phone to... He is on the phone all the time!
Only in the chair, though! In make-up!
Chair in make-up, "Ow are yer? Hello, love, I love yer loads!"
"I love yer loads!" Love yer loads!
His family had a long-standing holiday that he wanted to be
released from work for,
and his kids sent the most adorable video to our director.
They were like, "Oh, we hope that you will release our daddy."
"We know that you have him for possible rain cover shots,
"but if there's any way you can let him come
"so we can have our traditional holiday." Yep.
And then the family pet came through,
and your daughter said, "Oops, I just tread on the cat."
But then I went on the holiday! Oh, you went on the holiday!
I made certain!


Tom Hanks does a hilarious scouse accent | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

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