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  • Hey, guys, what's up?

  • Welcome to experience Tech.

  • I envy neat.

  • And first of all, before I start this video, I would like to wish all these stripers off experts Tec Channel and the views off this video Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

  • I hope you're having a wonderful time with your family and friends and to all the subscribers who have been with me for a long time and also those who have joined me this year.

  • I thank you for supporting me next year.

  • I'm planning to make a lot more videos on the next, including some network related videos, like building a captive portal for your small business or office.

  • So stay tuned to experience Tech.

  • And now let's start today's video.

  • The next has a bit off learning curve, and if you're not a computer student than that curve may get a lot steeper for you.

  • And one of the main reason for that steep learning curve is the complicated software installation procedure.

  • However, the new application distribution systems like snaps, Flat Pack and AP Image is trying to change the current system and simplify the process of installing a software, making it kind of similar to that off Windows and Mac.

  • So in today's video, we're going to check out one of these application called Flat Back.

  • All right, so let's begin now.

  • Let's start off by first talking about the currents and are you so that those who have never used a linnet distribution also understand.

  • In Windows or Mac, the process is pretty simple.

  • You have installer file that ends with dot e x C for Windows and dog DMG.

  • For Mac, you open the file to run the installer, and with a few clicks the program is installed.

  • You can download installer file from anywhere on the Internet.

  • However, in case off Lennox, the process is a bit complicated.

  • In Lenox, the primary matter off installation is via command line.

  • Every Destro has its own repertory, which contains all the supported packages.

  • Then there's a package management tool that lets you download and install a package from these repertory.

  • Apt, he asked.

  • Young and Packman are examples off package management tool from popular looks distributions.

  • They're also grief front end to these tools like Act has aptitude and their synaptic package manager and then Gnome software, which is provided to simplify this software installation procedure.

  • These are similar to abstract on Windows or Mac power.

  • These are not matured enough, and sometimes you may not find all the applications or packages in the depository available in this Greek front end stores, so you're basically limited.

  • Tow.

  • The software's available in the repositories off that distribution.

  • If you want to install a package that is not available in the repertory or an updated software, not it arrived in the report, then you have to get installer file, which is different for different distribution.

  • For example, in case of Debian or Debian based distribution, it is dark, their files dot rpm for Red Hat and Pac Man for arc and so on.

  • And if you still do not find this software installer fine for your particular district, then you may look for a tape.

  • Aren't I file or tar file?

  • In short, which contains so schooled wineries, you need to compile the software for your system to install, which is a little complicated.

  • And that is the reason my first video on YouTube waas on this topic.

  • I found many people having difficulty that installation off a tar file, so if you're one of those people.

  • You can check out my video by clicking on the right top corner off your screen.

  • I'll also pose the link in the description off this video so you can see the problem.

  • And therefore, new application distribution system, like Flat Back, is trying to address this problem.

  • So let's now understand what is flat back.

  • So Flat Pack is a tool developed by free desktop project, and Alexander Larson, the principal software engineer at Red Hat, is its lead developer.

  • Flat Pack is across distribution application packaging system.

  • This means that there's only one installer file for a program that can install the program in any Linux distribution.

  • Right now, let's understand the flat back process offs after installation.

  • Now, let me tell you right at the beginning.

  • Presently, flat pack do not have a grief front, and but we can expect one in future.

  • So this is how flat pack books you need to first install the flat pack tool on your Lennox distribution.

  • Many Lennox distribution nowadays comes preinstalled with flak.

  • Back or at least flat pack is available in the repertory or it once installed, you have all the flat back packages in your arsenal, you can install flat pack packages in two ways.

  • First is why command ling no flat back packages and with the dark flat, pack a ref extension.

  • To install a flat pack package, open up a terminal type in flat back space, install again a space dash dash from and then the link to the flat back graphite.

  • Now, the second matter is via the gnome software, so you can download the flat back daughter of files from the Internet and then run Defile.

  • This will open gnome software app and install the software via the norms off.

  • Not to update a flat backpack.

  • It you can type in flat backspace, update and press entered.

  • This will object all the install flat pack packages, or you can also type in flat pack space.

  • Update.

  • Space a package name.

  • Toe update one particular application toe uninstall Flight back package.

  • You can type in flat pack space on install space.

  • The package name or it.

  • Now let's talk about the advantages of flat pack First.

  • Flat pack packages are sandbox.

  • That means that the APP runs isolated from critical parts off an operating system, so it's more secure second, it is updated directly from the upstream or from the maker off the software, so the updates arrived faster.

  • Third flat pack can be built by anyone, and you can download a flat back re file from any source and not just the flat hub, which is kind of the official store off flat pack packages.

  • And now let's talk about the issues first.

  • It is still commanding, so we have not actually moved away from using Terminal Second.

  • The number off application available in flat back is very small.

  • It there's just only 1 70 plus abs on flat Hub and third, it is not available for servers are abnormal.

  • Final verdict.

  • Flat Pack is a step in the right direction, but it's still not mature right now, and I think there's a long way to go.

  • Also, the players like Snaps and AP Image.

  • I think they're again going down the same parts off fragmentation.

  • I think it may lead to Mobutu and its derivatives using snaps and few other choosing flat pack which will not solve the real issue.

  • I hope the Lenox community take with one former which becomes universal across distribution.

  • All right, so that was also today.

  • Thank you guys, for watching this video.

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  • If you have any comments, addition or feedback, please type that an indica mint box and thank you again for watching the video, and I'll see you next time.

Hey, guys, what's up?


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