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Hey, guys, welcome to experience Check.
My name is we need.
And in today's video, we're gonna talk about a very important command.
Awfully next system that is the ch moored or change more command.
If you have seen my last radio in which I have discussed about a few essential command of linens, I intentionally did not cover this this particle command because I think that it requires a little bit off more understanding for you to use it.
So in today's video, I'll quickly cover this command.
That is the change mood.
Come on.
All right, so let's begin to raise video.
CH Mardar change more command as Dick A mind in Lennox that is used for files and folders to give our deny the retried or execute privileges toe a user group off user or any other user, that is, they're off the computer.
So this index off this command as you type in ch more, that has changed more.
And then you give the options.
Then the more that you want to give and then the final himto which you want to give.
Let me open up the terminal and let me go toe the downloads don't know this victory.
Here you can see that I have $24.3 folders which is shown by the blue color and one file notto see what privileges these files and folders have.
All we have to do is we have to type in a less give us space for dash this particular command have covered in my last radio and press enter.
No, As you can see, it shows the privileges that this particular fine has.
For example, this is a can see from here D The first alphabet is do that stands for the victory.
If you see a dash, that means that it is a fine.
All right, then, the next three alphabet is for the owner of the fine.
So in this case, the owner off this folder has read our stand for reed the blue for right and explore Execute.
So the owner off this folder has all three privileges that is to read, write and execute.
The next three alphabet is 40 users were member of files group.
All right for them also, you can see that shows, read, write and execute.
This shows who is the owner off this particular final folder and the next S D files group.
So x P s tank.
In this case, the group is also experts take and the owner is also experiencing the last Here, let me let us go back to this vertical line.
The last three is for any other user apart from the owner and defines good.
Remember any other user?
They can only read this file.
They cannot righted or they cannot execute it.
So here you can seed all the more that a particular friend has not to change it.
We have the ch Mordecai mind.
No, the syntax of ch more commanders.
You typing ch more give the options And the more that you want to change too.
And the file which you want to change No.
The options.
There are three options dash Capitol artists for recursive.
That means all the files and folders that are there in that folder particle folder will also get the same privileges.
Dash f is the force Ah, that particular more.
Even if our occurs and Ashley's for verbose then comes in mood Now there are three more days as we can see, read, write and execute.
The art is for real.
W is for rate and export execute and then we give the file.
So this is the syntax.
Now there are two ways to specify the mood.
All right, one isn't Octel more the first letter c the Octa more in Octel More you give type in the numbers in DR for X if you want to given execute, um, executive privileges the number you dive in his one.
If you want to give a right privilege, the number is two And for read the numbers for If you want to give, read and write privileges then you add for and do that a six If you want to give all the privileges to the owner four plus two plus one is 73 type in seven.
Similarly, the next is for group and roar Ah, other other users that are there in the computer.
So, for example, you have the ch more command dash are as focused more doctor.
That means all the files and folders that represent will also be given The same privilege then, is the mood.
Now here you can see the first.
The first digit is is for owner of the file.
It's a seven.
That means the owner has the privileges.
Read, write and execute all three privileged.
The nexus for the user's Remember off on a fine group.
They also can also they also have all the three privilege.
And then it is force.
The four is for Reed.
That means any other user that are there in the computer has only deed privilege.
And then you give the fine.
So this is the doctor more off giving off using ch moored.
All right, so let us try it this way.
Particular command.
You type and see us more right now.
As you can see, it is read.
Execute Document seven.
This is also seven.
And this is for Let us, Jeanne.
This too.
Seven 11 All right, diaper and ch more.
711 And you give the drink.
Cuban press.
Now let us check the privilege.
Now, as you can see, the owner of the file has all these three privilege.
Then this is funny.
Uh, users were a member of the fire group and then it is 40.
Any of the user that now we have successfully used ch more command and let's go to the next method to give more that is the symbolic method.
Symbolic method is little different in this, this interaction of ch more and then the references that you want to give, then the operator.
And then you give the Mord and then the final.
All right, so let's check for the references.
Therefore, differences that you can give you is for the owner of the fight G.
Small, litigious for the user's were member of files group or is for uses one.
Neither you nor JI neither owner of the file nor member off fine groups, and then is for all that is the owner filed group members and any other user that that is there are in the computer, so it isn't going to Ugo.
So that is the differences.
Next is the operator operator.
If you can see there are three options first, this plus, which adds the mood.
So this up specified classes, minuses removed that removes the Mord and then equals is the exact whatever you specify, the more exactly that ah more will be given to define all right, and the mood is R W external Israel, right, execute example as you can see ch more your type in you.
You is the owner of the fire and give a plus sign plus operate and then X axis for execute.
And then you give the finally now this will ag whatever privilege already the file has it will add execute privileged Judy, owner of the fight.
All right, so that is this index.
Let us try the symbolic motor.
So right now, as you can see, we have the owner has all the three privilege the file group members have only execute and the any other user also have the execute.
So let us change that letter's use the ch more and the symbolic matter.
You want to change the file group members so in that spirit is G and we're going to add, read and write privileges to give plus and then right.
I'm sorry, Reed.
Proceed and great privileges.
And then you mentioned before then and press into now if he check that as you can see, your read and read and write privileges have been added, duty uses, women will find.
So this is how the ch more a very important command change.
More command working.
Lennox, I hope this video is useful, very useful to you.
And please remember toe press the light button.
If you like this video, if you have any suggestion, I'll commend you can type in your suggestion commanding the government box and thank you for watching this video.
I'll see you next.


EXPLAINED: How to use "chmod" command [COMPLETE GUIDE]

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