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Hey, guys, what's up?
Welcome to experience Tech.
I am beneath, and I know it's been quite a long time since my last video, but without trying to give any excuses, I want to start off the video by thanking all the subscribers off my channel for their patients.
All right, so in this video will cover a boon to 16.4 which was released in the month off April 1st, I was thinking of doing a live tour off the operating system, but after using it for a while, I realize that there has not been any major changes to the operating systems.
So in this video we'll talk about the important changes that was introduced with 16 point or four.
All right, so with that said, Let's begin today's video.
All right, So first, the new boon to has all the latest and updated version off regular softness like the chromium browser is objected to was in 48 the Firefox browser to version 45.
We also have the next colonel, 4.4 in this, not the fight on three is the default now replacing pattern to, but bite onto is available and can be installed separately.
As far as enormous concern.
Norma's upgraded to 3.18 and the norm software replaces the boon to softer centre.
So this is kind of a big change.
You also have the norm calendar in the default installation.
Off A boon to few Softwares that were removed is the empathy messaging client and Bruce Aereo This burning software, which are now removed from the default installation off the operating system.
And finally, we have the online searches disabled by default, but you can enable it if you want to buy going into security and privacy.
Now, as faras unity is concerned, the deformed desktop environment off a boon to it, has been updated versions 7.4 and about from few cosmetic changes.
You have the launcher or the dog that can be moved to the bottom.
However, there's a particular command that you need to type in in the terminal as it sends.
You have the time disc amand to move the dog to the bottom and then replace bottom to left, and that will move your dog back to the default position.
Now the biggest change, I believe, is the introduction off New application format called Snaps, which is to address some of the issues with the current system off installation off a software on a Lennox machine.
The biggest one is with the dependencies.
Ah, I think it happens a lot of time when you try to install a particular softer on Lenox machine.
The installation doesn't go successfully because either you do not have the dependent software installed on your computer or it is not off the correct version.
So you go ahead and install all the deputy agencies, the correct version off it.
And then when you want to remove that particle software's some of the required, evidently that are used by the other programs on your computer.
They also get deleted, and your other programs also sometimes do not function properly, so snaps are introduced to resolve this particular problem.
A snap package contains all the required evidences or files for you to run successfully so you don't have to worry about dividends it and even vendor moving a software.
It does not mess up video, other Softwares.
So to get the man page off all the options with this nap command type man Space Snap, which will give you the manual off snap command.
And to find all the packages that are available on snap, you can type in snap space.
Find to install a package.
Type in snap space, Install space package name to update a particular package.
All you have to do is type in snap space, refresh and then the package name that you want to update and finally to remove a snap.
And could you type in snap space Removes space package name.
So this is the snap.
And lastly, have these edifice file system support in you Born to 16 point or photo.
It was introduced in 15 point in, but now it is matured enough how it is only supported for data storage and not for a root file system.
If you are interested in knowing more amount of that office file system, how it increases the performance off your system, Um, if any you can check out this test, which was done by people and for Onyx.
They have done a performance test comparing serifis with the extra four beat refined system and X file system.
There was some good, some not so good result.
You can check the round to yourself by clicking here, or I'll also put the link down in the description.
All right, so that was all about a boon to 16.4 that I wanted to share with you guys.
Thank you guys, for watching this video.
And again, a huge shout out to all these strangers off my channel.
Thank you so much.
If you have any comment, a suggestion kindly.
Time that in indica mint box.
If you like this video, kindly present like button.
Thank you again and I'll see you next time.



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