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  • the U.

  • S.

  • Politics now Davey said, isn't okay.

  • Trump got away with it.

  • I mean, that could be anything.

  • To be honest with the state of U.

  • S.

  • Politics at the moment, let's summarize another batshit week in American politics.

  • Okay, so Donald Trump was acquitted of abuse of power in a trial in which no witnesses were called, and half the Senate had made up their mind before the trial began.

  • Now, the day before that, he gave his State of the Union address in which he basically spent 80 minutes saying, I'm the best.

  • Everyone else is the worst.

  • Who wants to see me do press ups?

  • Before that, though, he appeared to snub the leader of the House when she went in for this handshake.

  • Now you've actually met Sandy, Nancy Pelosi that Nancy Pelosi.

  • I was one of those weird things in your life.

  • I was backstage waiting to do a Ted talk, and she came in and introduced herself and I said, Do you know where there's coffee?

  • And she said, I'll make it for you.

  • I've had coffee made for me by Nancy Pelosi, right?

  • Did she seem nice?

  • She was absolutely charming the coffee machine.

  • It was lovely and very, very personable.

  • You shake a hand?

  • Did shake her hand.

  • Yes, I have.

  • I've got manners.

  • Yes, I knew the V A R thing was watching, I think Plato for shaking Trump's hand.

  • No, but that takes time because I can't imagine he's a sort of fellow who washes his hands after the toilet.

  • Oh, he's actually the opposite.

  • Doesn't isn't a compulsive a germophobe germophobe.

  • I'm surprised that with his belly confined his Penis that I think a lot of it's down here someplace so easy thing so politely then rolled her eyes throughout his whole speech because she was sitting right behind him.

  • And then, at the end of it, she theatrically tore up the copy of his speech that he had handed to Steph.

  • You've interviewed Donald Trump.

  • There was no sexual frustration, really?

  • Maybe on his part.

  • But no, he and I've told this story before he did chap meal, but that's not because I think he fancied May I just think he thought What I'm going to do to get an easier interview is being really nice to about the where she looks.

  • So he was all going on about how I looked.

  • So I think his way of treating women is to just try and make them feel good about how they look and then with the men.

  • They're so with my producer, who we knew was gonna be editing this piece.

  • He, like, went over and threatened him, so he kind of gave him a slap on the back of went.

  • Hey, Sean.

  • Sorry.

  • You this'll be so nice.

  • You said, you know, you've got a good career ahead of you.

  • You should keep it that way.

  • Like I said, wait.

  • Once he charismatic sometimes those guys.

  • Actually, when you meet them, your report how charismatic you find them?

  • Yeah, when he walked into the rear, me at an aura.

  • Well, I wouldn't say charismatic.

  • I think he just there was a sense of presence.

  • Did you think one day this is gonna be the most powerful man in the world?

  • No, e just thought what a bell end way.

  • Trump responded to the impeachment trial by giving an hour long speech, but then it got even Maur batshit.

  • Former mayor of New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg wants to run against Donald Trump in this year's election today, Michael Bloomberg tweeted his own bizarre version off Trump's speech on added his own little bit.

  • It's possible that this is genius there because everyone else has tried to be mature with Donald Trump and everyone else has tried to go well, No, we have to do processor.

  • It's possible that someone needs to be a bigger child.

  • That Donald Trump.

  • You're not frightened that politics is turning so childish.

  • So Boris Johnson is saying, I don't like you.

  • You can't come in and listen to a briefing by a civil servant that it takes gingerbread men for people to understand that drunk, terrible presidential debate where he goes, well, the one who smelt it dealt it.

  • It's astonishing it is.

  • And the problem is, if Michael Bloomberg does become the Democratic candidate, then he's gonna go head to head with Donald Trump of the energy.

  • And that's what the U.

  • S.

  • Presidential election is gonna look like.

  • Yes, and it is.

  • And it's gonna be two millionaires against each other, calling themselves the men of the people.

  • It's extraordinary making up shit like that.

  • It's gonna look like in the night garden on acid in the night Garden doesn't need acid.

  • T o.

  • You don't even need to doctor a video.

  • Donald Trump Making look stupid.

  • Last week we showed a clip of the president struggling to pronounce the word criminals.

  • This week, he had trouble with the word United Arab Emirates.

the U.


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